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Himalayan Region ……. Climate : It’s glaciers are “The 3 rd Pole” Water : It supplies 40% of the world’s population with water. One Earth Designs. Life on the Plateau. People : > 30 different ethnic groups Environment : Cold, dry, little vegetation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Himalayan Region Climate: Its glaciers are The 3rd PoleWater: It supplies 40% of the worlds population with waterOne Earth Designs

  • Life on the Plateau .People: > 30 different ethnic groupsEnvironment: Cold, dry, little vegetationCulmination: Long history of innovationOne Earth Designs

  • Challenges1961-2009: Temperatures rose 6x faster than China, 128% faster than Globe1978-2009: 3,000 lakes in Qinghai disappeared1991-2009: Glaciers shrank by 5%Each Year: Desertification in W. China consumes > 1 million acres

    Climate ChangeOne Earth Designs

  • ChallengesOne Earth DesignsGlobally: 1.6 million deaths/yearIn each village: IAP claims one life every two yearsIndoor Air Pollution

  • ChallengesFuel & Water CollectionWomen spend 1-8 hours/day collecting (forgoing education & income)Injuries and miscarriages during this work are common

    One Earth Designs

  • ChallengesContaminated WaterGlobally: One child dies every 15 secondsLocally: 86% of women have multiple parasite infections; Parents associate school with diarrheaOne Earth Designs

  • ChallengesAccess to EducationAdults: < 3% literacyChildren: Long distance to schoolCommunities: No access to locally applied science or engineeringOne Earth Designs

  • ChallengesBartering CashLanguage barriers, Skill barriers, Paper barriers

    Transitioning EconomiesOne Earth Designs

    (China EPA)(Qin Dahe, 2007)(Xin et al, 2008)(British Royal Meteorological Society)*