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Transcript of Freitas Matthew 4.4 PPP

  1. 1. Freitas, Matthew. Store Front 20014 Jpeg Ever wonder what it takes For this to operate?
  2. 2. Freitas, Matthew. Showroom. 2014 Jpe Keeping track of all that happens here.
  3. 3. Freitas, Matthew. Sunset over sportsplex 2014 Jpe Its not something that you learn overnight.
  4. 4. Freitas, Matthew. Hiking Overlook PR 2013 Jpe It took a lot of work to make it this far
  5. 5. Freitas, Matthew. The Chase 2014 Jpe I learned to create, and do what I love
  6. 6. p:// Where we started How we have grown
  7. 7. Freitas, Matthew 2013-2014 Travels. 2013-2014 Jpe Continually learning through travel
  8. 8. reitas, Matthew Parts Counter 2014 Jpeg Worked in every department within the dealership.
  9. 9. Available whenever my team needs me reitas, Matthew Feeding the birds 2014 Jpeg
  10. 10. Youngest sales manager in my state. Freitas, Matthew H2R 2014 Jpeg
  11. 11. eitas, Matthew Josh Hayes M1 2014 Jpeg Going above and beyond
  12. 12. To help my company grow Freitas, Matthew Miami Beach2014 Jpeg
  13. 13. Freitas, Matthew 1190RX2014 Jpeg Start every project with confidence
  14. 14. Freitas, Matthew The Doctor 2014 Jpeg I always find a way to complete my tasks
  15. 15. reitas, Matthew Sunset in Denia 2014 Jpeg I work in a fast paced industry
  16. 16. Freitas, Matthew Slingshot 2014 Jpeg I learned how to manage a team young.
  17. 17. To make all of the parts work together Freitas, Matthew Chichen Itza 2013 Jpeg
  18. 18. Freitas, Matthew Denia Square 2014 Jpeg I work best when I am always busy
  19. 19. eitas, Matthew Cancun Sunset 2014 Jpeg I work well with teams
  20. 20. eitas, Matthew Early Morning Lagunamar 2014 Jpeg I have worked in all types of environments
  21. 21. Freitas, Matthew Flemington Offroad 2015 Jpeg I want to work for one of the power sport OEMs
  22. 22. Freitas, Matthew Denia Tunnel 2014 Jpeg Choose a job you love Youll never work day
  23. 23. Freitas, Matthew Tower Bridge 2014 Jpeg I do what I love
  24. 24. eitas, Matthew Sunset Over the Commons 2012 Jpeg I will always be passionate
  25. 25. Freitas, Matthew Pilot TS Adjuster 2015 Jpeg There is always new technology Freitas, Matthew Pilot TS Profile 2015 Jpeg Freitas, Matthew Pilot TS 2015 Jpeg
  26. 26. Freitas, Matthew MXZ Blizzard 2015 Jpeg Models that represent the history
  27. 27. Freitas, Matthew Renegade Enduro 2015 Jpe Something to break into new markets
  28. 28. Freitas, Matthew Summit Extreme 2015 Jpeg Something to push the limits between work and play
  29. 29. reitas, Matthew Rainbow in Puerto Rico 2012 Jpeg Power Sports is where I plan to stay
  30. 30. Freitas, Matthew July 4th 2012 Jpeg Its where I see my future