GLENVILLE " MERCURY GlenYille, Weot Virainia; Tueoday, Novembet-24, 1931. NEW...

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Transcript of GLENVILLE " MERCURY GlenYille, Weot Virainia; Tueoday, Novembet-24, 1931. NEW...

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    GLENVILLE" MERCURY GlenYille, Weot Virainia; Tueoday, Novembet- 24, 1931.


    Mr., Mn. E. G. Rolu-bouch Attead

    Ex~rc.isee at W. V. W. C.

    President' sProclamation This Year Has Different

    Tone From Past Two

    'ROBIN HOOD,' WITH New Phi Beta Kappa Qaartwl, CAST OF 24 ro BE

    D;rcctod b w;m.m stu- , 1 ,


    President and Mrs. E. G. Rohr-bough at'~nded the' ex~rci;e~ at Buckhannon, Satu-rday when Da. Roy M~uskey was oftleially made pTesident of West Virginia Wesleyan College.

    W.Ul.iam Allison Shimer, Ph. D., a PLAYED AT 815 Give .thanks? Fot , 'What in 1931' graduate o:f Glenville Teachers Co!- :

    Indeed on first thought it does seem lege, ~s been recently appointerl -....:,...--~

    Both of ' Glepyille'a Toudl dOWDa Come Early iD

    Firat Quarter

    that we have but little to be thankful for. But the original Thanksgivin; editor of uThe American Schola~" MiN Rena Mick Haa ~e of

    which will supercede tbe "Phi Beta , the D .. ip0.. .. d MakU..

    One of the most distinctive fea-tures of the taauguration was the presenee and address of Dr. B. W. Hutchinson of Oakmont, Pa., who was the fii-st vice-president of the college.

    Day was held at a time far wor.le Kappa Key." of Coetamea t han this. Danger< and hardship lurk-

    ..,fiIST 'PASS SCORES .Mr. Shimer was graduated here iot 45 HELP IN PRODUCTION ed on every, hand, and the Pilgrims 1914. Later be received his A. 1!. Jlwri. .H......,'o A..!al At\ack In

    Lut Period Pr~ to Be Uuacceuhl

    After showing a flash of speed in 1b opening minutes of play and theD geing into a .slump for the re D& of the game, the Gl~nvill-a. Pioneers captured the Morris-Harvey Golden Eagl"* and then took them iut~ !C&Dlp, to ihe tune of 14 to 6, J\oidv, at Lea$'Je .Park, Huntington,

    .. 'before aboUt 'five ~hundred speeta &:on.. '~- ... w~ tHe .toss, Glenville chose

    to reeelve. ll4lllir ""kicked off to Heron who returned it to. bis 26 yard line. O'Dell ma;abe~ oeDter on the first .Play for a abort gain. Heron took the ball off taekle on the second plal, hut Glenville wae set back 16 yards f~ belding. The third play, Heron, behin~ perfeet interference, sprinted 90 :raJ"cio for the first score. of the

    Port~eld. added the enra

    Dt. MoCuskey is the first native West Virginian to be president. He was born in MarshaH County and is a graduate of the college which be now headS.


    E")>ecb to Frier Extenai,on Work iD Gilmer County-

    Oflicera~ted 1\ ,

    gave thanks for that which they had

    and fo.r th~ evils that they had been spared. They knew how to make use of the fruits of adversity. Remark-able love, courage, and faith were theirs.

    The Christian Century, Nov. 18, 1931, S&y8, wrhe spirit ,of tltanks-giving does not relate itself solely to the surplus that we h~ve :received ov.e.r and 11bove what we may con-ceive to he our just deserts . It is therefore nt hampered or embar-rassed by conditions in 'which many rDen have reoe.tved less than their just deserifs."

    A Glenville Teachers College 4-H The same article quotes the rea-Club bas been organized under the sons given in the ,last three pN.Si-directl.on of the Extension Divisio!l dential proclamations for observing of West Virginia University. Miss Thanksgivinng Day. The proclama.-Madie Kidd of Buckhannon and ointed

    Again the Y. W. C. A. will give a Chrirlmas party 1or the poor child-ren of Glen ne, Miss Jane Butle r, president announces. Miss Nellie C'ottrill 'has .been a,Ppointed chair-man of a committee in charge anJ lfi&Ses Sally Young and Marjorie Lindell as members. . A Christmas party will also be given by the organization. Those ar-ranging a program are the chaJr-mS:n, Mrs. Trula Lawson, and Misaes Ila Carson and Carol Magnuson.

    Definite dates and plans will proD-ably be decided upon at the next meeting of the association which will be held on Dec. 16.

    With a present membership of forty-eight the Y. W. C. A. is the Ingest that it has been for several years, Miss Butler says.

    Nearly all of the regulars from last year's squad are back in school Berger and Sertick, guards of last year, did not return and their post will have to be filled w'ith new re-cruits. The most promising of the 'Old men to return this year are Vasa, center for the ptlst three years, Hines, star forward, Burke, Bloor, Linde11, Porterfield, and Morford. These men are all likely to make posts on the 19'32 te&m. New . men who will report are : Neill Sapping-ton and Robert Combs, of Clarks-burg, and Joe Lieberth, of Batbar-ton, 0 .

    um. Dr. Gable is the lone ~urvivor of ij'is second point was the aim of a group of six chemical engineers the. members of the whole faculty. who were first to refine radium in He thinks the teachers and students Amerjca. should co-operate, and work as one,

    In the eoursi of his lecture he and that as a result of this there told th~ story of his life and the would be much more accomplished. tragic deaths of his associates. Dr. H is third point was the desire of Gabl.;: recently gained nation-wide the education department to have comment by advocating the taking this college become the chief source of a radium product-the gas, radon of .educational inspiration of the -as a food. state. He thinks Glenville will sur-

    demonstrated teas:hing .procedure Will Hae TurkeY' for Th.aa.ks1i-fla1

    FilliDg one guard post is the RTteet task that faces the Pioneer coach ..(]I other positions have men of ""Perience to fill them.

    Nr. Wagner says that he is mal:- pass every other state teache-rs col-ing an effort to bring Dr. Gable to lege except one in six years or less. Glenville to lecture and that l1e He

    1eoncluded by Mying that he

    will be glad for anyone who is in- thought the education de;partment terested in hearing the speaker to should organize an educa"onal con-communicate with him. ference.

    before the Education 6 classec;. These students were Misses Marie Hall, Letha Starcher, Tessa. Tennant, Alcie Whited, and A vah Lewis. . Barrett Jobn.aou Talceu to Hospital

    Barrett Johnson, a freshman, was -taken to Parkersburg to a hospital Friday evening at 10:30 o'clock. His home is in Frametown. The exact r.ature of his illness was not deter-mined when be )eft here.

    The students of Glenville State Teachers College who will remaia here for the Thanksgiving holidays are promised a regular old-fashioneil turkey dinner by Miss Grace Lor-entz, dietitian. She says that she ha~ ordered seven large. turkeys for the occasion. The menu is as follo"W'!!.: Turkey with oyster dressing, mashed potatoes, cnamed peas, lettuce sal-ad, celery, cranberry aauce, pumpkin pie, mince pie, and coffee.

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    2 The GI-.Uie MerciDT_I Tueaday, Novemloer~2~4,~19~3:_:1:.:,_:_ _____ --;:-----------

    about 1the gloey of the .e'ddent that the New Yorker Subltitutions--H&rris for R. Lee, The cirl at.o eDPP Ia f.

    remarked : -so-richly dtd they paint the honor of dy- Creej' f or llorris, Wells, for Ei.mlon, dancing. Thia is for the P1liPOfl Ill ing for Old Army, we :found ' it hard to reprd the ten ~lea for Jeranko, K. Vaught ,for acqd'iriDI' grace. and form.

    'The Qlenvitle iM' eratry ruesday, NoY!!mber 24, .19l!l

    surviving members of the team as anythiq but un- Canterbury, L. Samt for llcDonald, fortunates," adding at the . end of the arti~e, uwe Publiohed Every Otber Tuesday by tbe ClaM in

    Journaliam of Glenville State Ttacpen College

    JlDined at lobe Poatollioe o.t GJ ... ..w.. w eat Vireiniao , u Second Claaa Mail llol&\tft

    ' Subscription Price for 1931-32 50 Cents

    notice that it is &J.waya the people with w-hole neeka 1eager for Fulton, Roush for Thier who think broken ones ao glorious." ry, Meken for York, C. Sam.a for K. "A1a.bama" played a good pme, and when the 4:30 Vaught, Eggleston for Blackwood.

    lo.ek-up whistle p tew to cut the lal't qwi:rter short by Referee-J'. S. Klumpya, Kiehi eight minutes, said, "Well, 1 done Dly best," and, we gan. Umpire--J. M'au.lbetscb, M'iehi suppose, went ahead with his ehores. We like tbia gan. Head lineaman-R. $utton, spirit of Sing Sing. Penn State.

    A..n coMmunications should be addre$sed to The Editon. The Glen-viBeMercury


    Around .. Alabama" Pitta an Coach "Red'' Hope of Sing Sing we eball wrap our fooibtll lauuls of this season. "Ala:bama" is described as a snakehipped, six foot, 158-:pound quar.terback, who did his .Prepping at Atlanta. uRed" ~ope, the prison caacll-and wh~t a name for a coach; it ought to make Hollywood env1ous enough t9 move to Cocos I'llaild, and it wouldn't d~ bad for an automobile-learne'd his atrategy 1n New York's lOtWer West Side dornick wars. And it is the Sing SingNew York Naval Militia kame that we shall call the annual classic of classical classics.

    Tbe BigiGray team of the institution without a tbree~ear TW.e gave the N&vy the lump (just as they did the Navy's star ba:ck) 33-0. Pitts sneaked thrqugh the center ran the ends, forward passed, and drop kicked go~ls. A ponY pllinted like a zeJ>ra, and :a. twenty-.piece band playing "The Liberty March, led the para~e of_ the two teams on the field. There was cheering. And aftn the g&me there were statements, but not r:d the usual kind . .J{ape, when asked whether h f" is empl~yed for mueh longer, replied, "Well, no, if you don't clll Mty-nine yeat:S long." Through bruised lips "Alabama" said, "Well, I done my best, but I ain't allowed 'o say nothing."

    No sentimental slop and maudlin glory enVelop them now (in spite of the fact that Warden La.wes lets them play football beca