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THE HAMILTON CLUBA publication of Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.Sunday, September 23, 2012 A Brief History of The Hamilton Club A Walk through Lancasters Hamilton Club Weddings, Banquets, Special Events The Club Dining Experience The Future of The Hamilton ClubA Lancar Traditi2 SEPTEMBER23, 2012 THEHAMILTONCLUB Lancaster, PaI. EntrancE VEstIbulE and FoyErAs you enter the massive double doors into the vestibule and the main entrance hall of the Hamilton Clubhouse you are entering the oldest private club in this area, founded 123 years ago by 31 distinguished gentlemen of Lancaster.The original property was once the private home of Catherine Haldeman Long, whose initials appear on the overhead stone in the vestibule. The main entrance area of the Clubhouse is distinguished by the beautiful grand entrance stairway to the second foor area and the magnifcent brass chandelier original to Miss Longs home, built in 1890. Notice the three original stained glass panels at the top of the large windows.II. rEcEptIon arEa and pEacock allEyDown the staircase by the reception area, we see three original watercolors of the Clubhouse and of downtown Lancaster, rendered by local artist, David Brumbach, on a Club commission. Proceeding on to a connecting corridor known as Peacock Alley, you should notice the relief of a Peacock on the ceiling. Peacock Alley leads to the main dining room of the Clubhouse today. When the Club purchased the Long mansion in 1913, the eastern end of the building was approximately where the dining room entrance is today. The area beyond was open lawn that ran to the original carriage and horse stable serving the mansion, later to be named the Hamilton Mews.To the left of the present day reception area was the mansions open porch running along Orange Street. It was enclosed following the Depression of 1929, to gain more space on the frst foor for a receptionist and later a coatroom. The enclosure also formed the vestibule you just passed through as you entered the Clubhouse. The initialed stone previously pointed out was outside the building over the front entrance door.III. two Major addItIons to thE orIgInal MansIonThe rooms you see to the left of Peacock Alley, running along Orange Street were added to the Long mansion in the 1950s, connecting the Hamilton Mews building with the main Clubhouse. (Actually, this area is one large room, which may be divided into several rooms by built-in movable partitions.)Then in 1962, a two-story addition was undertaken, creating the dining room you now see, and on the second foor directly overhead a ballroom and an exercise equipment room, squash courts, locker rooms, and steam and dry heat rooms for members use.This two-story addition covered the original open area between the then Clubhouse and the Hamilton Mews.IV. buchanan barWalking to the opposite end of the frst foor, the West end, we see an informal pub named the Buchanan Bar after the original oil painting of President James Buchanan hanging on the south wall, the only one painted from life known to exist, at least according to the White House. The White House Curator called and requested the painting on permanent loan. The Board felt at that time we should loan it to Wheatland and not permanently to the White House. If you examine this oil painting closely, you will notice that it depicts several British gentlemen and the British Union Jack on one side of the fgure of President James Buchanan, and U.S. Congressman with the Stars and Stripes on the other side. The painting celebrates the beginning of telegraph communication between England and the United States via of a newly-laid undersea cable accomplished while Buchanan was President. The telegraph keys are clearly seen in the painting. The photomural over the bar area depicts many scenes of Old Lancaster. These original photographs were made into the montage you see by the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York. It was the largest photographic reproduction of its day. Also notice the beautiful old stained glass windows overlooking Duke Street, salvaged from a Philadelphia mansion when it was torn down, and installed in the Clubhouse in the 1950s.V. sEcond Floor InForMal dInIng arEasGoing to the second foor are the Steinman Room, a casual dining experience, and the Tower Bar. Members enjoy having a light lunch or evening supper here with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Here again we see several solid brass chandeliers original to Miss Longs mansion.VI. thE crystal rooMWalking to the east end of the second foor, we come to the grand Crystal Room. The Crystal Room is the site of many gala private parties throughout the year, as well as scheduled Club activities where all may participate. Your attention is immediately focused on the beautiful crystal chandelier given to the Club by a member some forty years ago. Beyond the Crystal Room are the squash courts, exercise equipment rooms and a relaxation area.VII. thE MEMbErs grIllEAn important area of the Club is the dining area on the lower level. It is here that many of the community leaders, business and professional, have lunch at the Round Table Mondays through Fridays. To many members, it is a must visit to the Clubhouse on an almost daily basis.VIII. conFErEncE rooMJust off the Steinman Room is a modern conference room designed to host meetings for members and guests. Designed to establish the Hamilton Club as Lancasters Downtown Business Hub, this room features wif, a computer, fax/copy machine and telephone.A walk through Lancasters Hamilton Clubn the last 20 years I have worked as a national consultant with more than 300 clubs. In that capacity I looked long and hard to nd a model for the modern city club in a community like Lancaster, and there really wasnt one. When I joined the Hamilton Club as its general manager, the leadership and staff of the Club recognized a wonderful opportunity to use our collective abilities to create a national model for an attractive, vibrant club. Granted, were already recognized nationally as a Platinum Club.What a cool challenge, though, to forge a design for a model club of the future!Im delighted with the cooperative effort at the Hamilton Club between our members, our great staff, this progressive community and those who do business with us. We are all committed to making Lancaster a remarkable place to live and work.Its been said for generations that If you want to do business in this town, you have to join the Hamilton Club. While we certainly can contribute to ones professional life, were more than that. For more than a century, the Hamilton Club has enhanced members personal lives and given them a sense of belonging. In this day and age of cell phones, emails and social media, its nice to connect with others on a personal level. The Hamilton Club is still a place where you want to belong.~ Tom FoutchGeneral ManagerLancaster, Pa THEHAMILTONCLUB SEPTEMBER23,20123Wileys PharmacyIntroducing...OnePACOnePac from Wileys is an organized system for taking multiple medications for you, parents, grandparents, and children. Wileys prepares a 7 Day supply of medication and packages them in perforated strips. Individual packages separate each days medication by the time they are taken. 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The Filling's and our staff have enjoyed an outstanding relationship.58 North Queen Street in Historic Downtown Lancaster 717-392-7305 reamjewelers.comEngaging Lancaster Since 1935Congratulations to The Hamilton Clubon your 100 Year Anniversary!4 SEPTEMBER23, 2012 THEHAMILTONCLUB Lancaster, Paancaster has no shortage of fantastic wedding venues, and the Hamilton Club gives the Red Rose City a unique yet classic option for a bride and grooms special day. In fact, when the popular wedding website the Knot recently rated the top Wedding Reception sites in Central Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Club was one of only three venues in Lancaster to make the list. Several things make the Club a unique place to celebrate a wedding. One is its vibrant downtown location, which is convenient to many of Lancasters great houses of worship. Another is the historic Club itself, which makes for unique pictures. The Club rst and foremost, however, is a well-regarded restaurant where guests always marvel at the food. We have heard nothing but glowing compliments and reviews about our reception, said Christine Carolyn Murray from Washington D.C. It was truly the night of our dreams. Betty Schimmels son had their rehearsal dinner at the Club. We have been impressed with all we have come into contact with at the Club. (The Hamilton Club Staff is) all to be applauded, she stated. Beyond weddings, the Hamilton Club offers complete catering, serving and set-up services both at the Club and off-site at homes, businesses or private venues. At the Hamilton Club friends and family gather for s