HOT Screen Spare Parts & Maintenance

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Screen Spare Parts & Maintenance


Hot has rich experience in processing equipment maintenance. We can provide professional equipment maintenance and maintenance Scheme, process optimization, and help customers improve spare parts management.

Mature technical service system


HOT Mining has an OEM manufacturing plant which is located in QingHuangDao. We can provide kinds of screens, multi-deck Vibrating Screen, banana screen, Flip-Flow Screen and Stack Sizer (Fine Screening), feeders, Activation feeder,high frequency vibrating screen, etc.

Except screens, HOT also provide high quality spare parts, repaires and on-site maintenances for related screens brand, such as Schenck Process.

HOTHOTHOTHOTOur clients are famous mining companies, they are Anglo American, China Coal, Shenhua Group, etc.HOT

HOTLudowiciHOTHOT can provides improvement for screens, and we also provide repairs services as well as Exciter repair.


Major Spare Parts


Polyurethane Modular Screening Systems

The Injection Moulded Difference

Screenex injection moulded modular polyurethane screen panels are made of specially formulated Urethane to enhance plant and process Requirements. Apertures are available in Squares, Slots, Zigzag- VR DesignPanel, along with new innovative designs. Openings range from 0.10mm to 250mm. We have a wide range of fixing systems to suit any application.This also includes our proven Polysnap system.

Polyurethane Modular Benefits

There are many Customers can benefit from using involved in using a polyurethane modular screening system which include the following:Easy changeover to maximise wear life and provide a more economical solution.High density precision injection moulded Polyurethane screening module.Modules available in: flat, inclined, with deflectors or weirs.Can be staggered on sub frame or supports for better screening.Support system used is firmly connected to screen frame.Specifically designed for all mining and quarry industries.

Injection Moulded Polyurethane Panels

ApplicationsApplications to suit individual screening needs.Colours/Special FeaturesAll ColoursSurface features like Rider Bars, Weirs, etc.

Panel Sizes1 x 1 panels (304.8 x 304.8)2 x 1 panels (609.6 x 304.8)300mm x 300mm (metric system)

Customised sizes are also available upon request.Rubber Modular Screening Systems

The Injection Moulded Difference:

Screenex injection and compression moulded rubber panels are made in a variety of opening sizes, shapes and fixing systems, includingHYPERLINK "" \l "pin-fixing-system" Pin-style, HYPERLINK "" \l "pipetop-polysnap" PolySnap,HYPERLINK "" \l "snap-in-hdb" Hold Down BarandHYPERLINK "" \l "bolt-on-system" Bolt on, depending on your specific needs.

Rubber screen panels are available in either 40 durometer (more flexible for fine sizing applications that have sticky fines) or 65 durometer (stiffer for coarse scalping applications), each specially developed to address specific production issues. Screenex injection moulded rubber screening panels are designed for high impact or high moisture screening applications.Opening sizes range from 2mm to 230mm in a variety of aperture shapes. Screen panel thickness options range from 30mm to 100mm.

Rubber Modular Benefits:

The product benefits of Screenex rubber modular panels include:Injection moulded rubber offers high open area and high impact in scalping operations.Reduces the occurrence of pegging and blinding in high moisture dry applications.Less frequent maintenance stoppages, particularly in scalping operations.

Range of Screenex Rubber:

PD40 (40 durometer)Softer rubber with high flexibility to solve the toughest blinding problems. PD40 rubber can be used between -40 C (-40 F) and 70 C (150 F). See our Flexi Rubber panel.PD65 (65 durometer)Hard rubber that is best for High impact applications like scalping or heavy feed rates. PD65 rubber can be used between -50 C (-60 F) and 70 C (150 F).Injection Moulded Rubber PanelsApplications:

40 Duro Rubber:Typically used for dry screen applications where moisture is very highApplications to suit individual screening needs

65 Duro Rubber:Typically used for heavy duty dry scalping in iron ore and hard minerals

Fixing Systems40 Duro Rubber: All (most typically Pin and Polysnap)65 Duro Rubber: All (most typically Pin, Bolted and CP)Colours/Special FeaturesColour BlackSurface features like Rider Bars, Weirs, etc.

Panel Sizes1 x 1 panels (304.8 x 304.8)2 x 1 panels (609.6 x 304.8)300mm x 300mm (metric system)

Customised sizes are also available upon request.

Screen Support Accessories

Countershaftassembly Countershaftassemblyismadeupof:Twoseatedbearing(SKFseries) andtransmissionshaftwhicharegenerallyindriversupportandutilizewithcomponentslikeVibratingScreenofOrientechandShenck.

Middleshaft MiddleshafthasreplacegeneralitywithessentialaspectVibratingScreennowadays.ButObservingcarefullyisnecessary,partofmiddleshaftsofVibrating Screen embraceexpansionjointinearlierstage.

Vibrating spring Vibrating spring includes steel spring and rubber spring,but it is distinguished from rubber spring of high frequency screen.

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