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This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for

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Pcal and Tndal

By Miron Larisa and Manea Irina

4th grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

Pcal and Tndal were travelling around the world. One night, they

arrived in a village, but the people were already asleep.

Tndal said:

- We got here too late.

- Do you know what I think? I think we should sleep in the church.

- Thats a good idea.

- But where is the church?

- Over there, in the cemetery!

- Lets try not to wake up the dead.

- We shouldnt wake up the people, they must be tired.

When they got in front of the church, they heard some thieves fighting

over some gold coins. Pacala told Tandala what to do. In a coarse voice,

Tandala said:

- Well, we heard that in the church there are some thieves with a such

of gold.

- And what do you want? We want 100 gold coins for us.

- If you dont give us the golden coins, we will bury you alive.

The thieves frose at first, and then run out of the church as fast as

they could.

Pacala and Tandala entered the church took the such of gold to sleep



Two brothers

By Filote Patricia

4th grade

Ion Creang SchooL Iai, Romnia

Jim and Tim are two brother. They are in the summer holiday.

They live in a hotel on the thirth floor. The elevator was out of order

and they had to climb the stairs.

Tim tell Jim:

- Brother, I want to tell you something!

- Not now! Can you tell me when we get the 30th floor?

They get up.

- What do you want to tell me?

- I forgot the keys at the reception.

- What? I dont believe you!

- Yes, I did!

They went to the reception.

- Brother, can I tell you something?

- Not now. Tell me when we arrive.

They reach the 30th floor.

- What do you want to tell me?

- I lied to you. I had the keys in my pocket!

- What? I lied to you too! The elevator was OK. I wanted to practice a

little bit of sport.


The orange juice

By Talpalariu Alexandra

5th grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

One day I went to a park. Suddenly a boy came to me. He was selling

some orange juice. It cost fifty pence. After I bought some orange juice the

boy started dancing. He said that was the prize for those who bought some

orange juice.

He was also selling some pineapple, grapefruit and pear juice. I

wanted to see what the prizes for the other juice were. So, I also bought

some grapefruit juice. Next moment I was amazed to see how the ordinary

boy became instantly an opera singer.

I was more curious to see the other prizes. So I bought some

pineapple juice.

Next moment the ordinary boy became a clown who was doing

different tricks.

I was very curious to see what the prize for the pear juice was.

Now its your turn to do the following trick, said the boy laughing.

What do you mean, I said.


The next moment I was running, looking for a mens room (toilet),

because I was too full.


The floating mother

By Ivan Denisa

4th B grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

Sunny hot sand ice-cream beaches sunglasses sun beds in

one word the summer holidays.

Last summer, my family and I spent the summer holiday in a

wonderful place called Taormina.

On a sunny day, we went to Isola Bella to sunbathe. There my father

and I started building sand castles. Meanwhile my mother was lying on a

sun bed in the sea.

While my father and I were making some sand castles, my mother

was lying down on a sun bed in the sea.

At a certain moment my father and I decided to do something more

exciting so we rented a boat for water skiing.

It was such an interesting and adventurous experience.

Suddenly I saw my mother was sleeping and floating at a certain

distance from the shore. It was pretty dangerous because she couldnt


I started screaming: Mother, mother, be careful! You are in danger!

When she opened her eyes, she realized she was in great danger.

That moment

we decided to take

her aboard. When we

reached her she was

so happy that she told

us:You are the angels

sent by God to save

my life!

We laughed a


All is well when

ends well.


An autumn happening

By Plugariu Mdlina

5th grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

It was an early autumn day. It was raining heavily. I woke up at 7 a.m.

I had breakfast at 7:15 and went to school at 7:30.

Before getting to the bus stop I slipped on a banana skin and fell.

I couldnt go to school thats way I returned home and changed my


I got to school at around 10 oclock. My desk mate asked me what

happened. I told him I was late because I

couldnt hear the alarm clock.

He told me how he ate a banana at

the bus stop and left the banana skin on

the ground, hoping a loser would come

and slip on the ground.

I was very furious when I heard that

but I couldnt tell him that I was the loser

who slipped on his banana skin.

The white wine

By Rusu-Popa Luca

5th grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

One morning, when I was nine years old, I woke up very early.

I was a little bit dizzy so I went to the kitchen to drink some water. I

poured some water in a glass from a green bottle. I drank three glasses and

I felt drunk. I smelt the bottle and I felt the smell of wine. I remembered my

father drank some white wine from that bottle in the evening. He told us to

take care not to think there was some water in the green bottle. I forgot and

I drank and I was a little bit drunk.

The world seemed beautiful to me. It was very funny.


The crazy rabbit

By Agachi Ovidiu Constantin

5th grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

One day a rabbit went to the chemists and said:Have you got a cake

with some whipped cream.

The pharmacist said: This is a chemists, not a cafe.

The second day the same rabbit went to the chemists and asked for

the same thing:Please, give me a cake with some whipped cream.

The pharmacist said the same thing: Dont you understand, this is a

chemists, not a caf.

Another rabbit came and told the pharmacist: If the white rabbit

comes and asks a cake with whipped cream, let him buy one.

The white rabbit came the third day and

asked for the same thing he wanted the first day:

Have you got a cake with some whipped cream?

The pharmacist said: Here you are some

cakes with lots and lots of whipped cream.

The rabbit said:Unbelievable, how quickly

you changed the chemists into a caf.

The funny monkey

By Ursu tefania

4th B grade

Ion Creang School, Iai, Romnia

Last summer my family and I went to the zoo.

It was so hot that we decided to buy some ice-cream. I

began eating the ice-cream, when suddenly a monkey stole

it. I asked the monkey to give me back the ice-cream, but she

was making all kind of strange noises and nodded her head.

She began eating the ice-cream.

I didnt know the monkey loved ice-cream so much.

However, now I have a funny picture in the zoo with a monkey licking

my ice-cream with appetite.




By Mariyana Sabeva

Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo. Bulgaria

One of the funny stories in Romnia was when my friend Polina fell in

the lobby of the hotel. She was sitting on the floor while we were taking


The other one was when Tanya got lost in the mall. She was with us

and when we entered the next shop, she simply disappeared. We had been

looking for her for almost 30 minutes, and we finally found her with the


PETERS STORY By Petar Milchev

Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria

On the third day of our visit in Estonia we

went to the Youth Club in Kivioli, which was an

amazing place.

Next evening after the dinner we had a bit

of spare time and we went there again. Of

course, there were a lot of Estonian kids there

and we had a wonderful time. We did a lot of fun things together - some of

us played air hockey, others swam in the pool. One of the Romnian kids

and I played this dancing game.

This was probably one of the best nights in my life so far. It was

simply amazing and Ill never forget it.



By Radostina Kadireva

Georgi Karavelov School, Sh