Grab attention of employers with tailor made cv

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Grab attention of employers with tailor made cv

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Grab Attention of Employers With

Tailor-made CV CV

Competition is quite high for any kind of job openings. A job advertisements result in thousands of responses.

Why the employers will pick up your CV from the piles of applications?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your first opportunity to impress potential employer. If tailored according to the job role you are applying for-it will surely attract the attention of employers.

How to create a relevant CV? If that is your question, here are some important tips that may help you.

One page is too shortThree or four pages CV is standard with a cover letter highlighting your skills and abilities.

Tell the truthAll the information stated on the CV must be correct. Companies perform background checks and they will have no problem in detecting false information.

On the first pageYou must include:Contact detailsSummary of education Language fluencyCurrent job or last job details

DateName of the institution LocationMajor subjectsResults

Academic details must have

Describe brieflyWhat you do?What are your key achievements?What are your personal and technical skills?Who are your employers?

Take care ofSpelling, grammar or other errorsUse font that is clear and easy to readBold parts like education, skills and experience

What you must not includeAny negatives or anything criticalUnfortunate work experienceDisabilities you haveTrade union or political affiliations

For different CV templates refer to: