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Transcript of GoldSim Software: What’s Cooking? Stefan Knopf GoldSim Technology Group LLC

  • GoldSim Software: Whats Cooking?

    Stefan KnopfGoldSim Technology Group LLC

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    OverviewGoldSim Version OverviewOverview of GoldSims recent history

    Current Development EffortsWhat are we working on right now?

    Future EffortsWhat are we currently designing or thinking about?

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    GoldSim Versions2006200720082009Eiger3,970 mv 9.20Mt. Fuji3,776 mv 9.21Mt. Hood 3,429 mv 9.60Jade Mountain 3,952 mGlacier Peak3,213 mv 9.50Mt. Ida 2,456 m

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Ida - OverviewDashboard EnhancementsPerformance ImprovementsStochastic element improvementsCT Module updatesEnhanced tool-tips (data tips)Updated input editorEnhanced array constructors

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Ida Dashboard EnhancementsDashboardCommon implementation for GoldSim and PlayerCan be used in Edit ModeBased on concept of ReferencesNew and updated controls:More Button stylesList and combo boxesDate/Time controlsVariable input gridDiscrete sliderKnob Embedded result charts and tables

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Dashboard Enhancements

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Dashboard Enhancements (cont)This component is moved

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Performance Improvements (Part I)

    Collected performance dataDetermined typical user actions with unsatisfying execution speed

    CategoryUser ActionImprovementFactorReparseReparse of valid model, using F9 key2MoveMove large container42Move Spreadsheet element (650,000 cells)46Time HistoryOpen chart during load (50 inputs)13Open chart during load (1,200 inputs)2Display time after load (50 inputs)5Display time after load (1,200 inputs)10Lookup TablePaste from clipboard into table (1,500 rows x 255 columns)14Save data for table (1,500 rows x 255 columns)9Multi-Variate ResultOpen properties dialog (2,000 outputs)247Display correlation matrix (2,000 outputs, 9000 realizations)3BrowserExpand elements with a large number of sub items498

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Stochastic Element Improvements

    5 new distribution types:Beta (successes, failures)Extreme value distributionExtreme probability distributionPearson Type 3Sampled Results

    New sampling and correlation optionsEnhanced UI

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Stochastic Element Improvements (cont)

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    CT/RT Module UpdatesSpecies element defines new set ElementsConversion functions ElToSp() and SpToEl()Media Properties can be defined on Species or Element Basis, and on Mass or Molar BasisEnhancements to Cell-Net Generator Element

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Enhanced tool-tips (data tips)

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Updated Expression Editor

    General Look of Equation:Numbers:123.456Numbers and units:123.456 m/sOperators and brackets:(1.23 + 4.56) * 7.89Constants and functions:gee + max(1m/s2, 10 m/s2)References (elements, outputs):Expression1 + Stochastic1Parenthesis indicator: sin(1 * (3 + 4)) vs. sin(1 * (3 + 4))

    Invalid Equations:First error indicated: Expression1 + Stochastic123 +123 + ABC + sin(0.94)sin(1 * (3 + 4) sin(1 * (3 + 4)))

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Updated Expression Editor (cont)Syntactically correct, invalid equations:

    Tool-tips in equations

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Enhanced array constructors (vector & matrix)

    Specify array items using expression: vector(days, OutputX)Use keywords row and col to initialize arraysvector(days, row)[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]

    matrix(Set3, Set4, row) matrix(Set3, Set4, col) matrix(Set4, Set4, if(row==col, 1, 0)) [ 1, 1, 1, 1 ][ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] [ 1, 0, 0, 0 ] [ 2, 2, 2, 2 ][ 1, 2, 3, 4 ][ 0, 1, 0, 0 ] [ 3, 3, 3, 3 ][ 1, 2, 3, 4 ][ 0, 0, 1, 0 ] [ 4, 4, 4, 4 ][ 1, 2, 3, 4 ][ 0, 0, 0, 1 ]

    vector(Set4, if (row == 2 || row == 3, 1, 0)) [ 0, 1, 1, 0 ]

    matrix(Set3, Set4, (row-1) * GetRowCount(vector(Set4, 1)) + col) [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] [ 5, 6, 7, 8 ] [ 9, 10, 11, 12 ]

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Ida ReleaseBeta version of Ida should be available late this yearRelease is planned for first quarter of 2008

    We are also currently designing some new features for the Jade release

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Jade: OutlookVista compatibilityCommon Dialogs; Search integrationRegistry Access, Standard User;User Account ControlPerformance improvements (Part II)Multi-core / multi-processor supportOpenMP implementation for array functionsMulti-threaded or parallel run execution64-bit support; WoW64 for 32-bit applicationLicensing (checkout, improved stability and usability)

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Jade: Outlook (cont.)Component elementScenarios in GoldSimScenario elementScenario management & running scenariosScript elementResourcesStrategic Planning ModuleAdditional Dashboard enhancements

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    ComponentsSpecial version of a locked ContainerContains encapsulated logic Data exchange must use element interface (user-defined inputs/outputs)Can resemble look and feel of a GoldSim elementCan be saved as .gsc fileCan be added to Insert Element menuOne or many instances of the Component can be added to the same modelAll instances can automatically be updated when new version of the component becomes available

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007


    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    ScenariosNew Scenario Element

    Scenario Management:High-level scenario management to carry out several simulations representing different scenariosDisplay results of multiple scenario runs in combined charts and tables

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Script Functions and ElementExecutes embedded VBScript or Jscript using Microsoft Windows Scripting EngineUser defines element interface (inputs and outputs), which can be accessed within the script as variables.Can be used when simple, custom coding is requiredFunction Example:

    Function ToCelcius(fFahrenheit)ToCelcius = (fFahrenheit 32) 5 / 9End Function

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    ResourcesResources are continuous or discrete scalar non-negative quantities (electric current, #pumps).Different types or pools of resources can exist in a model. The current available amount of a resource will be represented by a new Reservoir-like Resource element.Resource consumption is either instantaneous or gradual.Discretely-acquired resources may be borrowed and returned when the action is completed, e.g. a piece of equipment or an operator.A resource requirement in a trigger would, if necessary, wait for the resource to be available before starting the triggered action.

    Slide *GoldSim Technology Group LLC, 2007

    Strategic Planning ModuleEnables GoldSim to model and simulate projectsEnhanced conditional containers capable to represent project tasksAdds support for Work Breakdown StructureGenerating, capturing, and reporting on costs (and revenues)Simulating the availability of, competition for, and management of resourcesPost-simulation results analysis

    ****Eiger:Enhanced Source element Import/export of Species element data Cell-net Generator

    Fuji:-New Time History result features, such as ability to display a user-selected statistic -Time History Result export and new formats-Performance improvements-improvements on Stock elements-ability to temporarily disable generation of time history results

    Glacier:5 new elements: Allocator:allocates an incoming signal based on specified set of demands and prioritiesSplitter:splits an incoming signal based on specified set of fractionsHistory Generator:generates stochastic time series given some statistical inputs (e.g., growth rate, volatility)SubModel:uses an entire GoldSim model as a function in another GoldSim model; submodel can be a static, deterministic model, dynamic, MC model or an optimizationInterrupt:used for debugging and user warnings; triggered by a condition or event; when triggered, the model can be pauses to display a message, log a message or stop the realization or simulation.

    New Financial Module: includes 5 elementssimulates accounts with interest, deposits and withdrawalscomputes the NPV and IRR of a series of cash flowsinvestments with purchases and salessimulates different types of financial optionssimulates claims against an insurance policy

    New Array functions to dynamically extract vectors from matrices or scalar items from vectors or matrices; GetRow(), GetCol(), GetItem()

    Hood:-New Time Series element with recording and playback functions-Ability to save results in Submodels-Ability to push table and time series definitions into Submodels-Updated External and External Pathway elements

    ****With references Dashboards can be used copied, pasted, moved without losing their connection

    Input Grid: can be used to input data for a group of individual elements or to input vector or matrix data****Advanced control layout support-While Component (or set of components) is moved snap lines indicate when controls is aligned with other existing controls.-Control snaps to these alignment positions and stays glued until pulled away (restistence)-Controls resist to get too close to other controls; snap to margin**Collect data by:-measuring various user actions (delete, move, copy & paste elements)-asked users for comments on where GoldSims speed should be informed-model with ~9,000 elements, 180 MB was used-copy, paste, move operations were carried out on large container (several hundred