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  • Happy at Work Programs

    What clients say about our programs

    Some of Jims past experience

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    happy@work Chapters & News

    Foreword by Steve Rizzo

    Reward Yourself and Others

    Put Your Problems to Work for You

    Break Your Patterns

    Know Your Purpose

    Become a Goal Setter

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    Happy at Work Getting the Best from Your People and Yourself

  • Beyond simple inspiration and motivation, Jim provides people with workable strategies that enable them to take charge of their own destiny and reach their full potential

    With two decades of experience delivering presentations to a wide range of diverse groups, Jim Donovan is easy to work with, on time, and a consummate professional at all times

    Happy at Work Getting the Best from Your People and Yourself

    Our Happy at Work Programs Improve

    Engagement, Productivity and Happiness in the


    Positive people are 31% more effective* Positive salespeople are 37% more effective* Reduce stress & overwhelm Improve work/life balance Reduce turnover & absenteeism

    * Source: Harvard Study





  • "Our company has realized significant revenue and profit growth since you helped us 'kick start' our ideas into actions. We are very grateful for that."

    Curt Kristjanson, VP Sales, Hermann Warehouse Corp.

    What People Are Saying About Jims Seminars

    Since we participated in Mr. Donovans seminars, the energy level in

    our office has seemed to increase, and the atmosphere has lightened up quite a bit. Were

    more motivated than ever, working harder than ever and business is booming!

    Chuck Wasoski, VP Collector Vehicle Insurance, Grundy Worldwide

    "Thank you so very much for serving as our keynote speaker at the

    Gloucester County Annual Women's Health Summit. Your extraordinary energy, commitment and

    participation in this event truly make you an outstanding presenter. Your presentation proved beneficial to a great many women and their families."

    Stephen M. Sweeney, Freeholder Director, Gloucester County, New Jersey

    Jim brings a refreshing view and approach to employee meetings and especially for technical people who tend to think linearly. He has an engaging style and his provocative questions can benefit employees at any level.

    Clifford E. Montgomery, Senior Vice President, Human Resourcesand Administration Teva Pharmaceuticals North America

    "On behalf of our Chamber the committee would like to thank you for speaking at our General Membership meeting at Sesame Place. We certainly learned a great deal from your presentation and many positive comments were received from the Chamber members in attendance. Thank you again. We look forward to working with you in the future."

    Kathy Zelenka,Lower Bucks County

    Chamber of Commerce

    "Our organization needed an injection of enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to maintain interest and participation. Jim provided both of those in abundance when speaking at our last quarterly meeting. He engaged the audience with just the right combination of humor and thought-provoking issues that resulted in a range of laughter, contemplation, and enlightening banter. Feedback from the membership has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. I certainly made the right decision in asking Jim to provide our group with a renewed sense of passion for their personal and professional lives."

    Thomas A. Kelly, Jr., President,Eastern Meter Management Association

  • TEVA Pharmaceuticals North America Comcast Metrophone - Small Business Seminar Series Comprehensive Coaching U Learning Spa Coldwell banker Real Estate awards luncheon National Association Remodeling Contractors (NARI) New Jersey Nursing Home Administrators Association Eastern Meter Management Association University of Dallas, Alumni Association Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce at Sesame Place Keynote speaker - Gloucester County Women's Health Summit Keynote speaker - 2003 Northeast Regional SIDS Convention Southampton Chiropractic Group United We Stand Seminar - Sponsored by Cornerstone Marketing Seminar - Sponsored by Bucks County Community College First Valley Bank - Business Seminar Bucks & Montgomery Counties Home Business Association Mary Kay Cosmetics - Regional Meeting Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce - Meeting Summit Bank - Regional Meeting Merrill Lynch Small Business Seminar - (CPE for CPA's) World Internet Marketplace - Annual Conference, Phoenix, Az. Foster Wheeler - workshop Reclaim Your Life Seminar, Bucks County Womens Prison

    Recent Speaking Engagements


    Bucks County Youth Corrections Department Transforming Your Business Seminar - Coldwell Banker Real Estate Reclaim Your Life Seminar - Sponsored by Bucks County SIDS Alliance Reclaim Your Life Seminar - Sponsored by Bucks County Opportunity Council Graduation Keynote - Bucks County Opportunity Council Business & Professional Womens Assoc. (BPW) Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped - Annual Conference Northeast Catholic High School - Faculty & Staff Notre Dame High School - Students Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) - Bucks County Community College Bucks County Prison - Several seminars & workshops Delaware County Corrections Youth Center Theosophical Society Central Bucks Adult School - Workshops Southampton Business Association Bucks County Sales & Professional Association Bucks County Library New Jersey Human Resource Development Institute - Graduation Keynote New Jersey Assoc. Women Business Owners - Annual Conference American Women's Economic Development Corp (AWED) New Jersey Assoc. Women Business Owners - County Chapter

    "Our clients who attended your presentation told us they felt rejuvenated and hopeful after listening to your presentation. One client wrote and said, 'After leaving the seminar, I felt as if the burden of doubt had been lifted.' Great job! Great feedback!"

    Roger Collins, Executive Director, Bucks County Opportunity Council

    "The SIDS Center of New Jersey, as well as the entire Convention Planning Committee, appreciate you talking the time out of your busy schedule to speak at the 2003 Northeast Regional Convention. Excellent speakers like you are what helped make our 2003 convention a huge success."

    Jeanette Burgos, CHES, Convention Chair

  • 2015 Jim Donovan, all rights reserved.

    Jim is a powerful thought leader whos books and teachings have positively impacted the lives of more than 1,000,000 people worldwide.

    His willingness to speak openly about, what he calls his, decade of destruction, and share the ideas and techniques that enabled him to radically change his life, have made him a sought after speaker and trainer for business events and meetings.

    Jims sense of humor, coupled with his unique life experiences allow him to connect with diverse groups of people from all walks of life.

    With more than half a million books in print in 26 countries and sixteen years as a speaker and coach, Jim Donovan is a recognized authority in the personal development field.

    Several of his books, including Handbook to a Happier Life, and What are you waiting for? Its Your Life, and have been international best sellers.

    Jims articles have appeared in numerous print and digital magazines and he is a frequent media guest and expert source on personal development.

    About Jim Donovan

    Linkedin Twitter

    Connect with Jim on Social MediaEmail: jim@jimdonovan.com Facebook (215) 794-3826

    Inquire about having Jim speak at your company today and inspire your team to new heights, email us or call (215) 794-3826

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  • Foreword What s your definition of success? Does it simply mean making a lot of money? Perhaps to you success means achieving a goal at any cost.

    Heres my point, dear reader: Lets say your goal is to become a vice president of a big company. After many years of intense stress, worry, and an avalanche of emotional, mental, and physical over- load, you finally achieve your goal, along with all the wealth and prestige that come with it. Is this success? If you consult a dictionary, the answer would be yes. Websters Dictionary defines successes as follows: 1. The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. 2. The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. I think its amazing that the word happy or happiness is not included in the definition of the word success. Unfortunately, our conventional definition of success is simply achieving the goal. Not enough emphasis is placed on the value of experiencing the journey, building character, and learning life lessons along the way.

    The truth is, it really doesnt matter how much money you have, or how famous you are, or how many goals youve achieved. It makes no difference how big your house is or what industry accolades youve racked up in your career. The entire world can view your life as the ultimate success story, but the bottom line is this: if you are not happy, you are not successful! If you are not enjoying yourself on your journey toward your goal, youre ripping yourself off. Trust me. There are enough people willing to do that for you.

    That is why I love this book! Happy@Work reminds us that success and happiness are synonymous, but only if you choose to live your life accordingly. Jim Donovan reveals valuable intangibles that most people dont consider as important criteria of leading a happy and successful life, both professi