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Transcript of HOSPITAL AUTHORITY CONVENTION 2019 PRELIMINARY · PDF file e r v i c e < < < <...

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    15 May 2019 (Wednesday) Convention Hall A Convention Hall B Convention Hall C Theatre 1 Theatre 2 Rm 221 Room 423 & 424 Rm 421


    Masterclass 6 Advances in Intensive Care

    Symposium 6 Genomic Care in the Era of Big Data

    Masterclass 7 Practical Updates in Endocrinology

    Parallel Session 5 Smart Hospital

    Special Session 4 Collaborations in Specialist Training –

    the International Perspectives

    Parallel Session 6 Medical Ethics

    Masterclass 8 Toxicology Services

    Service Enhancement Presentation 5

    Hypervirulent/Hyper-resistant K Pneumonia: a Clinical and

    Molecular Update Intensive Care Unit Beds

    Utilisation Pattern Quality and Intensive Care

    Sharing Genomic-related Data across Stakeholders

    The 100,000 Genome Project – Infrastructure, Security, Ethics

    Genomic Care in the Era of Big Data – Local Scenario

    Thyrois is Simple, isn’t It? (Or Something You Don’t Know You Don’t Know)

    Breaking the Silence of Osteoporosis

    Robot Manipulation Experience Sharing on

    Implementation of HA GO with HA

    Smart Hospital – Experience in UK

    Disruptions in Medicine: Impact on Specialist Training

    Specialist Training and Regulation: an International Perspective

    Resident Training Reform in the Mainland

    Medical Ethics – from Medical Perspective Medical Ethics – from Legal Perspective

    End of Life Issues in Bioethics

    Novel Psychotrophic Substance – the Past 10 Years in Hong Kong Availability and Accessibility of Antidotes in Acute Hospitals

    Electronic Cigarette: Its “Good”, Bad and Ugly – a Toxicologist Perspective

    Clinical Safety and Quality Service III

    1015-1045 Tea Speed Presentation (Level 2)


    Symposium 7 Patient Care in Intensive Care Unit

    Symposium 8 Teamwork and Staff Engagement

    Masterclass 9 Integrated Palliative Care Service

    Parallel Session 7 Smart World

    Special Session 5 Innovative Medical Training

    in Hospital Authority

    Parallel Session 8 Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment

    Corporate Scholarship Presentation I

    Service Enhancement Presentation 6

    Improvement of Intensive Care Practice in Developing Countries Nutrition for Critically Ill Patients –

    Local Situation

    Let’s Take a Trip on the Road to Joy! Elements of High Performing Integrated

    Health Systems – What are the Key Features of High Performing Health Systems Where Hospital Work in Effective Partnerships with

    Primary and Community Care? How to Motivate the Team to Fight

    Long and Hard

    Integrated Palliative Care for Hematology Cancer Patients – How Early is Early? Cluster Inter-hospital Palliative Care

    Consultative Service – How can It Help? Integrated Palliative Care in Oncology

    Department – Breaking the Barrier

    Identification for Face Recognition and Video Analysis

    Innovation at Scale in Healthcare

    Challenges, Opportunities and Synergism Training of Interns, Balancing Risks

    versus Safety Training Future Practitioners on Inter-professional Collaboration

    Classification, Prognostication and Monitoring of Acute Leukemia

    Paediatric Cellular and Immunotherapy Programme

    Advancement in Paediatric and Adolescent Care

    Healthcare Advances, Research and Innovations

    1200-1315 Lunch


    Masterclass 10 Trauma Management II

    Symposium 9 Application of Improvement Science

    in Healthcare

    Parallel Session 9 Big Data in Hospital Authority

    Symposium 10 Medical Professionalism

    Masterclass 11 Hand Injury: from Fracture to Replantation

    Parallel Session 10 Advanced Nursing Practices

    Corporate Scholarship Presentation 2

    Service Enhancement Presentation 7

    Resuscitative Thoracotomy REBOA – How We Start?

    Blunt Carotid Trauma Point of Care Testing –

    How We Start?

    Using an Air Accident Investigation Model in Healthcare

    Using Improvement Science to Drive Improved Outcomes in Patient Safety

    Effectiveness and Application of the Current Medical Staff Assessment Tool

    Application of Big Data in Clinical Practice

    Medical Professionalism – How can Doctors Lead on

    Promoting Professionalism? Medical Professionalism –

    Local Views Identifying Medical Students

    and Doctors at Risk

    Management of Phalangeal Fractures Minimally Invasive Surgery in Hand Surgery

    Updates on Management of Scaphoid Fractures and Nonunions

    Management of Carpal Ligament Injuries Updates on Finger and Hand Replantation

    Rehabilitation after Hand Injuries

    Advanced Nursing Practices in Hospital Authority

    Advancement in Ambulatory and Day Care for Elderly

    Enhancing Partnership with Patients and



    Parallel Session 11 Hospital Operation

    Symposium 11 Recent Trend on Simulation Training

    Masterclass 12 Supporting Patients in Community

    Symposium 12 Safe and Happy Workplace

    # Masterclass 13 Patient Relations

    Parallel Session 12 Driving Quality Improvement by

    Outcome Based Service Corporate Scholarship

    Presentation 3 Service Enhancement

    Presentation 8

    Key Innovation for Back-of-House Support Services

    Developing Queensland’s First Digital Hospital

    Recent Development of Simulation Training Development of Simulation Training for

    Healthcare Professionals Virtual Reality Mindfulness Skills Training:

    Use of Simulation to Brain Patients to Correct Dysfunctional Emotions, Behaviours,

    and Thoughts

    Dementia Community Support Scheme (DCSS) & Collaboration with NGOs /

    Primary Care in Dementia Care Outreach Medicine – the Next 25 Years

    Redesigning Hospital Admission Service Structure to Reduce Hospital

    Readmission Rates Social Capital and Mental Wellness in Redeveloped So Uk Estate – A Project Illustrating the Service from Recovery

    to Well-being

    Staff Engagement through Innovation Drives

    Advancing the Delivering of Positive Practice – University

    Health Network’s Journey to Eliminating Workplace Violence (Flagging Policy)

    Workplace Happiness Brings Business Rewards

    What Matters to Patients and Staff

    Work Rehabilitation – Minimal Data Set for Quality Improvements

    Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Enhancing Upper Limb Functional Recovery in Acute Stroke Patients

    Enhancing Quality and Safety at Radiology Department with Computer Vision Technology Optimisation of Patient Management System

    (PMS) – a Step to Quality Improvement Multi-modal Physiotherapy Approach for Seamless

    Care in Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Programme in United Christian Hospital

    Cancer and Palliative Care Young HA Investigators Presentations

    1545-1615 TeaSpeed Presentation (Level 2) / Poster Viewing Convention Hall

    1615-1830 Presentation of Awards and Closing Ceremony

    Best Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Display Awards Hospital Authority Outstanding Staff and Teams Award and Young Achievers Award 2019

    For details, please visit our Convention website:

    The Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA) has been organising the HA Convention every year since 1993 to promote sharing of knowledge and experience among healthcare professionals. It is an important conference for the local healthcare community as well as an annual signature event of the HA. The HA Convention held in May 2018 was attended by over 5,600 clinicians and healthcare professionals, including mainly HA staff, as well as other healthcare managers and executives from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. The scientific programme of the HA Convention 2019 will focus on the Authority’s core values, viz. “People-centred Care”, “Professional Service”, “Committed Staff” and “Teamwork”. Aiming to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience in clinical advances and approaches to modern healthcare service, the Convention facilitates exploration and discussion of contemporary concepts among healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

    Last updated on 21 December 2018 * Simultaneous Interpretation: English/Putonghua # Session conducted in Cantonese