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  • Happy Farm Business Incubator
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  • Happy Farm Business Incubator:
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  • WHAT IS HAPPY FARM? Happy Farm is a business incubator specializing in identifying and growing tech startups in the global market.
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  • Startups early stage Tech: Mobile, Cloud Computing, Games, Social Networking, SaaS, CRM/ERP, etc.
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  • 5 Happy Principles LIVE ---WORK --- STUDY
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  • The Board of Directors Igor Shoifot Chairman Happy Farm Board of Directors Vlad Voskresensky Co-founder, CEO of InvisibleCRM Paul Asoyan Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Google Jon Nordmark CEO of UsingMiles.com Brian Sathianathan Angel Investor and top- manager at Emerging Technologies in Turner
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  • More than 35 speakers, mentors, advisers J.Nordmark I. Shoifot V. Voskresenskiy A.Degterev a B.Sathianathan B.Dorf P.Asayan G. Penchina R. Chatwani B.Susanne B.Day M.Liao Z.GelatB. Commagere G. Kanwar V. Golomb A.Shoiket M. Baldwin T. Kromer M.Duva J. Gower T.Gauda
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  • 9 STARTUP PROGRAM American Breakthrough 1 month in USA Startup accelerating program 2 months in Ukraine post-development 2 months in Ukraine
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  • GOALS&PURPOSES To know the problem/need To find you costumer To understand and love your product To make your costumer love your product as you do To grow up yourself, product, # of costumers To make money
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  • Format & schedule Startup accelerating program USA internship (1 month) Startup accelerating program Mentorship Study sessions Intensive English 1:1 coaching with international and national experts HF services: legal, financial, technical, PR, BD, testing Working & Living space &Food HF open events & networking Startup accelerating program (2 months Ukraine) Post development (2 months Ukraine)
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  • Business model Team Financial, legal and IP issues Fundraising & work with investors Organizational & project management Pitching and presentation 1.Essential subjects. Entity basics. 2.Growth Go-To- Market Overview Strategy & planning VIRALITY Basics of Sales & Marketing SEO/SMM B2C,B2B, Affiliates programs
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  • Prototype, MVP, New technologies DesignUsability Value of product Scaling EXIT strategy 3.PRODUCT SV calendar& manual for participants Business culture and attitude Speaking, listening, networking SV ecosytem Video, books, movies, practice Intensive English Negotiation skills 4.Making ready to SV & personal development
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  • I speak English every day
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  • First Cycle Startups
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  • American Breakthrough: Results 17
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  • American Breakthrough Program: Attendance of the 9 big IT conferences and events Meetings with world-known corporations such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others Pitches to Dave McClure at 500 startups Accelerator Discussion of HF startups with Steve Blank 3 Happy Farm events for Silicon Valley Startup community 1:1 pitch to the 30 well- known ventures
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  • American Breakthrough EXPERIENCE: 6 companies developed own network of business contacts and US based partners 3 companies attract US based team members 2 companies in the process of closing first deals with VCs 3 new Board members attracted 35 new mentors and advisers involved for next season 37 days and 555 hours of work, meetings, events, pitches, negotiation and networking
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  • American Breakthrough
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  • HAPPY FARM SERVICES an effective pivoted startup accelerating program 2 months a profitable internship in Silicon Valley 1 month expertise and business development 5 months coaching and mentoring 5 months legal and financial professional support 5 months workspace, accommodation, board 3 months investment search
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  • WHAT ARE OUR CONDITIONS? $70K investments for 15% equity = = $55K services + $15K cash Frequency: 2 cycles per year
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  • Strategy for next season (May November 2013) Second Cycle (May-November 2013) offers 7 options to develop, grow and be successful: Class A. STARTUP RESIDENTS teams ready to develop their own Tech projects; Mobile, Cloud, Computing, Games, Social Networking, Saas etc. Class B. PROVEN TALENT- IT specialists ready to work on a project to outsource major USA companies, and in exchange receive a share in the company. Class C. YOUNG GUNS - students from technical universities, ready to develop innovative projects and solutions for US companies. Class D. JUMP START - special short mentorship program for students with interesting ideas. Class E. THINK GLOBAL - Already operating businesses, whether small, medium-sized and large looking to enter global markets, and to develop their technical executives. Class F. COLLABORATE US STUDENTS. Talented students from technical universities, ready to develop and collaborate with students from Stanford and Berkeley as a team. Class G. COLLABORATE US BUSINESS. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to work as representatives of U.S. companies to develop their business in European markets.
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  • APPLYING FOR PROGRAMS Deadline: May,10 th happyfarm.com.ua 2 + 1 + 2 A CLASS: for residents Application form fields: Project title Project category Project idea Project web-site Company profile on Angel List Company profile on Facebook LinkedIn profile of CEO Company profile on Twitter Link to the video Problem Solution Business-model (canvas) Product market Competitors Team Required fund-raising Financials
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  • Europe Venture Summit , 20-21 2013 www.venturesummit.eu Europe Venture Summit , 20-21 2013 www.venturesummit.eu
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  • 5,000 Hackathon www.venturesummit.eu
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  • Grand Prize 25,000! Startup Competition&EXPO www.venturesummit.eu
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  • REGISTRATION: www.venturesummit.eu
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  • 32 Sounds interesting? Want to know more? Apply now! Anna Degtereva, CEO email: da@happyfarm.com.ua Tanya Luchyno, Startup Relations Manager email: tanya@happyfarm.com.ua