How to Avoid Common Mistakes Puppy Training Mistakes

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How To Avoid Mistakes In Puppy Training

How To Avoid Mistakes In Puppy Training

Avoid Puppy Training Mistakes

Having a puppy will not always be happy times of playing together and strolling in the park.It also has its challenges.

Avoid Puppy Training MistakesDogs are not like toys that you buy and forget about the next day. Having them requires the commitment to look after them and take care of them. If you dont think you are up for it, dont purchase or adopt a dog.

Avoid Puppy Training MistakesIf youre up for the commitment, its time to talk about all the things you will be dealing with.

Like: puppy training, socializing and preparing yourself for everything in between.

Puppy Training RewardsRemember to always be consistent, from training commands to giving rewards.

If you are inconsistent in giving these things to your puppy while training, he will be confused.

Puppy Training Rewards

Treats are also essential for your puppy during training.When they successfully follow a command, treats can be given as a reward to associate to their good behavior.

Punishing ErrorsPunishing your puppy when he makes a mistakes is not seen as effective way to help your puppy learn.

He may end up fearful towards you. He will also associate the negative experience with training, and so will not want to be trained anymore.

Go for positive reinforcement and praise instead.

Puppy Socialization And Exercise

Dogs need to socialize too. With other pets, people, new places and experiences.This is especially true during the first 68 weeks of his life.

Puppy Socialization And ExerciseMake sure that your dog has enough daily exercise.

Aside from the mental stimulation that these activities bring, puppies are balls of energy.

This needs to be let off by running, walking or playing.

Puppy-Proof HomeSeparation anxiety and other destructive behaviors can also be a result of leaving your dog alone for too long.

If you are a first time puppy owner, it is important to prepare your home and yourself.

Puppy-Proof HomeHouseholds often contain potential dangers to your puppy, like cleaning products, wires and other hazardous things.

Puppy-proof your home to keep your puppy from having accidents when you leave him alone.

You can also utilize the crate or den mentality. Keep your puppy in a crate when youre away.

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