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Transcript of Frederick Co, Maryland Marriage License Applications midmdroots/county/frederick/fcml1886tآ ...

  • Frederick Co, Maryland Marriage License Applications

    July 1886 thru Nov 1888

    Listed Alphabetical by Grooms

    Transcribed by Dorinda Davis Shepley of in 2014

    Abbreviations: col = colored; div = divorced; wd = widow/widower

    Counties are: AL = Allegany Co; AA = Anne Arundel Co; BC = Baltimore Co; CC = Carroll Co; FC = Frederick Co; HC = Howard Co; MC = Montgomery Co; PG = Prinice Georges Co; WC = Washington Co.

    If applicant was other than groom, name is given as well as any other notations. Areas not in Frederick County are notated as such.

    Groom's Name Bride's Name Marriage Date Applicant/Notes Ref ALBAUGH, James Sayler, 23, Johnsville to FOGLE, Flora Ellen, 19, Johnsville 02/06/1888 WIP-82 ALBAUGH, Morris James, 27, Mechanicstown to WELLER, Mary Catharine, 25, Mechanicstown 11/07/1887 WIP-84 ALBAUGHT, Charles Thomas Benton, 18, near Utica to STOTTLEMYER, Emma Lee, 22, near Utica 02/11/1887 father, Abraham A. ALBAUGHT WIP-34 ALEXANDER, Tilghman P., 23, FC to NORRIS, Helen M., 17, FC 10/23/1888 WIP-84 ALLEN, George H., 53 (col)(wid), Catoctin Switch to HENDERSON, Jane, 30 (col)(wid), Petersville 10/20/1888 WIP-36 ANDERS, Adam Henry, 26, FC to CRAWFORD, Maude Matilda, 20, FC 10/16/1886 WIP-86 ANDERS, George W., 21, FC to MESSNER, Effie M., 18, FC 06/12/1888 W. E. FOX WIP-36 ANDERS, Ross, 22, FC to BISER, Lydia, 23, Mineral Co, VA 01/05/1887 S. C. FOX WIP-88 ANDERS, William C., 28, FC to YOUNG, Rosa M., 20, WC 12/24/1887 Wm. F. MILLER WIP-88 ANDERSON, Harry W., 21, Fred Co, VA to FINGLEY, Bertie M., 22, Fred Co, VA 09/07/1886 WIP-88 ANDERSON, Walter H., 21, Hamilton, VA to TRUSSELL, Florence J., 21, Hamilton, VA 11/16/1888 WIP-40 ANGLEBERGER, Milton Howard, 25, FC to STULL, Nettie Frances, 27, FC 02/21/1887 WIP-90 ARNEL, Charles Benjamin, 22, FC to JEFFRES, Emma Cora, 18, FC 05/23/1888 WIP-92 ARNOLD, Augustine John, 21, Adams Co, PA to WETZEL, Annie Lizzie, 22, Adams Co, PA 01/07/1888 WIP-92 ARNSPARGER, William A., 25, Sabillasville to HARBAUGH, Annie R., 21, Sabillasville 08/24/1888 G. J. ROUDABUSH WIP-42 ARTHUR, Richard Flavus, 23 (col), Poolesville (MC) to SUMMERVILLE, Clara E., 19 (col), Poolesville 10/29/1887 WIP-92 ASHBAUGH, William Elmer, 23, Woodsboro to OHLER, Susanna Lilly A. A., 25, Creagerstown 10/12/1887 WIP-42 ATWELL, James W., 32, Loudoun Co, VA to ELLMORE, Cora V., 19, Loudoun Co, VA 08/04/1887 WIP-44 AYERS, Silas U. (col), 27, near New Mkt to BEALL, Laura (col), 23, near New Market 10/25/1886 W.H. PLUMMER WIP-50 BAIRD, George Edward, 24, FC to SMITH, Mary Catharine, 20, FC 03/26/1888 WIP-100 BAKER, Charles J., 31, Baltimore to MOTTER, Mabel, 30, Emmitsburg 01/24/1888 Paul MOTTER WIP-52 BAKER, Charles Luther, 23, Loudon Co, VA to FRY, Annie Virginia, 20, Loudon Co, VA 11/09/1886 wit/ S.L. PORTER WIP-102 BAKER, Henry Robert Lee, 22, FC to BOWSER, Florence Julia, 19, WC 10/23/1886 WIP-102 BAKER, Henry Willis, 27, FC to BEALL, Addie Vicks, 17, FC 08/23/1888 WIP-52 BAKER, John J., 22, Adams Co, PA to BAKER, Mary C., 17, Adams Co, PA 08/09/1886 WIP-2 BAKER, Thomas E., 21, Mt Pleasant to LEASE, Clara E., 18, Mt Pleasant 08/11/1886 WIP-2&3 BALDWIN, Isaac H., 30, Winchester, FC, VA to SHULL, Sarah E., 17, Cedar Creek, FC, VA 07/22/1886 WIP-2&3 BARBER, Lloyd H., 24, Liberty to SMITH, Hattie E., 21, Liberty 01/26/1887 C. GILBERT WIP-32

  • BARGER, Otho James, 23, Berlin (FC) to SIGAFOOSE, Laura Virginia, 23, Berlin (FC) 05/18/1888 A. C. HOUSE WIP-2&3 BARNES, James O., 26, Fountain Mills to DAY, Hattie E., 23, Browningsville (MC) 02/14/1887 (distant relatives) WIP-2&3 BARNES, John Howard, 24 (col), Frederick to PLATER, Annie Mary, 21 (col), Lewistown 09/29/1887 WIP-2&3 BARRICK, James Irving, 24, Johnsville to HARTSOCK, Alice Marian, 29, Johnsville 12/27/1887 WIP-2&3 BARTON, Plummer (col), 36, MC to SNOWDEN, Elizabeth (col), 25, FC 08/02/1886 WIP-2&3 BAUGHER, Samuel, 19, FC (s/o John D. & Sarah L. BAUGHER)to FOX, Roda Nona, 18, FC 11/19/1888 David H. BAUGHER (wit/ John M. L. BAUGHER & William H. BAUGHER) WIP-104 BAUMANN, George W., 25, Frederick to HOOPER, Marietta, 25, Frederick 11/21/1888 Charles F. KNOCK WIP-2&3 BAUMGARDNER, George T., 22, Frederick to VANFOSSEN, Hattie L., 22, Frederick 02/28/1888 C. T. SCHROEDER WIP-2&3 BAXTER, William E., 21, Mechanicstown to WILLHIDE, Emma R., 18, Mechanicstown 06/30/1888 Wilson E. FOX WIP-2&3 BEALL, Columbus T., 26, Park Mills to MEDAIRY, Rebecca, 30, Park Mills 01/03/1888 L. L. WARFIELD WIP-4&5 BEALL, Robert Lincoln (dist rel), 21, near Mt Pleasant to POOL, Elma Elizabeth, 17, near Mt Pleasant 11/24/1886 WIP-4&5 BEALL, William Chapman, 23, MC to BEALL, Pricilla Jane, 20, MC 01/11/1887 (distant relatives) WIP-4&5 BEARD, George Wesley, 22, FC to KEENEY, Delia Isabel, 20, FC 07/17/1886 William H. KEENEY WIP-104 BEARD, Harlan J., 29, FC to CULLER, Annie R., 27, FC 10/05/1887 William E. BEARD WIP-4&5 BEATTY, Frank to PATTERSON, Ella 01/08/1887 CANCELLED WIP-54 BENNETT, Oliver P., 32, FC to BESANT, Helen R., 28, FC 01/04/1887 C. G. THOMAS WIP-4&5 BEST, Charles Edward Trail, 21, FC to KNAUFF, F. Gertrude, 20, Frederick 05/16/1888 Jacob ROHRBACK WIP-4&5 BICOMBY, William H., 21, FC to YOUNG, Cora Isabelle, 14, FC 09/08/1887 mother, Savilla YOUNG WIP-4&5 BIGGS, Lewis Augustus, 28, FC to RENNER, Laura, 30, FC 01/05/1887 WIP-4&5 BIRELY, Charles Schley, 21, FC to GITTINGER, Margaret Julia, 20, FC 11/30/1886 Frank GITTINGER WIP-4&5 BIRELY, Samuel David, 21, FC to EYLER, Anna Alice, 17, FC 12/20/1886 WIP-54 BISER, Alfred A.R. (father dec'd), 20, Middletown to SNOOK, Mary E., 19, near Middletown 11/03/1886 J.W. CASTLE; Maria BISER, mother WIP-4&5 BISER, Clarence S., 27, FC to WINDSOR, Mary V., 18, FC 10/22/1888 WIP-4&5 BISSETT, George William, 28, FC to DUNN, Maggie, 22, FC 08/23/1886 WIP-6&7 BITTLE, George W., 21, FC to ROUTZAHN, Mary E., 22, FC 03/17/1888 (2nd cousins) WIP-6&7 BITTLE, Jonathan 'Elmer', 23, FC to BUHRMAN, Mollie May, 25, FC 01/23/1888 WIP-6&7 BITTLE, William C. (dist rel), 25, near Ellerton to GROSSNICKLE, Emma K., 23, near Ellerton 12/08/1886 WIP-6&7 BLACK, Edward, 24 (col), FC to HUTCHISON, Debbie Jane, 18 (col), FC 07/24/1888 WIP-6&7 BLACK, Eugene Augustus, 22 (col), Frederick to DUTTON, Osie, 22 (col), Frederick 10/03/1888 WIP-6&7 BLANDY, Charles Graham, 27, New York City to PURNELL, Elizabeth Harwod, 27, FC 08/16/1886 H. PURNELL Jr. WIP-6&7 BLANK, William E., 21, FC to WHIP, Rosa M., 19, FC 08/02/1886 W.H. DOUBS WIP-6&7 BLESSING, Martin Clinton, 31, Buckeystown to KREIG, Maggie, 22, Buckeystown 03/16/1887 WIP-6&7 BLUMENAUER, Daniel, 30, Frederick to MORT, Emma Seisen, 23, FC 11/12/1888 H. W. FALK WIP-6&7 BLUMENAUER, John W. N., 22, Frederick to KLINE, Julia A., 19, Frederick 12/01/1887 George H. KEYSER WIP-6&7 BLUMENAUER, Nicholas J., 34, Frederick to ELY, Maggie A., 28, Frederick 08/15/1887 C. T. KUSSMAUL WIP-54 BOBBIE, William M., 23, WC to FREEZE, Martha A., 21, FC 12/20/1886 J.C. FOX WIP-6&7 BOBLITZ, John H., 21, Woodsboro to SHAW, Annie Elizabeth, 23, Utica Mills 12/26/1887 Elizabeth E. SHAW WIP-6&7 BOHN, John Emanuel, 22, FC to GROOSSNICKLE, Meadia B., 18, FC 05/02/1887 Reuben BOHN WIP-56 BOHN, John Hanson, 23, Unionville to ALEXANDER, Susie, 18, Unionville 02/27/1888 WIP-6&7 BOIST, Charles T., 35, Middletown to HERBERT, Mary J., 32 01/06/1887 Joseph C. GRAFF WIP-8&9 BOON, Marshall Orrie, 25, Liberty to WILSON, Josephine, 22, Liberty 07/22/1886 WIP-8&9 BOONE, William Wallace, 28, Unionville to LUGENBEEL, Minnie Lee, 21, Unionville 05/09/1887 WIP-8&9 BOTELER, EDWARD M., 35, Wash., DC to SIX, Mamie K., 20 Frederick 10/15/1887 William HILTNER WIP-8&9 BOWEN, Charles E., 21 (col), Barnesville (MC) to MARKEEMER, Effie, 19, Barnesville (MC) 02/15/1887 WIP-8&9

  • BOWERS, Eli Daniel, 24, FC to WEDDLE, Lilly Belle, 16, FC 02/07/1887 George M. FANOGLE(?) WIP-8&9 BOWERS, Harry William, 22 Frederick to FOX, Anna Isabelle, 19, Frederick 07/16/1887 J. Edward BOWERS WIP-8&9 BOWERS, John, 45 (wid), CC to FOGLE, Margaret Ann, 31 (wid), FC 09/04/1888 WIP-8&9 BOWIE, Thomas, 23 (col), Bartonsville to DIGGS, Lula Luvenia, 20 (col), Brownsville 10/12/1887 George A. DIGGS WIP-8&9 BOWLUS, Daniel A., 27, near Middletown to WITMER, Laura E. M., 18, near Wolfsville 02/16/1887 WIP-106 BRADLEY, William H., 28, New Brunswick, NJ to RITTER, Erthilda, 24, Frederick 11/20/1888 H. H. QUYNN WIP-8&9 BRANDENBURG, Elmer Calop, 21, Wolfsville to SMITH, Teressa May, 19, Wolfsville 11/09/1887 WIP-8&9 BRANDENBURG, Samuel C., 22, FC to ALEXANDER, Clara M., 23, FC 11/14/1888 WIP-8&9 BRANDENBURG, William H., 25, Wolfsville to PRYOR, Rohann, 21, Wolfsville 10/15/1888 WIP-8&9 BRANDY, Edward, 24 (col), Charlestown, WV to CROSS, Jennie, 30 (col)(wid), Frederick 11/28/1888 WIP-8&9 BREWER, Isaac Newton, 35, Frederick Co, VA to KIBLER, Susan Lee, 19, Warren Co, VA 07/30/1888 WIP-8&9 BROADHURST, George A., 23, Browningsville (MC) to DIXON, Vallie May, 19, Thurston (FC) 10/18/1887 WIP-60 BROADHURST, William Henry, 26, Browningsville (MC) to BEALL, Ollie Belle, 20, Hyattstown (MC) 05/16/1888 WIP-8&9 BROADRUP, George L., 23, Charlesville to WACHTER, Emma L., 20, Charlesville 02/01/1887 WIP-8&9 BROOKS, William H. (col), 37, Petersville to HARDY, Margaret E. (col), 26, Petersville 10/21/1886 WIP-8&9 BROSIUS, John W., 42, (wid), Baltimore to COCKEY, Nannie D., 39, near Frederick 09/14/1887 John BISER WIP-10&11 BROWN, Alfred T., 27 (col), Baltimore to SPRIGGS, Anna M., 20 (col), Burkittsville 02/17/1887 WIP-10&11 BROWN, Arthur P., 23, Foxville (FC) to GONDER, Rosa A., 19, Foxville (FC) 09/21/1887 J. C. FOX WIP-10&amp