Herbal Hills powder ... exercise plan, Asthishrunkala may promote healthy weight. Asthishrunkala...

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Transcript of Herbal Hills powder ... exercise plan, Asthishrunkala may promote healthy weight. Asthishrunkala...

  • Shallaki Plant part used : Resin

    Boswellia serrata

    • It supports healthy joints. • It helps rejuvenate all the systems of the body.

    • May help reduce symptoms related to stress.

    Asparagus racemosus

    • May support reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs & maintain healthy hormonal balance.

    • May support normal function of the immune and digestive system.

    Shatavari Plant part used : Root

    • Supports healthy digestion.

    • Considered to be highly nutritious.

    • Supports a healthy immune system. Moringa oleifera

    Shigru Plant part used : Leaves

    Acacia concinna

    • Considered as hair cleanser.

    • May help strengthen hair roots.

    • May help control dandruff.

    • May help promote healthy hair.

    Shikakai Plant part used : Fruit

    • May help maintain healthy digestive


    • May support healthy joint care. Zingiber officinale

    Sunthee Plant part used : Root

    Mix of Terminalia chebula, Emblica officinalis, Terminalia belerica

    •May help support appetite & digestion •Considered to be an effective colon cleanser

    •Supports proper functioning of all the body systems.


    Plant part used : Fruit

    • It may support healthy respiratory and immune system.

    • Has antibacterial properties. •Exhibits antioxidant activity & may support the body’s natural response to oxidative


    Ocimum sanctum Tulsi Plant part used : Leaves

    •Considered to act as a rejuvenator. • May help control stress. •Considered to promote concentration


    Convolvulus pluricaulis


    Plant part used : Whole Plant

    Cassia angustifolia

    •Considered to have laxative properties. • Considered to be useful in indigestion &

    disturbed digestive system. •Considered to help in healthy digestion.Plant part used : Leaves


    Curcuma longa


    Plant part used : Root

    Vijaysar Pteocarpus marsupium

    Glycyrrhiza glabra

    Plant part used : Root

    •Considered to be a natural tonic aiding the liver and respiratory system. Supports oral health

    • Supports normal digestive system functions

    • May help in management of all metabolic disorder.

    • It may help manage healthy blood sugar level.

    • It may help to maintain healthy weight.


    Ayurvedic Herbal Powder

    Pure & Natural


    Isha Agro Developers Pvt Ltd Lonavala Co.op. Indl. Est. Ltd.,Village-Nangargaon,

    Lonavala, Taluka-Maval, Dist. Pune-410401, Maharashtra, India

    Dia-Care Formulation of 25 Herbs

    • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels • Helps balance metabolic functions • Supports stimulation of the body’s natural

    defenses • May regulate blood glucose levels


    Gas, Acidity & Indigestion

    • May act as an effective colon cleanser • May regulate intestinal movements • May improve overall digestion • May improve metabolism



    Churna Formulation of 4 Herbs


    Plant part used : Rhizome

    22000:2005 Good Manufacturing Practice

  • Ambehaldi • Considered to have antioxidant

    properties. • May support healthy metabolism. • Helps in skin healthPlant part used : Rhizome

    Amla • Considered to have antioxidant

    properties. • May support healthy digestion. • Promotes healthy metabolism.

    Curcuma aromatica

    Plant part used : Fruit

    •Considered to have beneficial effect on skin.

    •Has antioxidant properties helps eliminate toxins from the body.

    Anantamool Hemidesmus indicus

    Plant part used : Root

    Emblica officnalis

    •It is considered as a heart tonic.

    •May support healthy blood pressure.

    •May support healthy lipid levels.

    Arjuna Terminalia arjuna

    Plant part used : Bark

    •May strengthen & tone the uterus.

    •May promote regular menstruation.

    •May support healthy ovarian and

    endometrial health.

    Ashoka Saraca asoca

    Plant part used : Bark

    • Ashwagandha root may help stimulate the immune system

    • It is considered to promote hormonal balance

    • May support calm nervous system

    Withania somnifera


    Plant part used : Root

    • May help maintain joint & bone health.

    • When combined with healthy diet & exercise plan, Asthishrunkala may promote healthy weight.

    Asthishrunkala Cissus quadrangularis

    Plant part used : Stem

    •Helps maintain healthy digestive system.

    •May help maintain healthy lipid levels. Helps in managing healthy blood sugar levels.

    Baelpatra Aegle marmelos

    Plant part used : Leaves

    Terminalia bellerica

    • May act as a digestive support.

    • May help detoxify the body.

    • May support the respiratory system.

    Baheda Plant part used : Fruit

    Bhrungraj Eclipta alba

    • May encourage hair growth.

    • May support overall health of hair.

    • Helps maintain natural hair luster.Plant part used : Whole Plant

    • May help maintain healthy sugar management.

    • May help maintain healthy kidney & liver functions. Helps maintain electrolyte balance.

    Phyllanthus niruri

    Bhuiamlaki Plant part used : Whole Plant

    Bacopa monnieri

    Brahmi Plant part used : Whole Plant

    Chitrak Root Plumbago zeylanica

    • May support healthy digestion.

    • May help natural removal of toxins

    from the body.

    • May support healthy metabolism.Plant part used : Root

    •It may support healthy Liver & Urinary tract functions, thus may help to maintain healthy lipid levels.

    •May support healthy metabolism.

    Berberis aristata


    Plant part used : Root

    • May support body metabolism. • May support to manage appetite &

    early satiety. • May support healthy lipid levels.

    Garcinia cambogia


    Plant part used : Fruit

    •May support healthy digestion &

    healthy immunity.

    •Maintain healthy urinary tract


    Tribulus terrestris


    Plant part used : Fruit

    Centella asiatica

    • May support healthy mental functions.

    • Contains saponins which may have beneficial effect on hair, skin and connective tissues.

    Gotu Kola

    Plant part used : Whole Plant

    • Considered to possess antiseptic properties.

    • May help to maintain healthy blood sugar level.

    • May support healthy immunity.

    Tinospora cordifolia


    Plant part used : Stem

    • May help sugar management. • May support healthy body lipid levels. • May help maintain the metabolic

    activities of liver, kidney and spleen.

    Gymnema sylvestre


    Plant part used : Leaves

    • May assist natural internal cleansing. • Helps maintain blood sugar levels in

    normal level. • May help nourish and rejuvenate the


    Terminalia chebula


    Plant part used : Fruit

    • Supports healthy liver functions. • Promotes healthy pancreatic

    functions. • Has antioxidant properties.

    Eugenia jambolana

    Jambu beej

    Plant part used : Seed

    Nardostachys jatamansi

    • May help calm the nervous system. • Considered to maintain electrolyte

    balance. • Has antioxidant properties.


    Plant part used : Root

    • May help remove toxins from the body.

    • It may support healthy immunity. • It contains glycosides which may support healthy liver functions.

    Swertia chirata

    Kadu kirayata

    Plant part used : Whole Plant

    • May help in sugar management.

    • May help digestion.

    • May help maintain body lipid levels

    within normal range.

    Momordica charantia


    Plant part used : Fruit

    Plant part used : Seed

    Krounchbeej Mucuna pruriens

    • May support healthy kidney functions. • It contains L-Dopa, which may help

    testosterone management. • May support healthy nerve and sexual


    Symplocos racemosa

    • It is considered to have antioxidant properties.

    • May support healthy uterine health. • May support healthy digestion.Plant part used : Bark


    Lawsonia inermis

    • Considered as an excellent conditioner for hair.

    • It may help cleanse scalp. • It is said to have cooling properties.Plant part used : Leaves


    • May help to detoxify the body. • Rich in fiber, Acts as mild laxative. • May support uterine health. • Considered as a galactagogue, helps

    support weight management.

    Trigonella foenum-graecum

    Plant part used : Seeds

    Methi seeds

    Cyperus rotundus

    • It is considered to have good digestive

    & carminative properties.

    • Helps maintain gastrointestinal health.

    • It may help maintain healthy lipid level.Plant part used : Roots