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  1. 1. www.soilandsoul.in | www.facebook.com/soilandsoul We Heal Environment Brings A2Z Healing teachings, Knowledge under tree, skill developmentcentre Gurukul for coolest Global Education with wisdom in Association with
  2. 2. To have more earth sensitive citizens Oneness with Nature Objectives
  3. 3. Interconnectivity with nature and understanding how small steps can bring big difference. Vision
  4. 4. What do we Do? We believe that children have the power in transforming their own lifestyles as well as inspiring others. We emphasize on Touch, Feel, Smell and Tell to discover the Interconnectedness and joy of sustainable living with Natural World Soil and Soul curate experiences around themes Whats on my plate? Delighted in being ourselves & Discovering whats around us?
  5. 5. Outbound learning provides direct contact with the natural world It is a source of powerful learning experiences Learners can relate with their classroom Learners become more versatile learners Personal development: "If I can do this, I can do anything! Team Work: "If we can do this, we can do anything! Active citizenship from a sense of connection and responsibility Experiential Learning is an effective and enjoyable form of learning, whether the emphasis is personal, social or environmental. It is a powerful medium for personal, organisational and cultural development. Why Curated Experiential Trails?
  6. 6. What do we Offer? Experiential Holistic Camp in Nature - 10 days plus travelling time INR 25000/- only for Indians or USD 5000 for Non- Indians inclusive of Transportation, Food and Stay - Himalaya, Ooty - Forest Madumalai, Nagarhole, Kanha etc.,
  7. 7. Curated Experiential Camp at Himalaya, Ooty or any forest INR25,000 or USD 5000 inclusive of Travel & stay OUR AIM Is to reconnect the self and Nature with Confidence, Discovering self, Interconnectedness with everything around and with rest of the world. Culturally knitted.
  8. 8. Holistic camp in Nature for 10 days Experiential Adventure Air Water LandFood Musical
  9. 9. Activities in the Camp Air, Water and Land Integrated possible Adventure Experience various certification course too is available for enthusiast Hot air Ballooning; Parasailing Paragliding; Aeromodelling, Kayaking, Rope Balance, Jacobs Ladder, Paint Ball, Dragon Boat Rowing, Flying fox & More...... Basic Rock Climbing Covers training in Rock-scrambling, Bouldering, tying of Knots & Hitches, Rock-Climbing with safety provided by belay Rappelling and River Crossing Treks to local places around the camp site A gradual build up of stamina is one of the objective of treks. Treks start with a mere two (2) Kms. And by the end of the camp almost all campers are able to complete the long trek of 12- 16 Kms. Treks to other magnificent scenic points. Keeping everyone fit exercises, shramdan (self respected work offering) to inculcate the dignity and enhance real earned respect. Carry natural wilderness to self retreat with beautiful site all around.
  10. 10. Activities in the Camp
  11. 11. Activities in the Camp Food Adventure Understanding our rich food Survival skill Manage your kitchen Musical Adventure Discover the rich Indian culture Local Music, culture will leave the memorable memories for ever. Sensible citizen with environment awareness Sustainable Lifestyle Understanding Indias Biodiversity Individual Contribution to earth
  12. 12. Activities in the Camp Himalayan House Karnataka Mud House KutchMud HouseSikkimHouse We also construct these buildings made up of Sustainable locally available material at site involving children. Hand on activities for skill development.
  13. 13. Life Skills Team player, team building skills Discover Leader in you Social skills Environmental Education Interconnectedness with Natural Resource Our contribution to Earth Understanding Earths Bio-capacity and our role Ancient Wisdom Yoga Veda Discover the Happiness index within When were you lost in activity, your heart loves? Mindfulness, Handling conflict within Activities in the Camp
  14. 14. Activities in the Camp Confident team for handling all the camp activities Assured of creating memories forever We wish to customize the activities based on the participants choice Experience of more than 25 years in conducting various camps
  15. 15. Camp Site
  16. 16. 4.00 am. - Listening to the bird chirping 4.30 am. - Morning Trek 5.00 am. - Yoga 6.30 am - Outdoor adventuretrainingsession 8.00 am - Break for Breakfast. 9.00 am - Ignite Insight PositiveMental Adventure 11.00 am - Silent Self Assessment. 12.30 pm - Lunch 1.00 pm - Interview. 2.30 pm - Honesty, Auditingand Editing 3.30 pm - MindManagement Process. Importance of being humane. 5.00 pm - Tea and Snacks Time 6.00 pm - Physical and MentalTraining/ Music and Culture 7.15 pm - InspirationalPresentationson sustainablelifestyle 8.30 pm Dinner 9.00 pm - My Day Diary. Question and Answers. 9.40 pm Lights Out. Camp I ternary
  17. 17. UtilizingRural Youth to Combat Poverty Creationof highly productivehuman resource to take up developmentalactivitiesin India RoadMap to achieve Aims and Objectives: (1) First of all to motivateand inspire villagepopulationfor doing the orientationwe use environment andsports as medium to make team spirit, collectiveleadership with ancientcultural methods. (2) EnvironmentsensitizationProgramme (3) Transforming the Rural aptitudeand attitudeby nurturing their traditionalskillsfor their sustainable develoopment. AdvanceTraining Schedule (A) AdmirableVocationalTrainingProgramme for sustainableruraldevelopment (B) believing in harmony, with nature and self we work towardsconserving our biodiversity (C) Poverty Alleviation - Comfortable livelihood, (D) Dialogue& OrientationSubjects for individualinterestsand Liking. (E) All of the above to help in generating wealth. (Gram Samriddhy) RuralPopulation are found in four educational background: (I) Post Graduatesand Above (J) Graduates(K)10th and 12th Pass or Fail (L) No educationalbackground but hard working and committed youth with strong will and wish to earn respectable living. Motives Enhancing Happiness Index
  18. 18. Mobile - +91 99807 91637 Email priti@soilandsoul.in Website www.soilandsoul.in Facebook www.facebook.com/soilandsoul Reach us Ram Ruccess Krishna, President,We are Parasailors, Indian Operations.National Senior AlpineSkiing Championship Manali -2010 Mobile - +91 8977846910 Email:parasailors@yahoo.co.uk, goindia123r@gmail.com We Heal Environment Soil and Soul