Growing Deeper Opportunity Christmas Cantata .Christmas Cantata Rehearsals Rehearsals begin on...

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Journey Notes 2 Children, youth, MOPS 3 Living Water Caf 3 Men, Sunday classes 4 Widows, older adults 4 YA, Reaching Wider 4 Advent study Mission Moments 5 UM Women 5 Clergy Appreciation 6 Memorial Garden Wall 6 Worship schedule 7 Life in the Kingdom 7 Craft show, Council 8 Volunteers schedule 9 Birthdays, anniversaries 10 Calendar 11

First United Methodist Church

602 S. Market St. Muncy, PA 17756-1628

Sunday morning schedule worship services 8:15, 9:30*, 10:45

*contemporary prayer follows 8:15 worship

classes 9:30

church office hours: MondayFriday, 9:004:00

Phone: 570-546-8030 Fax: 570-546-6030

The Rev. Arlene P. Beechert 570-546-8040 Pastor Caleb Fritz


Practical Evangelism is a 10-hour course for anyone who wants to take the

scary out of evangelism as well as for certified lay servants, speakers, and lay

ministers. How do we turn our attention away from internal issues and opportuni-

ties and more toward those who arent members of our congregations? How can

we make our events more compelling for those who arent part of our church?

We will try to answer these questions by learning how to explore our communi-

ties and have a simple conversation that could open doors or lead to pathways

into our immediate world ... the neighborhoods in which we live. No knocking

on doors required and no passing of Bible tracts needed.

Come learn a practical approach for sharing the Gospel. It will be held

on two Saturdays, October 13 and 27, 9:30 to 3:00 at First UMC, Muncy. The

instructor is Pastor Cathy Dawes, the cost is $25. Participants need to purchase

Walking with Nehemiah: Your Community Is Your Congregation by Joseph

Daniels. A preview copy and registration forms are in the Welcome Center.

If interested but unable to attend, a future class is being planned.

Growing Deeper Opportunity

A 4-week Bible study on the Book of James, taught by Pastor Arlene, is

offered on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. in the Living Water Caf and Wednesdays at

7:00 p.m. in the lounge, starting October 2 and 3. There is no homework. Sign up

in the Welcome Center or through the office.

Christmas Cantata Rehearsals

Rehearsals begin on Thursday, October 11, for the cantata Christmas

Dreams. The story is told with a fresh perspective in this collaborative effort

from Joseph Martin and Heather Sorenson. Throughout time, God has touched

and motivated hearts through dreams and visions. Christmas Dreams visits

these moments in scripture and connects the experiences of ancient times with

our modern journey of faith, pointing to Christ in whose birth the hopes, yearn-

ings and dreams of all the world are fulfilled. Using traditional carols, newly

composed seasonal selections and thoughtful narration, this rich work delivers

a tapestry of sound and emotion. Rediscover God's graceful touch in your life!

Those interested in choral singing are invited to join our choir in offering this

cantata on December 16 during the 10:45 worship service and at 2:00. It will be

accompanied by a small orchestra. Rehearsals are 7:308:30 p.m. on Thursdays.

As part of our churchs focus on Celebrating Life Together in Christ

Growing Deeper, Reaching Wider, we invite community members to join us for

these worship services. Invite those you know who might enjoy participating in

this wonderful Christmas experience.

submitted by Lucy Buck, Music Director


Evangelism? Eek!

Todays multiple choice: Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Choose well. ( Though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now,

but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory,

obtaining as the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls. 1 Peter 1:8-9


Journey Notes October 2018

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

Sisters and Brothers on the Journey,

The passage above is a synopsis of what the early church was committed to as the first followers of

The Way. They no longer had Jesus physically present with them, but through the divine presence of the

Holy Spirit they were assured that where two or three were gathered, Christ was there as well. So they

continued to learn, they continued to enjoy being together, they celebrated sharing a meal together and

sharing a remembrance of the Last Supper, and they continued their devotion to the prayers of their faith

tradition. They were committed, and God added daily to their numbers.

Centuries later we strive to continue what they began. As disciples of Jesus we are called to continue

to learn. None of us has learned it all. We still need to grow deeper. As disciples of Jesus we are called to

celebrate together the new life that we have in Christ. We are invited to join in fellowship with other be-

lievers to share the joy that we have in the Lord. We continue to celebrate that gift at Christs communion

table. We are encouraged to be people of prayerto share not only the prayers of our faith tradition but

to have open dialogue with the Lordspeaking and listening. We are called to devote ourselves to these

not only for our own wellbeing and our own relationship with God, but also so that we can reach out to

invite, share and rejoice that others might come to know Christ as well. Celebrating and growing deeper

should always lead to reaching wider. Our commitment will one day add to the number of folks that are

being reached for Christ.

There doesnt seem to be as much commitment or devotion today as there once was. Or perhaps the

opposite is true. People are so overcommitted that they have divided loyalties, leaving little time for true

devotion to any one person, cause or organization. We see this in the secular world, where volunteer

organizations have an increasingly difficult time finding persons who are committed, who they can count

on. We see it unfortunately in the church as well. Those who claim to be regular worshipers attend wor-

ship once or twice a month. Its difficult to plan childrens Sunday school programs and events when chil-

dren are not there more than once a month. Persons participate when they feel like it or when there is

nothing else that they see as more of a priority. Commitment and devotion are not what drives most

people today, but thats what Jesus wants from all of us.

Pastor Caleb and I are in the midst of a sermon series on what it means to be a disciple, a follower

of Jesus. Week ones focus is Disciples Follow Christ (September 23). If you missed it, you can find our

sermons online. Week two is Disciples Serve Christ (September 30). Week three is Disciples Create

Community (October 7World Communion Sunday). And week four is Disciples Abide in Christ

(October 14). Underlying all these sermons is the reality that discipleship requires a commitment and

devotion. Christ was looking for people willing to give their all, to be committed to a journey of faith, to

be completely devoted to him. Jesus never said it would be easy. The early church never found it to be

easy. I wonder why we expect it to be easy? Jesus said that following him requires us to give our all. The

early church often did sacrifice it all, even their lives. I wonder why we can be content to give so little?


Pastor Arlene

Better Moms Better World

Mothers Of Preschoolers meets the first

and third Sundays, 4:006:00, in our Living

Water Caf. On Sunday October 7 the topic

will be sisterhood. Amena Brown is a poet,

speaker, and author. Her video and discus-

sion will encourage mothers to fill their

table with women who can speak into their

lives. She reminds them of the true value of

having women friends.

At the October 21 meeting the topic is

Mothering Right When Our Kids Do

Wrong. They will focus on knowing that

kids make childish mistakes and choices,

but parents have the opportunity to do the

right thing. They will think about what trig-

gers their anger and consider a better way

to parent with calm, loving consistency.

MOPS is always looking for volunteers

as well as encouraging moms to join the


MOPPETS is a biblical curriculum

offered for ages 35 during the meeting.

Childcare is offered for ages newborn3.

submitted by Diana Zeisloft, Coordinator

Caf Happenings