Getting Started with Popplet

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Transcript of Getting Started with Popplet

  • Getting Started: Popplet

    Ready, Set, Create!

    Aly son Carpen ter Instru ctional Technology Spe cialistAthens City Schoolsaly [email protected] rg

  • Open Popplet!

  • Select Background color:

  • Gear Make New Popple

  • Looking Around A Popple...

    1 2

    3 4 5 6




    1. Change Popplet Background2. Make New Popples3. Change Popple Color4. Add Text (text menu will pop up

    when selected)5. Free Draw (Hint:Make


    6. Add images (Camera, Camera Roll, or ClipBoard)7. Tap Any Dot to Make New Popple8. Delete Popple9. Share Your Popplet / Save to Your Camera Roll

  • Select a popple color:

  • Adding Text:

  • Lets Add Popples!

  • Create Subheadings:

  • Insert Drawings:

  • Insert Photos from your camera roll:



  • Insert Photo Using the Camera:

  • Pinch to Center popplet on your screen.

    Select Export Save JPG

  • Select ok

  • The finished popplet can now be found in your photos:

  • Open your Google Drive

  • Click + Upload photos



  • Select photos

  • Choose the photo you want to add:

  • Click the in the upper right corner:

  • Find & open your saved popplet in Google Drive:

  • click on the white info button in the top right corner:

  • Select Share:

  • Enter Your teachers email address Click Can Edit Click the :




  • Your teachers name should now appear under Who has access

  • How might you use Popplet? Create a Presentation Create a Timeline Divide Words into Syllables w/ Popplet

    Boxes Practice Adjectives (Put pic in Center &

    Describe) Word Webs Use Pictures to Show A Concept

    (Example: How many ways can you make the #15?)

    Brainstorm Create a StoryBoard Create a Character Analysis Plan a Story / Paragraph (Main Idea &



  • Popplet Challenge #1:

    1. Create a new popplet. 2. Insert a picture of an animal you copied from the web. In Safari tap and hold the picture and

    select Copy. (Try this site for photos:

    3. Create popples around the picture and type in adjectives to describe that animal.

    4. Tap export and save the popplet as a JPEG.


  • Popplet Challenge #2:

    1. Create a new popplet.2.In the center use the iPad camera to take a picture of yourself. Add your name. 3.Add popples to the right and enter important dates and events from your life. 4.Tap export and save the popplet as a JPEG.


  • Let me know if you need additional

    [email protected] n Carpe nter Instruc tional Technology Sp ecialistA thens City Schools