Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior...

Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior Kindergarten
Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior Kindergarten
Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior Kindergarten
Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior Kindergarten
download Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior Kindergarten

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Transcript of Graduation Photo Day - Toronto Catholic District School Board Graduation Photo Day Senior...

  • Holy Cross Catholic School 299A Donlands Avenue

    Toronto Ontario M4J 3R7

    Telephone 416-393-5242 Fax 416-393-5030

    Principal Joseph Schnurr

    Administrative Assistant

    Kim Paganelli

    Superintendent John Shanahan


    Angela Kennedy

    Parish Father Roselle R. Azares

    Holy Cross Catholic Church 291 Cosburn Avenue

    Toronto Ontario M4J 2M4

    Telephone 416-421-5225

    Hours of Operation 9:00 am—3:30 pm

    Morning Recess

    10:09 am—10:24 am

    Lunch Hour 11:45 am—12:45 pm

    Afternoon Recess 2:10 pm—2:25 pm

    Upcoming CSPC



    March 7th at 6:30 pm in Rm. 214

    (Staffroom) Next meeting:

    April 4th

    Pizza Day




    Holy Cross Catholic School News March 2017

    Virtue: Forgiveness

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

    The days are getting longer, the air is warming, spring and March Break are on the horizon.

    My last day here will be March 10th. At this point I do not know who will be following me. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work here for the winter term. Holy Cross is a wonderful school and will always have a special place in my heart.

    Thank you for all your smiles, kind words and support. I wish all of you the very best. Mrs. Fahlenbock


    13 to 17

    Graduation Photo Day

    Senior Kindergarten &

    Grade 8 Grad Photo Day

    Friday, March 29, 2017

  • Parent Council invites you

    to sign up for their “Remind” service to stay in touch with what is happening at Holy Cross.

    To receive messages via text,

    text @1c3294 to (613) 900 0158

    To receive messages via email, send an email to: (subject line can be left blank)

    TRUSTEES 2016 – 2017 Wards

    Wards 1. Joseph Martino 2. Ann Andrachuk 3. Sal Piccininni 4. Patrizia Bottoni 5. Maria Rizzo 6. Frank D‘Amico, Vice-Chair 7. Michael Del Grande 8. Garry Tanuan 9. Jo-Ann Davis 10. Barbara Poplawski 11. Angela Kennedy, Chair 12. Nancy Crawford

    Karina Dubrovskaya, Student Trustee Rhea Carlisle, Student Trustee

    Holy Cross is Allergen Aware!

    Please remember that all snacks and lunches for students must be nut free. We have several children in the school with life threatening allergies and we would like to ensure that they are not exposed to dangerous food items.

    Snacks should not contain any type of nut product such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, peanut butter, Nutella, etc.

    Also, please remind your child to not share his/her snack or lunch.

    Let’s all do our part to keep our students safe.

    If you are interested in providing hot

    lunches for your child, order forms are

    available in the school office.

    The current term is from January 9 to

    March 31.

    Primary Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer

    The Primary Boys’ Soccer Team went to their soccer tournament on December 6th. The boys were in first place going into the semi-finals ending up overall in third place. Thank you to our teacher coach, Mrs. Lucente, and our student coaches Oliver Shllaku, Corrado Fermo, Matthew Scarcello, Marco Prataviera and Michael Prataviera. The team consisted of the students from grade one, two and three: Elsjon Shllaku, Anthony Cornacchia, Enrigue Mendoza Rabasa, Max Watson, Felix Chown, Rodrigo Mendes, Jozifilip Shllaku, Federico Ortencio, Noah Lui, Liam DiCiacca, Mathew Woldermariam, Gia- como Serafini, Fionn McCormack, Dagmawi Yohannes, Destine Palanca The Primary Girls’ Soccer Team participated very well together Fantastic teamwork and sportsman ship. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to Ms. Kirkalnd for coaching the team along with our assistant student coaches Victoria Godinho, Anya Traianou and Conal Murphy. Team members in- cluded: Anna Carneiro-Miller, Naiya Hermogenes, Janiya Bombasi-Picones, May Cuddy, Seng Ra Nawgu, Khaelynn Perez, Benedette Labang, Victoria Macchione, Sophia Crifo, Gabrielle Nason, Ema Kacorri, Natalie Alves, Alexandra Ajayi, Isabelle Pogue.

    Junior Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer

    Congratulations to the Junior Girls’ & Junior Boys’ Soccer Teams. We had a very successful season

    with great team work and cooperation.

    The Junior Boys’ played very well and placed 3rd overall. The Junior Girls’ were also very successful

    and placed 1st in their division.

    We would like to thank the student coaches, Athena Gonzales and Fiorella D’Andrea for all their hard

    work and dedication. Thank you as well to the parent volunteer who helped us to participate and have


    Junior Boys’ Team: Dante Serafini, Cristian Velasquez, Lebron Valencia, Justin Scarcello, Uri Kibu-

    thu, Justin Ejlli, Nate Delvecchio, Oliver Shllaku, Arul Saha, Noah Mussie, Dimitrios Madimanos,

    Shea Marshall, Jayden Blanco Seijas, Conal Murphy

    Junior Girls’ Team: Katherine Cooper, Melat Yohannes, Victoria Godinho, Almida Dalipaj, Melissa

    Pjetri, Kayan Cooper, Anya Trianou, Eavan Marshall, Aleksandra Zesllari, Victoria Kane, Kate Hen-

    nessey, Elle Bibangamba, Zoe Dlamini, Alexandra Aquintey, Yvonne Dimapalis

    McDonald’s News

    Many parents are aware through media reports of McDonald’s Canada’s announcement that its menu items “may contain” food-related allergens such as peanuts, milk and butter.

    The health and well-being of all students and staff is always our first priority and we recog- nize that every school has its own unique circumstances and student population. It is for this reason that the Board’s Anaphylaxis Policy (Anaphylaxis SM.15) is designed to create allergen-aware environments in our schools and workplaces. The policy does not ban food items, but specifically outlines strict guidelines and measures that must be taken to ensure the health and safety of students with allergies. As well, it also complies with Sabrina’s Law, 2005, S.O. 2005, Chapter 7.

    Here is the link to the policy on the TCDSB website:

    If you have any questions on how the policy is being carried at our school, please contact the Principal.

    Chocolate Fundraiser in May!

  • Congratulations to the following students who received an

    award for the month of February for demonstrating the virtue of


    All the students in Ms. Abraham & Ms. Morra’s Kindergarten class,

    Chloe Canono, Jaden Cayetano, Keane Lonergan, Christina Zesllari,

    Alexander Pittman-Dubien, Naiya Hermogenes, Miguela Vong, John Labang, Matt

    Singian, Christine Dipasupil, Eavan Marshall, Maria Ajayi, James Alcazar, Trever

    Sheppard, Justine Perez, Jason Pedron, Jann Ybarola, Catherine Dipasupil, Christian


    Past month’s recipients:

    January for Courage:

    Ronan Behan, Danielle Heron, Skye Reid-Calder, Victoria Godinho

    Cold Alerts & Weather Related Cancellations/Closures

    With the arrival of winter weather, Twitter (@TCDSB) and the board website are the best sources of the latest information relating to cold weather alerts, cancellations and closures. Get all the infor- mation here:

    And remember to check the Toronto Student Transportation Group website for any school bus delays throughout the year:

    During times of inclement weather, the school will be open for supervised access at 8:45am and students will be permitted to enter the building. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students will be escorted to class by a staff member or a student leader. Grade 2 to 8 students will proceed to class on their own.

    Holy Cross Standard Bus Routes Morning Route Sharp Transportation 416-477-4809, Route CSH0232 Warland & Donlands 8:33am Gamble & Logan 8:40am O’Connor & Pape (N-side) 8:34am Broadview & Hillside (NW) 8:42am O’Connor & Stanhope 8:35am Gowan & Logan 8:44am Woodville & Hassard (NE) 8:36am 130 Gowan 8:45am Torrens (50M W-side of Pape) 8:37am 123 Cosburn 8:47am

    Afternoon Route First Student Markham 905-294-5104 Stock North 416-757-0565 Route CFM0304 Route CSN0901 1081 1/2 Pape 3:33pm Broadview & Hillside (NW) 3:40pm Warland & Donlands 3:36pm Gowan & Logan 3:43pm O’Connor &