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  • 1. By: Abrea HernandezWorld History-HonorsTimeline2-3-10

2. 1946 Farrokh Bulsara is born Zanzibar, East Africa On the 5thof September 3. 1954 At 8 years old attended St. Peters inIndia Known as Freddie Mercury Played cricket, boxing, hockey, andtable tennis 4. 1964 Family fled Zanzibar due to ZanzibarRevolution Moved to Middlesex, England Attended Isleworth Polytechnic College 5. 1969 Graduated from Ealing College of Art Diploma in graphic art and design 6. 1970 Formed Queen Met Mary Austin became friends 7. 1979 Toured with Queen Performed with the Royal Ballet Changed image 8. 1982 Queen agreed to take a break Freddie worked on solo album 9. 1985 Queen performed at Live Aid In front of 72,000 Billions watched all over the world 10. 1988 Freddies last performance on stage 11. 1991 November 22 announced he had AIDS November 23 he died of bronchialpneumonia 12. 1996 A statue of Mercury stands inSwitzerland Tribute from his father