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  1. 1. S O C I A L M E D I AA D O P T I O NI N I T A L YK N O W I N GYO U RC US T O M E Rg l o b a l w e b i n d e x @ t r e n d s t r e a m . n e t
  2. 2. Full Report Contents Profile: Our Italian Online SampleRegional BreakdownDemographic breakdown by age, gender, and income Online Behaviour OverviewComparing Italian online activities to the EU5 and Global markets DefinitionsCountry comparison of online activity in the EU5How online activity has changed since Wave 1 (July 2009) in Italy Social Media: an all-encompassing term for online publishingMotivations to get online at market level and be age and gender platforms that allow users to create, disseminate, comment on, orTypes of social websites visitededit content Social Networking in Italy Social Network: an online service that allows users to build aProfile of Italian social networkers by age, gender and income level profile of themselves and connect with others on that network i.e.How social networking activities have changed since Wave 1 (July 2009) in ItalyMotivations to use social networks FacebookSocial network activities by gender and ageSocial network platforms in Italy Micro-blog: a service that allows members to broadcast short (140 character) messages that are viewable by all other members i.e. Micro-blogging in Italy TwitterProfile of Italian micro-bloggersMicro-blogging activities in ItalyMotivations to use micro-blogging services Blog: online written content that anyone can publish usually expressing opinions and views on specific topics and published on Blogging in Italy a website or blogging platform i.e. Blogger.comProfile of Italian bloggersMotivation to blog in Italy Forum/Chatroom/BBS: a platform where internet users canTypes of content blogged about by gender engage in on-going discussions about particular topics i.e. 4chanTypes of content blogged about by age group (BBS) Video Sharing in ItalyProfile of Italian video uploaders Video/photo sharing service: a service that allows users toTypes of video content uploaded and watched in Italyupload and share any type of video or photo either with membersTypes of content being watched in Italy by age and gender of that platform (i.e. Flickr) or with the public (i.e. YouTube) Forums/Chatrooms in ItalyProfile of Italian forum and chatroom users in ItalyTopics written about on forums and chatrooms by age and gender Engaging Italian Consumers OnlineMarketing Communications Tasks by age and gender in ItalySocial Engagement Techniques by age and gender in ItalyEncouraging following of branded groups by age and gender
  3. 3. Introduction: Knowing your customer in Italy This edition of the knowing your customerSocial media users across all channels are report series sees the GlobalWebIndex shiftslightly more likely to be men and are much its focus to Italy. One of the goals of thesemore likely to be young adults under 35 years reports is to take the global set of trends that old. we have identified in the past five waves of research since July 2009 and show howThis plus the wealth of other data contained things are shifting at a local level. One of the within this report is geared towards helping major trends that has come out over the past brands understand their customers online: Brands must treat consumers five waves is that the internet is evolving into where, what, and why Italians of all a network of localised country-level internets,demographic backgrounds are doing whatas real people on social media each with their own norms and behaviours.theyre doing online. and understanding who theyare and why they might want In addition, we are witnessing a shift in howThis information is critical for brands to absorb people are using social media around the and understand in the new post-digital age. to engage a brand is the first world towards real-time social media activitiesInteracting with customers on social media is and most important step for such as live status updates, check-ins,not about broadcasting a brand message and uploading photos on the move, etc. However,expecting that people will listen and believesocial media marketing because all of these trends vary at a localyou. Social media brings a human element to level, it is important to understand which customer-brand relations that has never consumers are doing what in social media.before been possible with other forms ofmarketing. Brands need to treat their Italians are generally much more likely to becustomers as they would their friends, active on social media than other consumerslearning their attitudes, likes, dislikes, and in the EU5. They lead the other four countries behaviours. In that way, they can truly make in micro-blogging and online video sharing for connections via social channels that now example. pervade modern life.
  4. 4. Summary Table: Identifying effective engagement methods for your customers in Italy How to get Italian to followOther than going to brandedOne action a brand can takeyour branded pages on socialBest social engagementwebsites (by far the most Age Groupsthat is most likely to improvemedia besides giving techniquepopular) how are they opinion and brand sentimentdiscounts (No. 1 driver for all)engaging brands online? 16 - 24Create a compelling websiteHold competitions on your brandLiking a product or brand on a 25 - 34 page social media service Encourage online recommendations to other friendsListen to their comments theyre here to talk to friends but 35 - 44 theyll talk to you when they want 45 - 54Search results are mostProvide customer serviceThere is not really a second important here ensure youveavenues through social brandoption to a branded websitegot your SEO perfectedpages 55 - 64
  5. 5. I T A L I A N I N T E R N E T O V E R V I E W
  6. 6. Understanding Our Italian Research UniverseRegional Breakdown > Wave 5 (June 2011)Age and Gender Breakdown > Wave 5 (June 2011) Northeast 18% 35 to 4425 to 34 21%25% 44%45 to 54 Northwest 26%56% 14%16 to 2423%55 to 64 16% Income Distribution > Wave 5 (June 2011) South25%36%20% Center19% 15%10% 5% 0% Sample Size per Wave: 1,000
  7. 7. Italy is a leader among the EU5 countries in social media Online Activity Past Month > Wave 5 (June 2011) Italy EU5 Watched a video clip Italian behaviour online is roughly in lineUsed an aggregator 70%Used Webmail Global with the EU5 average but there are someManaged social networksignificant difference in certain activities; Subscribed to an RSS feed 60% profile 50%Used a microblogging serviceUsed internet banking Italians are far less likely to buy products 40%online than their other European peers; Used a social bookmark 30%Used Instant Messenger service As a result, they are also much less 20%likely to have reviewed a brand or Written a news story/article10% Purchased a product onlineproduct online;0%Written your own blogUploaded photos online Nevertheless, 34% of Italians havevisited consumer review sites in the pastmonth, creating a situation where a vocal Asked or answered a question on a Q/A servicePosted on a forum/BBS 10% of consumers are influencing over athird of Italian internet users;Edited/managed own websiteUsed VOIP/online phone Italians are, however, particularly moreReviewed a product or brandonlineUsed online office applications likely to produce video and audio content Bought an offer on a groupUploaded a video onlineonline than their other European peers. Commented on a story How important are each of the following reasons for you to use the internet? (% of each segment stating that activity as very important for them when getting online; Wave 5 June 2011)
  8. 8. However, the social aspect of the Web is not a key motivation to get online Very important motivations to get online by gender and age groups in Italy > Wave 5 (June 2011) Market penetration: Education is a Male 16 to 24 Male 25 to 34 Male 35 to 44 Male 45 to 54 Male 55 to 64 Female 16 to 24How to read this chart very important reason to get onlineFemale 25 to 34 Female 35 to 44 Female 45 to 54 Female 55 to 64 Italian Average for 36% of Italians 100%Age and Gender Index: Furthermore, older women are nearly 30% more likely to site education as a very important80% motivation for them to get online.60%49% 36%35% 34%40%30%29% 29% 26% 26% 24% 23% 22% 22% 21% 20% 20% 18% 14%14%13% 13%20%8%0%-20%-40%-60%-80% -100% How important are each of the following reasons for you to use the Internet? Very Important (% of Italian internet users and an index showing the degree of difference between each segment and the market average; Wave 5 June 2011)
  9. 9. S O C I A L N E T W O R K I N G I N I T A L Y
  10. 10. In Focus: Social Network Penetration in the EU5 Section Summary Social networking in Italy is by far however, with 62% of Italian social the most popular social medianetworkers having uploaded activity in the country. In terms of photos onto their profile in 2011.UK the penetration of social networking among internet users, The driving force behind Italian48% Italy equals the UK and slightly social network usage is their desire trails Spain within the five major to stay in touch with their friends. EU countries.Their activities reflect this, and36%indeed, 40% of Italian social If we look at the profile of Italian networkers cite this as their main social networkers, we can see that reason to use social networkingGermany they come from a diverse range ofservices.France demographic backgrounds but are40% slightly more likely to be younger In terms of platforms, Facebook is and male. They are also likely toby far the most popular after come from a middle incomehaving grown significantly in Italy background.over the since July 2009. In fact,Italy93% of Italian social networkers Spain Italians are using their socialhave a profile on Facebook. networks more and more to instant48% message their friends with thisContrary to popular belief, Italian activity have grown n