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1. The Future of narrowcast GRID SIGNAGE GRIDCopyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 2. Software Platform as a service for most Android Devices Create-Deploy-Manage seamlessly via webtools Interactive ready for touch screen devices WHAT IS GRIDSIGNAGE 3. Internal Communication Map & DirectoryPoint of Ads Food Menu & Video Kiosk In vehicle Ads Potential Applications Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 4. Internal Communication Narrowcastkeyinforma1ontoemployee Eec1vecorporateinternalcommunica1on Loca1onspecicinforma1onnarrowcast Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 5. Kiosk Informa1onspotforvisitorsandaudience Gatherinput/feedback Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 6. In vehicle Ads Adver1sementrevenuefrom/andonTaxi Easycontentupdateandconsumerinsights Loca1onspecicinforma1onnarrowcast Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 7. Point of Ads Productpromo1on/informa1ononpremise Increasestorevisibilityw/richmul1media Increasesalesandproductvisibility Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 8. Map & Directory Floormapandhighlightinfo Uptodateinforma1on Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 9. Food Menu & Video Easilyupmenuforallbranches Mul1mediarichenhancedfoodappeal Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 10. 1. Workonanylowcostandroiddevice(4.1+),most o-the-shelfgenericandroidhardware 2. Supereasytoinstall/setup 3. Easymanagethroughcommandcenter(web) 4. Easycontentmanagementandscheduling 5. Free-formlayout Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd BENEFITS 11. 6. Contentisinterac1veready 7. Workbothonlineandoine 8. CentralizedSta1s1csandDevicesstatus 9. Lowmonthlyso]warelicensecostperdevice 10.Lowpowerconsump1on Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd BENEFITS 12. Hasenabledanewkindofdigitalsignage. MicroDigitalSignage (tablet,phablet,andsmartphone) Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 13. Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 14. Potential Micro Digital Signage Application Photos are for demonstrative purpose only 15. 16. ECONOMICAL SOLUTION Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 17. ECONOMICAL SOLUTION Workonlowcostandroiddevices Supporttablet,smartphoneandandroidbox Lowpowerconsump1onandeasymaintenance Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 18. As easy as 1-2-3: 1. Install Grid 2. Enter username and password 3. Walk away! EASY ACTIVATION Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 19. EASY ACTIVATION Log-inonlyonceanddone! Ac1vatefromanywherein theworld Securelycontroldeviceand content Authen1cateandDe- authen1cateeachdevicevia securewebcontrol Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 20. Freedom of design Place photo, video, youtube, html any where on screen FLEXIBLE LAYOUT Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 21. FLEXIBLE LAYOUT Create-Manage-DeployviaGRIDwebtoolfrom anywhereintheworld CreateBasicSlidewithPowerpointorGoogleslides ImportintoGRIDwebtoolforembeddingmul1media eectsandtransi1on Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 22. Work in online mode and offline mode BOTH OFFLINE AND ONLINE Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 23. BOTH OFFLINE AND ONLINE WorkwithorwithoutInternet(onlineoroine) Synccontentonlinethenthedeviceisready Storeandplaycontentwheneverandwhereever Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 24. 24hrs Web Tool Access anywhere anytime WORK ANYWHERE Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 25. WORK ANYWHERE Easilydesignandcreatecontentanywherevia webtoolonChromebrowser Uploadingandstoringcontentsincloudallowing anywhereany1mecollabora1onpossible Easilymanageandcontrolcontentoneachdeviceor groupofdeviceviaGRIDSIGNAGEDashboard Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 26. When where what & why MONITOR YOUR DEVICES Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 27. MONITOR YOUR DEVICES Checkstatusofyourdevices Checkloca1on(ifavailable)ofyourdevices Checkongoingandpendingcontentfordisplay Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 28. Easy content update at your own schedule SCHEDULING Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 29. SCHEDULING Updatecontentwithease Remotelyperformcontentupdatetoindividual devices Schedulefuturecontentupdate Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 30. Multiple users for greater collaborationCOLLABORATION Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 31. COLLABORATION Eec1vecollabora1onbetweengraphicstas Eec1vecontentmanagementandaudi1ng Testliveonadevicebeforeworldwidecontent update ProcessandWorkowforaudi1ngandapproval Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 32. EASY INTERACTIVE CAPABILITY UPGRADE Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 33. EASILY GRADE TO INTERACTIVE FOR BETTER AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT 1. EasyupgradetoTouchScreen 2. HighperformanceDigitalSignageControlbox 3. Noneedforaddi1onalso]waretool Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 34. COMMAND & CONTROL AT YOUR FINGER TIPS All units control right at your finger tips 35. Security and Control at your finger tips Device registration and removal Device location, current content, scheduled content Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 36. Scheduling Content Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 37. Advanced Timer for Updating Content Copyright Apptividia Co., Ltd 38. Content Live! 39. Device Showtime-Content Statistics