[How technology talks] Journey to Creative

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hell o. this is all about ME. my journey to CREATIVE, inspired from TECHNOLOGY. NGÔ MINH THUẬN Founder / Managing Director DNA Digital PAST PERFECT: Digital Creative Director Notch

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hello.this is all about ME.my journey to CREATIVE, inspired from TECHNOLOGY.

NG MINH THUN Founder / Managing DirectorDNA Digital

PAST PERFECT:Digital Creative DirectorNotch

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i love creative & technologyand anything that is beautifully crafted,beautifully made,beautifully created.

a milestone10 years of experience in digital

1998-2004StudentUniversity of Polytechnics

2000-2004Self-learnerWeb development

EngineeringWeb developmentHTML / CSS / JS2001-2004Self-learnerWeb designWeb developmentPHP / mySQLCreator of LTOLCommunity mngr: MoviesBoom, YeuAmNhac, Zidean

2004Web designerLaunch 1st digital campaign in VN

2004-2006StudentLasalle, SporeFlash/Web Freelancer2006-2007Snr DesignerLiquidline2008-2012DCDNotch

Web designFlash animationFlash developmentInteractivityEngagementArt knowledgeCreativityDesign Flash developmentPortal / PlatformBrand knowledge User-generated contentUI / UXStrategic planningCreative directionBrand knowledgeDigital marketingDigital engagementTECHNOLOGY in mechanicalTECHNOLOGY in web programmingCREATIVITY in interactivity (flash), platform (user based)CREATIVITY in engagementBrand & Marketing




ARinteractive billboardmotion censor

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