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  • 1.Guerilla Marketing
    A cool strategy to marketing

2. What is Guerilla Marketing?
Guerilla marketing is unconventional marketing techniques for achieving maximum results from minimal resources or budgets.
Fairly new.
3. The History of Guerilla Marketing
Started showing up in the 1970s
Advertisers noticed that their advertising was getting less effective.
In 1984 Jay Conrads book Guerilla Marketing spoke about the secrets of subtle marketing.
4. Why Guerilla Marketing?
The attraction of guerilla marketing is that its not educational or preachy.
The more creative the campaign is, the more attention it gets.
Guerilla marketing was made to make consumers think outside the box.
5. Exhibit A
6. Exhibit B
7. Exhibit C
8. Why Guerilla Marketing?
With guerilla marketing, no ad or campaign is the same as another.
Although guerilla marketing can be risky (may offend people or some people may not get it), it is cheap and worth the try in most cases.
9. Bad Guerilla
For example: In Manhattan (2002) Microsoft decided to try guerilla marketing.
They put thousands of butterfly stickers around the city.
New Yorkers hated it.
City officials ordered them to remove all the stickers and issued a $50 fine.
This is an example of guerilla marketing gone bad.
10. Microsofts Butterfly Mishap
Notice the butterflies on the window.
11. Good Guerilla
An example of guerilla marketing gone right is when Nissan were promoting the keyless push button ignition systems.
20,000 sets of lost keys.
When found a tag was attached that said If found, please do not return.
The idea of it was that the Nissan cars did not need actual keys since they had keyless push ignition systems.
Created a large buzz for Nissan.
12. Nissan & Keys
The tag reads: If found, please do not return. My next generation Nissan Altima has Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition and I will no longer need these.
13. Guerilla Marketing For Social Causes
This type of guerilla marketing is not to attract customers to companies but simply to raise awareness for controversial issues.
The most infamous guerilla marketing for social causes is done to try to get people to see what tobacco use does to them.
Many commercials have been shown about this.
14. Guerilla Marketing For Social Causes Example:
15. Guerilla Marketing For Social Cause Ex 2.
You cant ignore child labor (Not a real child, but a vinyl sticker)
16. Other Cool Examples
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