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Math is fun. Ten sample problems prove that math and logic can be interesting. It provides a link to collection of challenging math and logic puzzles.

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  • 1. Funny Math A+ClickFunny Logic

2. Can be Math Funny?Try to solve 10 problems A+Click 3. 1. A Pool Ball I strike a pool ball from corner A of the rectangular billiard table at an angle of 45. In which corner pocket will the ball fall into?A+Click 4. 2. Seconds Why there were 12 seconds in 2012?A+Click 5. 3. Seasons cost SPRING costs $19. SUMMER costs $20. AUTUMN costs $21. WINTER costs $20. How much would the word SEASONS cost?A+Click 6. 4. Redhead If you are a redhead you have more than the average amount of hair.This statement is True, False, Very Likely, or Very Unlikely?A+Click 7. 5. A Hen and A Half If a hen and a half lay one half of an egg in two days and a half, how many eggs does a hen lay in a month?A+Click 8. 6. Boys and Girls On an island, all parents continue to have children until they have a boy. What is the proportion of boys to girls on the island? A+Click 9. 7. Dancers At a party 60% of the boys are dancing with 90% of the girls. How many people are dancing if there are 100 people?A+Click 10. 8. Age A lady, attempting to avoid revealing her real age to her husband, says: I'm twenty-two years old if you do not count weekends and one summer month of every year. Guess her real age. A+Click 11. 9. John's nuts Ninety-nine percent of John's nuts and 99% of a nut cost as much as all his nuts. How many nuts does he have?A+Click 12. 10. Car Racing Iparticipate in a car race. One second before the finish I am the first who overtakes the last. What position do I finish?A+Click 13. A+Click