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  • 1. Opportunities and Issues : Estates Perspective Grant Charman Deputy Director of Estates University of
  • 2. Introduction Appointed in 2003 Led University involvement in PFI deal Wider involvement from 2006 Estates IT issues prevalent
  • 3. Problems Three main areas Themes Project Controls People Controls Building Controls Key message : Integration
  • 4. Theme 1 Project Controls 2003 situation No project management system Lack of management information Projects delivered on-time and on-budget were the exception Committee reporting weak and haphazard Solution : Project Management system to provide control and reporting on entire programme
  • 5. Theme 1 Project Controls History 2003 search started, decision to develop 2007 developed system demonstrated 2009 identification of solution 2010 procurement 2011 - implementation
  • 6. Theme 1 Project Controls The solution; Imprest ? System written with Higher Education in mind Flexible and Configurable Management information, project control, data store/exchange system Links to SAP
  • 7. Theme 1 Project Controls Purchase through OGC Installation has been smooth Dedicated project manager appointed by Datavisibility Decision to host off-site
  • 8. Theme 1 Project Controls Remaining hurdles Getting people to use it changing the system! SAP integration MICAD integration
  • 9. Theme 2 People Controls Problem with managing maintenance requests Maintenance helpdesk system created in 2006 on SAP Extensive development in-house by ITS How do we control the flow of information and the allocation and control of the staff attending? Significant improvement on previous But still flawed
  • 10. Theme 2 People Controls Little further progress since 2006 Now identified for further improvement SAP or off the shelf? Dare we break the link to finance system? How believable are claims to link to SAP? Can we integrate hand-held devices?
  • 11. Theme 2 People Controls Now applying Systems Thinking ideas in a review of maintenance before finalising helpdesk requirement IT integration crucial
  • 12. Theme 3 Building Controls Schneider BMS System installed years ago Development has been unplanned Business decision to employ specialist in-house engineer Transformed system
  • 13. Theme 3 Building Controls Better reporting on core functions Active monitoring of alarm signals Active link to security lodge system for critical alarms Resilience improved New installations and system growth being planned
  • 14. Theme 3 Building Controls Future improvements Fire Alarms Intruder Alarms LZC programme applications
  • 15. Where Next? Increasing levels of integration between systems Hand helds, mobile devices, social media Estates still not fully embracing new technology