ForteTube Grab Bars

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stainless steel anti slip grap bar, fortetube, custom make stainless steel pattern tube

Transcript of ForteTube Grab Bars

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 1

    ForteTube Safety Grab Bars

    Diamond patterned finish Stainless Steel Tube

    provides Superb Grip and Anti-Slip!

    Do you have children, elderly or disabled family members

    whom you Care much about their Safety?

    Are you seeking for Grab Bars that has better grip or anti-slip

    and with the same durability and robustness as Stainless steel


    Are you also seeking for a material that can enhance the

    aesthetic look without compromising it functionality?

    ForteTube IS YOUR ANSWER !!!!

    Read on to find out more..

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 2

    What is ForteTube

    ForteTube is patterned finish Stainless steel product fabricated with German

    Technology and designed and tested in Singapore.

    ForteTube is commonly used in buses and coaches as handrails and guardrails. This product provides superb grip, anti-slip and durability that plain tubing is unable to provide. Especially in areas that are wet, oily and with inclined ramps, this grab bars served perfectly well to provide the right support to the users, especially your loved ones.

    ForteTube can be used in all environments as grab bars or safety railing purposes. The pattern will deflect and hide scratches, dents and also less reflection from the sunlight & lightings as compared to polished stainless steel. Moreover, dirty stain marks and finger prints will not be obvious too. Therefore this product will always look shinning and new, even after many years of usage, which means aesthetically looks good always even without cleaning or maintenance.

    Stainless steel patterned tube is strongly recommended by DPTAC.(Disabled Person Transport Advisory Committee) in UK ( and for those who cares for the welfare of disabled and elderly people who uses ramps and staircase with railings. These grab bars are also fabricated according to ADA compliant specifications.

    Being environmentally friendly, ForteTube is 100% recyclable, has better aesthetic, high corrosion resistance combined with ease of maintenance and long life. Therefore, in the long run, the cost of ownership will be much lowered compared to other metals and material used.

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 3

    Product Specifications

    Tube Diameter : 1.38(35mm)

    Material grade : 304 Stainless Steel

    Gauge : 0.6(1.5mm)

    Finish : Reversed Diamond pattern

    Weight Limit : can withstands min. 500 Ibs. Pull force

    ADA Compliant : YES


    Concealed mounting : FTRD-38xx-X series( Cover and screws included)

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 4

    Exposed Screw mounting : FTRD-39xx-X series ( Screws included)

    Ordering code:

    Length size & Product code#

    (Dimensions shown are Flange center to center)

    Description 18"(457mm) 24"(609mm) 36"(914mm) 42"(1066mm)

    Concealed mounting FTRD-3818-M FTRD-3824-M FTRD-3836-M FTRD-3842-M

    Concealed mounting

    with white coating

    FTRD-3818-W FTRD-3824-W FTRD-3836-W FTRD-3842-W

    Exposed screw mounting FTRD-3918-M FTRD-3924-M FTRD-3936-M FTRD-3942-M

    Exposed screw mounting

    with white coating

    FTRD-3918-W FTRD-3924-W FTRD-3936-W FTRD-3942-W

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 5

    Powder Coating (optional): Color coating with various colors selection are available on request and

    subject to minimum order quantity.

    Product Durability Test

    ForteTube Patterned Finish provide a high level of resistance to scratches, scruffs as compared to other polished and milled finish stainless steel sheet.

    The picture below demonstrated the rigidness of ForteTube Patterned Finish in providing a long term lower cost of ownership in maintenance and durable aesthetics of such tube used for architecture structures.

    The Result

    The result is obvious. The non patterned plain portion is readily damaged with very visible scratched marks, but the Patterned finish portion though was scratched but hardly can see any scratched marks, as the impact has been deflected, reflected, reduced or dden due to the presence of a pattern instead of a flat surface.

  • ForteTube Grab Bar product brochure Page 6

    About us:

    Guo Guang Systems and Engineering is an established company in Singapore supplying

    various electronics systems, stainless steel tube and accessories to Bus/Coach companies in

    Asia Pacific region.

    Guo Guang also provide after-sales services, project consultancy, fabrication and sourcing for

    transport parts and transportation products and equipments.


    Guo GuangGuo GuangGuo GuangGuo Guang

    Guo Guang Systems & Engineering Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No: 200107907D) 240 Macpherson Road Pines Industrial Building #04-06 Singapore 34857

    Tel: (65) 67481848/ 67480898/ 67485881

    Fax: (65) 67488770

    For Sales Quotation and Enquiry, please Contact:

    Mr S.K Goh (Business Development Manager) Tel: (65) 67482325 Mobile: (65) 98379719

    Email :; Website:

    Stainless steel is environmental friendly and is the champion for recycling as about 90% of end-of life

    stainless steel are collected and recycled into new stainless steel without lose of quality. Durability and recyclability

    are two of the key contributions which stainless steel make to sustainability. We care for the environment and so

    can you!

    Source: International Stainless Steel Forum.

    ------ Copyright Guo Guang Systems and Engineering. All Rights Reserved --------