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  • 1.Make a Name for Yourself!How to Successfully Use Social Media Marketingto Generate New Business Leads michael gass consulting

2. ad agency biotechCMO Study: 80% of decision makers said theyfound their vendors not the other way around 3. Monday, April 4, 2011 5:16 AMSubject: Creative Triage: Communications Audit, Facebook Upgrade, Flip Camera Tipsand More!Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 9:04 AMFrom: Stacy Carter To: Michael Gass michael@michaelgass.comConversation: Creative Triage: Communications Audit, Facebook Upgrade, Flip Camera Tipsand More!MARCH 2011FORWARD TO A FRIEND | FOLLOW ME ON:INSIGHTSCOMMUNITY HOSPITAL COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT CANINCREASE REVENUESBy conducting a review and evaluation of your hospitals and competitorsmarketing materials you can improve, coordinate and deliver more cost-effective materials.READ MOREFACEBOOK UPGRADE: FIVE CHANGES TO YOUR COMMUNITYHOSPITAL PAGEFacebook recently announced a number of changes to its Pages, effective March10, bringing the Pages to look and feel more like Profile Pages. Use the changesto your advantage learn how to utilize the upgraded Facebook Page to marketand manage your community hospital brand.READ MORE9 FLIP CAMERA LIGHTING TIPS FOR COMMUNITY HOSPITALVIDEOSThe use of post production lighting tips for Flip cameras will deliver a well-litvideo for every amateur videographer at your hospital.READ MORE6 ADVANTAGES FOR YOUR COMMUNITY HOSPITAL TOWORKING WITH A HEALTHCARE AD AGENCYHealthcare is an industry unlike any other, and there is a true value in workingwith an ad agency that specializes in and understands healthcare marketing andits operations their healthcare knowledge gives your marketing the power todeliver results.READ MOREPage 1 of 2 4. IBM Study:More change innext 5 years thanthe previous 50 5. 370-7750Twitter: