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  • 1.Freddie Mercury(birht name FarrokhBulsara thSeptember 1946 24th November1991) was a Britishmusician, singer andsongwriter, bestknown as thevocalist of the rockband Queen.

2. As a songwriter,Mercury composedmany hits for Queen,including "KillerQueen", "BohemianRhapsody", "Somebodyto Love", "We Are theChampions", "BicycleRace", "Dont Stop MeNow" and "Crazy LittleThing Called Love" 3. In 2006, Time Asianamed him one of themost influential Asianheroes of the past 60years, and hecontinues to be votedone of the greatestsingers in the historyof popular music. 4. Mercury was born inShangani Govt. At the age ofeight years, he was sent toIndia to study at St. PetersSchool. In the school waspart of a band called TheHectics, where he playedthe piano. A friend of hissaid that the singer had "anincredible ability to listen tothe radio and play melodieson the piano" 5. It was also at St. Peters where he began to be moreknown as Freddie Mercury , nickname that alsoadopted its family. Mercuy step in India, most of hischildhood, living with his grandmother and aunt. Hecompleted his education at St. Marys School inBombay. 6. After his graduation atthe university of WestThames ,participated intwo bands that had beendissolved. In April 1970,Mercury met the guitaristBrian May and drummerRoger Taylor, who hadbeen in a band calledSmile. Mercury chose thename "Queen" for thenew band. 7. Mercury was diagnosedwith aids, but said in aninterview that was notsick . The 22ndNovember , 1991,Mercury called theQueens manager JimBeach, to discuss apublic matter. The nextday, made public hisdisease . 8. The 24th November,1991, Mercury died at theage of 45 years.In hisfuneral were people suchas Elton John, DavidBowie and the membersof Queen. 9. One of the memories that freddie mercury left uswas the song that devoted to Montserrat Caball( Barcelona ) . The 8 October 1988 with thearrival of the Olympic flag to the city of Barcelona, became a festival where they sang together thissong. 10. After his death at the olympic games in1992, the main theme was Barcelona .In 1996 it made a statue of FreddieMercury.