GRAFFITI NAME TAG. Materials You need: -grey lead pencil - ruler - A3 sheet of paper - fineliner -...

download GRAFFITI NAME TAG. Materials You need: -grey lead pencil - ruler - A3 sheet of paper - fineliner - coloured pencils, pastels, textas

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Transcript of GRAFFITI NAME TAG. Materials You need: -grey lead pencil - ruler - A3 sheet of paper - fineliner -...


GRAFFITI NAME TAGMaterialsYou need:-grey lead pencil- ruler- A3 sheet of paper- fineliner- coloured pencils, pastels, textas

Read and look at the information on following pages!Type this address into the google search: - What colours do you see? How has colour been used in these artworks? How have the letters been formed? How do the colours make you feel? What fonts do you like or dislike?Make a note of any colour palettes you might considering using in your work. Consider the following design principles when creating your tag.

CompositionContrastHarmonyBalanceHierarchy/ emphasisScaleProportion**Warm-up task - In your visuak diary complete the following task.The Design Principles: Dimension: Creating and MakingThe design principles refer mainly to the composition of an art work. Decisions about how you use the design principles are important when making art works as they often make or break the effectiveness of an art work.The design principles include: composition, contrast, harmony, balance, hierarchy/emphasis, scale and proportion.See definitions and examples sheet to help you think of your own examples.Draw a simple example of each design principle.

Different Graffiti Fonts:

Make thick characters so you have lots of space for coloring

Overlap your characters and outline them.

Two colors are almost always better than one color. This is a key to cool graffitiGraffiti Ideas

Keith Haring drawing in line

Watch the powerpoint presentation Look at how he has created meaningful messages through his artform. What images do you see? What do you think they mean? Discuss with the person who is sitting next to you.You are to incorporate one of his symbols or your own within your lettering or background of this art piece.Success Criteria1. Start with a balance plan symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial 2. Choose 2-3 other principles you want to emphasize 3. Use objective pictures, lettering or symbols or non-objective designs but make sure the final design is original and not a copy of something you have seen. 4. Make several thumbnail size sketches to start brainstorming ideas on scrap paper5. Choose one of your sketches to create in full color size A3 (or whatever size paper teacher selects)6. Build the background in Keith Harings symbols by hand drawing them in a black fineliner. Repeat the symbol until you have filled in all of the white of the background.

Special notes:

Draw lightly so your pencil lines don't show through

Be careful of black because it can smear and make your colors dirty use last! Permanent Black Marker could be used for outlining if desired.