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The Gazebo is the student-produced literary magazine at La Salle College High School. It is published annually.

Transcript of Gazebo 2013

  • James Palmer `14

  • Table of Contents

    Procrastination Ryan Abell 14 p. 1Ancient Dragon Andrew Cavanaugh 14 My Trip to Italy RJ Napolitano 13 p. 2Water Fountain Andrew Grajewski 13 The Journey Christian Endrigian 13 p. 4Silver Tree Brian LaGreca 13 p. 7My affinity for you Dan DeBrakeleer 13 p. 8Young Girl Zaine Collins 14 Life Cycle Patrick Quigley 14 Nevermore, Once More Levi Davis III 14 p. 9Bronze Mask James Soulges 15 Confused I Walk Matt Skidmore 13 p. 10Broken Book Jack Klemmer 15 Technology Joseph DAngelo 13 p. 11Book Nick Ward 13 The Swamp Christian Endrigian 13 p. 12Short Story Mel Hawkins 13 p. 13Boy with glasses Amedio DeLuca 14 Green Bowl Michael DeCristofano 15 p. 14Weeds Levi Davis III 14 All I remember is that day Christian Endrigian 13 p. 15Painting Dominic Bonitatis 13 Changes Ryan Seiss 14 Sonnet of the Arrogant Fencer Richard Eckert 13 p. 16The Bear - Antonio Pelusi 14If Shakespeare Dan DeBrakeleer 13 p. 17Forests fulsome with indigenous Life Mark Himler 13 Painting Aaron Streets 13 Odd Man Amadeo DeLuca 14 p. 18Haiku Phil Zminda 14Eggs Nicco Baratta 13My Uncles Cancer Robert Gilles III 14 p. 19Death Dante Massi 13 p. 20Edgar Liam McGrother 14 Black Bowl Eric Torres 13 p. 21Trees Mark Himler 13 p. 22The fulsome flowers of Spring Jeff Cimbalista 13 The ghosts that I know Phil Zminda 14 p. 23

    Man from Kentucky Richard Eckert 13 p. 24Discussions of Faith Chris Fagan 13 Royalty Dante Massi 13 Lighted Pumpkin Nick Ward 13 Schools Power Robert Gilles !!! 14 p. 25Super Bowl Robert Gilles III 14 poem Pat Hoffman 13 Shapes Eric Bergman 14 p. 26Pitcher with skill Liam McGrother 14 p. 27Shoes David Givens 13 four poems Julian Durkin 15 p. 28Green/Red Design Mark Himler 13 Illuminated Fish Edward Rausch 14 Dragon Head Rodney Walker 15 p. 29My fulsome inability David Kotasenski 14 p. 30Green Rope Pot Kyle McElwee 15 Chain Link Mel Hawkins 13 p. 31Haiku Phil Zminda 14 Rolex David Michie 16 Sonnet of the Flattering Thief Richard Eckert 13 p. 32Tree Jack Auteri 15 Dont be Cozened Aidan ONeill 14 Snow is aesthetic Chris Fagan 13 p. 33Tree Brian LaGreca 13 Often I see the night Robert Gilles III 14 Medallion Jack Klemmer 14 p. 34Flowers John Razzi 15 My Grandpop Mike Pascali 13 Himlers Haikus Mark Himler 13 Oh darling how I wish you Phil Zminda 14 p. 35Crawler Dante Massi 13 One Day Chris Fagan 13 p. 36Painting Aaron Streets 13 p. 37Brown Sculpture Joon Cha 13 p. 38Tourists Brian Robinson 13 Janus Picture Rodney Walker 15 Guns Robert Gilles III 14 Internet Poem Phil Zminda 14 p. 39Bird House Victor Rivera 15 School Seal - Tom Conroy 15

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    ProcrastinationThere is just something about procrastinationI dont why, but to me its a fascinationI cant seem to shake this annoying habitThe idea of stopping it is as fickle as a rabbit.Procrastination is a deadly thing to be trueIts really something that one comes to rueTake for example this poem right hereThis will not take too long just lend me your earThis poem is being written at the end of the wireTo say it isnt a product of procrastination, youd be a liarProcrastination for me does not ebb or flowIt is in fact nothing at all like a wave, just so you knowIt plagues me to absolutely no endYet frustration is the only thing it will rendI hope in vain that someday I can break this trendHowever, as of late I cant hope to winThis war with a trait somewhat akin to sinBut always I will have the hopeTo unbind this thing that holds me like a ropeAnd denies me the things I might achieveThis burden is something I wish to relieveBut wishes is all I can doWhen Im trapped inside of a shoeWhere this demon refuses to be stamped outLike an incompetent bear trying to catch a troutHowever hard I might try I seem to failI wish I could take to this thing a flailBut in the end it always seem to be okayHowever much I complain about the dayProcrastination is winning the warBut for how long, I cannot be sureIn this battle too, it has come out on topIt has wrung me out and used me like a mopDrained of all hope to regressThis issue now I am forced to addressAnd examine myself in a different lightTo determine if this conclusion is right

    Continued on p. 6


    Going Fishing Brian Robinson 13 p. 40 Chicago Cubs Aidan ONeill 14 p. 41Tile Man Chris Bennett 14 p. 42 Nuns, Knife Fights, and Nonchalance Jim Princivale 13 p. 43Alien Shape Dante Massi p. 44Short Story Evan Mascione 14 p. 45Knife Dante Massi 13 p. 48The Pack Francis Johnson 13 p. 50Blue Bowls Brian LaGreca 13 p. 51Tiles Mrs. Smiths French Class p. 53The Elephant - Alex Wysoczanski 16 The Caravan Charles Meredith 13 p. 54Shapes Chris Bennett 14 Bowl of Fruit Dominic Bonitatis 13 p. 55I Chose C Joe Krol 14 p. 56Sculptured Tree Stephen Peel 14 Columns Brian Farley 13 p. 58Fish Christian Picofazzi 15 Goofy Guy Blaise Palmer 15 p. 60Surfin Brian Robinson 13 p. 61Con Text Andrew Garoppo 14Diurnal Escapades Chris Mather 14 p. 62Envelope Nick Ward 13 p. 62The Road to Ruin Richard Eckert 13 p. 63Poem Mike Catalino 13 p. 65Dragon David Kemptich 15 p. 66Sun Rise John Brady 14

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    Andrew Grajewski 13

    My Trip to ItalyR.J. Napolitano 13

    Light peeks in the windowDawnRolling over exhaustedI crawl out of bedThe same person I have beenAbout to be changed foreverToday is the day I travel the worldI showerBrush my teethChange into the same clothes I have worn beforeYet I am about to be differentI am anxiousA little more nervous than usual as I enter the car with my familyNo one says muchWe are all excitedPulling up to the airport I jump outThe same person I have always been, about to be changedWe board the plane and head across the worldLand in ItalyI cant believe my eyesI once thought the world was so smallNever really appreciating what else was out thereNow I am changingNew languageNew peopleNew cultureA whole new worldEverything else seems so small seeing how vast this world isHours away there are people doing the same thing as us only differentlyOur actions seem so small in a world so vastI see new peopleThey look the same but talk differentA new type of personThe food is different but wonderfulThe music is a nice change to the songs I have heardThe architecture is stunningHow did I not know about this?So many people just float through lifeNot appreciating the vastness of this earthSo many people concerned with hating other people

    How can you when the world is so big and beautiful?I am changing knowing now how much is out thereA problem with my friends now seems so smallThere is such beauty on this earth that has been here foreverFor thousands of years and is still as stunning as it has always beenWe eat the foodSee the museumsMeet the peopleVisit different townsNew experiences each dayThe trip is almost overI am ready to get homeBut I will never forget thisIt has changed how I see the worldThere is so much more out thereHalf way across the worldBut still humansAs we pack I am amazed at the tripWe board the plane and head homeI am still the same person I wasBut I am changedMy viewMy attitudeAll alteredIn a good wayThe trip really showed me what was out thereAnd taught me to be more understandingThe world has so much beauty to offerAnd to see it was amazingWe touched down at returned homeI crawled into the bed I had left ten days beforeThe same person I wasBut I closed my eyes with new experiences that I will never forget

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    At the age of 6, I started pre schoolNo idea what the school was called

    Little did I know I would call them the best years of allMy education was now starting for the long haul

    Damn, how I miss being 6...

    At the age of 7, I started to make some new friendsKids I would spend the rest of my life with.Who can forget nap time during the day?

    Or the simple grammar lessons learned day to dayDamn, how I miss being 7

    At the age of 8, I received my first test, Bombed it. Year skipped by.

    Knew that my education would be long one, But thought that grades had no meaning at all.

    Damn, how I miss being 9...

    At the age of 10, I finally made double digits,That didnt necessarily turn out to be a good thing

    My parents got divorced so suddenly andMy life took a turn for the worst

    Damn, how