HOUSEHOLD For And About Women 15/Brooklyn NY Daily Star/Brooklyn NY Daily Star... Dissolve one-half...

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Transcript of HOUSEHOLD For And About Women 15/Brooklyn NY Daily Star/Brooklyn NY Daily Star... Dissolve one-half...

  • TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1914. _ D A I L Y S T A R PAGE FlVfe

    HOUSEHOLD For And About Women To t t w m i velvet , instead f>f using •

    tlattron, trv your ttottpnione and .see how much better and smoother the velvet will be. ,

    « • • When bluing c lothes add Just-a little

    common salt to the water. It helps to distribute the bluing and prevents the clothea from looking streaked or patchy.

    • * » Paate labels on the Inside of Klas.H

    jars used to hold food supplies, such as rice, taplm-a, spices, MB, T h i n labeled, the Jar can be washed wi th- out aoiling the label or pulling it off.

    • • • To make furniture jtolfeh, put in a

    email vial or bottle the following in- gredients: Two tnbleapooHs sweet oil, • •ne tablespoon vinegar, one-halt table- spoon turpentine. Shake before using, and apply with a piece of flannel, after which rub a little with a dry llannel. Surface should be free from dust before application.

    • • * Word t o the Wise.

    ^ A young man of moderate means w a s paj ing attention to a fine, self-support- ing young woman with customary gif ts of bon bona and flowers. When they became engnged to marry, with prac- tical foreslffh-Cshe suggested he bring a pretty dish, vaae. or ornament for their future* home instead of perishable and unnecessary things. As a result after many evenings spent In te te -a- te tes , —they had a nice collection of pretty dishes, etc., to s tart housekeeping with.

    She said: This plan has the "hope chest"' beat, a t th ings come quicker.

    • • • T u c k e d Vest .

    One of the interest ing developments of* the spr ing , s t y l e s i s the blouse of chiffon or crepe de chine which shows a little tucked Vest of organdie or linen, with a folding or flaring organdie or linen collar, s a y s the New York Times. The use of handkerchief linen with ihlffbn strikes one as a little heavy a t first, but the combination is really a t - tractive. *

    • » • H e w to M a k e Sal t Beads.

    To make salt beuds. take one cup of fine table salt and heat it very hot. Dissolve one-hal f cup cornstarch in one-half cup water. With the corn- starch, solution mix the coloring m a t - ter, which may be hluing, Kaster egg dye or red Ink for salmon pink. T j make black beads use black ink.

    Remove the sal t from the fire and • add the colored mixture. Work with

    the hands into a smooth dough. Wrap It In a damp cloth a n d h r e a k off pieces of equal size (a t h i m b l e ^ a good meas - ure), molding them Into beads. String beads on hatpin, a knitting needle, or a fine wire, and dry several days. Thev shrink In drying. To polish, rub the heads with a c loth which has been dipped in sweet oil.

    String with s tee l or gilt beads be - tween the colored ones. Fdre white beads alternated with gilt beads are pretty, ..*•*•)**»•*****

    KCIJR w « n leeniag Brush your home-made bread with a

    piece of paper dipped in hot butter if you like the crust soft. Hot water is also excellent to g ive a shine to the top of the loaf.

    • « • Before frying the breakfast bacon,

    cut off the rind and dip In flour; then fry or grill quickly. This prevents the fat from running and gives the bacon a better flavor, . -

    • • • French Dressing.

    .Mix together one-half teaspoon salt, u little pepper, a tablespoon vinegar and two tablespoons olive oil, adding the last drop by drop, beating thor- oughly until the ingredients have blended.

    • » » Butter Tarts .

    One egg, one cup of granulated sugar, butter si«e of an egg. one-fourth i up of milk, one cup currants. Put all ingredients together and boil until like •oft custard: flavor and cool. When cool, put in tart shel ls and serve.

    Every Thing in the Bread Line

    U handled by Moore and aU of the very beat qual l t ) . 1'urlt.v and «ii«IAY, Jh^ AfcT^-TriAT ALL MUN KNEW c

    Four small red peppers, eight green peppers, one-half of a small Bermuda onion,, one-half cup of olive oil, five tablespoonfuls of vinegar, half tea- spoonful of powdered sugar and one teaspoonful of salt. Chop the onion and peppers fine (Wirt mix all the In- gredients. I^t it stand In an earthen Jar for one hour. Serve on crisp let- tuce.

    en the t a i n t . f r o m the tint." and the wide employment of artificialities to- day would seem to Indicate the truth of this observation. The host of adver- tised medicaments , the beauty columns which grace, or disgrace almost every metropolitan newspaper, the display- windows of the various department stores catering to a large feminine cli- entele, hear further witness to the fact, the average man of rational clean mind does not approve of -Cogmetie innova- tions in his own feminine people. He would prefer to see these radical de- partures from the natural confined to the chorus lady and the public tangolst. The physician a lways warns against the

    | use of cosmetic preparations, becfiose most of them arp dangerous. To him the natural and healthy has always seemed to he typical of beauty. F.ven the editor of the lay press, however, has seen the ridiculous in the beauty column, and the following satirical ex- ' crpt" taken Trbm a Southern weekly contains what is. in the opinion of the Journal of the American Medical Asso- ciation, an ideal beauty hint: "For giving a face a good color, get one pot of rouge and one rabbit's foot. Bury them two miles from home and walk out and back once a day to see that they are still there."

    Young MtSS (to old conductor) — However did people get along when the street cars were unheated?

    Old Conductor—Well, Miss, We had one sure w a y of- raising the tempera- ture. W e would carry a woman half a block further than she wanted to go, and It would be hot enough for a while, believe me.—Boston Transcrlpe,

    "In the dressing room of the leading lady, doctor," walled one of the a c t - resses, wringing her hands.

    'Have yon ' poured water on her head?" solemnly asked the doctor.

    "Yes; a whole bucketful—but in our excitement we got hold of the one marked: Wot to be used except In case of fire.' "

    "I fear you have made a fatal er- ror." said the. doctor. Then he scrib- bled something on a bit of paper. "Take this to the drugstore and get It filled."

    When the leading lady found herself alone with the doctor, she opened her eyes. "Doctor," she gasped, "you're a good fellow, aren't you'.' I know you are aware that there's nothing the matter with me. I want a day off, and I don't want to go on In this act. Can you fix it?"

    "You bet I can," said the doctor, wringing her hand, sympathetically. "I ain't the doctor. I came in on his ticket."—Llppincott's. Magazine.

    QUEEN* BOROUGH. V/adnesday Evening July 22—Sec-

    ond annual summernlf tit's fest ival and dance r,t the St. T-.uke's Catholic Club at Duer*s Pavilion, Wblteatone Land- In*.

    Saturday, August 1—Annual family out ing of the Northatds Democratic Associat ion of he Borough of Queena at Donnelly's Grove. College P o i n t

    Sunday, August 19th—Eleventh a n - nual o ting of the Woodalde "K" Club at Heugel's Charlottevllle Hotel and Park, Sixth street an»(*. •»« alter, relay, aronr and rtyr rarpeto; moth-nroof and atere carpet* In flreproof bntldlna.

    Rett Hand and ttrrtrlr Versa** Cteasen. Reweaae year old. worn-ant carpeta Into

    henntlful rata. For reweavlns. we nae aay aid esiaeSt,

    tapeatrr or Chenille cartata*. We hny carpeta and rnir* for yon oe> com

    aatoates. Telephone. e»,1 Aatorle.

    LonRlsland VdCDQm CleaningCo. OFFICE, i t* Wwi STcUlSr,

    l.OMi ISLAND C1TT.


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