Grand Canyon National Park Mini-Lesson

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Transcript of Grand Canyon National Park Mini-Lesson

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National ParkGina NiceforoGeology 110Lake Tahoe Community College

John Wesley Powell

Theodore RooseveltJohn Muir

Woodrow Wilson

Grand CanyonNational ParkIs Born!!!

30 Million Years ofGeologic Activity!!!

Farralon PlateSUBDUCTSUnder North American Plate

The Grand Staircase!!!

The Colorado RiverShapes the Grand Canyon!

6000 Feet Deep18 Miles Wide277 Miles Long

Freshwater Fish FossilsDolomitesAnd OtherMarine Fossils

Hermit ShaleContains Fern & Other Plant Fossils

Many Fossils within the Sandy Limestone of the Toroweap Formation&Kaibab Limestone Layers

Over 500 Species of Fauna In Grand Canyon National Park Today!

California Condor1982: 25 Left in the Wild

Today: 160 in the Wild

Thanks to Conservation EffortsFrom Many Groups, IncludingThe National Park Service,They are Being Brought Back.

Grand Canyon National Park is One of the Only Places in theWorld California CondorsReside in Today.

Mexican Spotted Owl

There are Over 2,200 Species of FloraIn Grand Canyon National Park Today!

Ribbon Falls &Elves ChasmDisplay Some of Grand Canyons Many Moss Varieties.

Nearly 5 Million Visitors Go ToGrand Canyon National Park Each Year

90% Of Tourists Will Visit the Lower Elevated South RimNorth RimSouth Rim



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