HIGH VOLTAGE NETWORK - TransGrid - Connecting VOLTAGE NETWORK 500kV 330kV 330kV 220kV 220kV 132kV...

download HIGH VOLTAGE NETWORK - TransGrid - Connecting VOLTAGE NETWORK 500kV 330kV 330kV 220kV 220kV 132kV 132kV 66kV MOVING ENERGy MOVING ENERGy MOVING ENERGy TransGrid annual reporT 2008

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Transcript of HIGH VOLTAGE NETWORK - TransGrid - Connecting VOLTAGE NETWORK 500kV 330kV 330kV 220kV 220kV 132kV...


    500kV > 330kV

    330kV > 220kV

    220kV > 132kV

    132kV> 66kV



    TransGrid annual reporT 2008



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    T 2008

  • TransGrid annual reporT 2008

    TRANsGRId CONTACT dETAILsSydney201 elizabeth street po Box a1000 sydney south nsW 1235

    Telephone 02 9284 3000 Telephone 61 2 9284 3000 Facsimile 02 9248 3456 Facsimile 61 2 9284 3456

    Business Hours 8:00am 6:00pm

    Metropolitan Telephone 02 9620 0777

    OrangeTelephone 02 6360 8711

    NewcastleTelephone 02 4967 8678

    TamworthTelephone 02 6765 1666

    WaggaTelephone 02 6922 0222

    YassTelephone 02 6226 9666

    TransGrid aBn: 19 622 755 774

    This report is available on TransGrids website.


    ACKNOWLEdGEMENTs Published by TransGrid Corporate Business unit

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    Photographs by:John MarmarasKarl Hofmanneil BillingtonJon novakovic

    CONTENTs > TransGrid annual reporT 2008


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    Facing new Challenges

    24 CusTOMERs, sTAKEHOLdERs, COMMuNITy striving for excellence

    28 INNOVATION new Ways of doing Business

    32 pEOpLE The Key to our success

    38 NETWORK sTRATEGy invest and Build for the Future


    83 AppENdIx

    87 GLOssARy

    The Hon. Eric Roozendaal MLC The Hon. Joe Tripodi Mp Treasurer Minister for Finance Parliament House Minister for Infrastructure Macquarie Street Minister for Regulatory Reform SYDNEY NSW 2000 Minister for Ports and Waterways Parliament House Macquarie Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

    31 October 2008

    Dear Shareholders,

    We have pleasure in submitting to you the TransGrid Annual Report 2008 for presentation to Parliament. The Annual Report includes the Income Statement for the year ended 30 June 2008 and the Balance Sheet as at that date certified by the Auditor-General of New South Wales.

    The Annual Report was prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 24A of the State Owned Corporations Act 1989 and the Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Act 1984 and reporting regulations issued by the New South Wales Treasury.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr Bruce foy Kevin Murray Acting Chairman Managing Director

  • TransGrid annual reporT 2008 > introduction 1

    HiGH VoLtAGE nEtWorK

    500kV > 330kV

    330kV > 220kV

    220kV > 132kV

    132kV> 66kV

    Generation >

    transmission >

    Distribution >

    major enD users >

    MoVinG EnErGy >

    TransGrid is the owner, operator and manager of the largest high voltage network in australia, connecting generators, distributors and major end users in new south Wales. The network is interconnected to Queensland and Victoria providing a robust electricity system that facilitates interstate energy trading.

    AboVE riGHtsean nicolas from transGrids metropolitan region

  • 2 cHAirMAn + MAnAGinG dirEctors rEViEW > TransGrid annual reporT 2008


    We have again achieved in excess of 99.999 percent reliability which is consistent with our high level strategies and comparable to worlds best practice. The availability of our network stands at 98.54 percent which is below our target figures, primarily due to the need to take outages for our multi-billion dollar capital program.

    efficiency improvements have continued to be a strong focus within TransGrid, which has resulted in TransGrid bettering the targets set by the regulator and contributing towards a record operating profit before tax of $199.7 million. TransGrid retains its position as the least costly transmission carrier in australia and as a world leader in terms of cost and service levels.

    safety is our first priority and our target is zero lost time injuries. Whilst it is disappointing to report that we had six lost time injuries during the reporting period, it is pleasing to note that there were no serious injuries. our lost Time injury rate of 3.1 is consistent with the low rate of previous years and benchmarks well with other network businesses.

    To ensure public safety we manage, operate and maintain our network in accordance with our network Management plan, Bushfire risk Management plan and public electrical safety awareness plan. as a result, members of the public have not been injured or placed at risk of injury due to our operations.

    TransGrid has placed a high level of focus on improving our relationships and interactions with our customers, working with them to provide a reliable supply to end use customers and to facilitate the effective operation of national electricity Market. This has included joint planning with distributors, compliance testing with existing generators and assistance to a significant number of new generator proponents, who are considering their options in connecting to the TransGrid transmission network.

    a key challenge has been the submission of TransGrids revenue proposal to the australian energy regulator (aer) in June 2008. The proposal shows that TransGrid is a leading international performer in terms of efficiency and service level. The proposal will ensure that consumers in new south Wales will continue to receive an ongoing reliable supply and the lowest cost transmission services in the national electricity Market.

    The nsW economy is forecast to continue to expand and with that growth comes a parallel expansion in the demand for power. Whilst nsW has seen winter peaks for the last two years, forecasts are still predicting summer peaks which place greater demands on the network. To meet this challenge, TransGrid is towards the end of a substantial capital works program, valued at $1.3 billion during the 2004-2009 regulatory period.

    AboVE LEfttransGrids high voltage infrastructure

    AboVE riGHtmanaging Director, mr Kevin murray, and acting Chairman, mr bruce Foy

    cHAirMAn + MAnAGinG dirEctors rEViEW

    We are pleased to report than in 2007/08 TransGrid has continued to deliver on its obligations of providing a safe, reliable and efficient transmission service with continued commercial success.

  • TransGrid annual reporT 2008 > cHAirMAn + MAnAGinG dirEctors rEViEW 3

    successsuccesssuccEssTransGrids capital works program is the result of extensive planning and analysis to ensure the best outcome for the state. TransGrid has been vigilant in the application of strict environmental processes, extensive stakeholder consultation and efficient project management techniques in the execution of its capital works program.

    TransGrid has worked diligently with its various stakeholders to ensure their expectations are met. in particular, community consultation has been an integral element in the execution of every TransGrid project and we will continue to keep raising the bar in meeting our community obligations.

    This reporting period saw the completion of a number of projects, including the installation of new transformers at port Macquarie, armidale, Vales point and sydney south substations.

    TransGrid has nine major substation projects underway, with construction having commenced on the Macarthur 330kV substation and the Wagga north 132kV substation. There is also a range of substation upgrades at various stages of development.

    over the last year, construction commenced on the Wollar to Wellington 330kV line and on the Yass to Wagga 132kV transmission line.

    in May, TransGrid officially opened a new regional centre at orange. The new facility commits TransGrid to an ongoing presence in western nsW.

    TransGrid has commenced the second of four stages of the 500kV ring which will eventually link the sydney, newcastle and Wollongong load centres. This second (Western 500kV) stage is well advanced with construction of 500kV substations at Bannaby, Mt piper and Bayswater proceeding to program. each of the four stages not only enhances the capacity of the grid in nsW but also the backbone of the national grid from a market perspective.

    TransGrids success has been achieved largely through its people who have initiated and adapted to technological, structural and process changes since its formation. Many of our employees have lengthy service with TransGrid. The current turnover rate of 5.9 percent enables the organisation to retain a great depth of knowledge and experience. These attributes also assist greatly in the training and mentoring of new and younger staff.

    employees contribution is recognised in many and varied ways, with the most prominent being recognition functions for employees with 40 years and 25 years of service.

    TransGrid specifically recognises contributions made to safety and the environment. The annual safety award was awarded to the Metropolitan substations Team for their innovative safety solutions in reducing safety risks associated with working in a confined space. Geoffrey Gumbleton, from northern region, received the environmental award for his outstanding commitment to the environment in sourcing technology to remove captured oils contained in substation spill oil tanks.

    TransGrid has continued with its succession planning program to ensure that the future resource needs of the business will be met by a pool of people having appropriate management skills. a key component of our succession planning i