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Do you manage your institution’s social media presence? Ever wished you could clone yourself in order to get through your to-do list? Have you even considered stealing Hermione’s Time-Turner necklace? If so, this webinar is for you. Managing social media can be a very time consuming process if you don’t have the right strategies in place. For many marketers, admission counselors and alumni-relations officers, the management of department or institutional social media properties is an add -on to an already full plate. We’ll show you that you don’t have to add hours to your day to effectively manage your new social media responsibilities. Sharing case studies and best practices from the industry, this webinar will help you increase your day-to-day efficiency, develop a social media content strategy at your institution and determine which tools to focus on based on your goals and resources.

Transcript of Fording the Social Media Channel (webinar)

  • 1. Fording the Social MediaChannel#fordtheriver

2. @plautmaayan 3. @MalloryWood 4. Gooooooooooooooal setting Ford the river with your wagon party Timing, it is everything... and nothing Your content arsenal In 60 minutes or less... Networks and Networking Bunnies 5. page 5 6. page 6 7. page 7 8. page 8 9. page 9 10. ExampleGoal: Use Facebook to impact recruitment. 11. ExampleGoal: Use Facebook to impact recruitment.SMART Goal: Increase interactions on Facebookwith Class of 2017 students by 15% before April1, 2013. 12. Examples of measurable objectives Increase followers by __% Increase content sharing __% Increase website traffic __% Increase avg time on blog __% Increase donations __% Increase applications __% Increase attendance at events by __% 13. 14. ROI =(Gains - Costs) / Costs 15. After 2 months you gained 500 newLIKES on FB. You spend 5 min a day posting, listening,and managing your Page (thats 310minutes). You earn an annual salary of $45,000(thats equivalent to an hourly rate of$21.64 or 36 cents/minute) 16. Cost per Follower[500 - (310*$.36)]__________________________(310*$.36) 17. Cost per Follower $3.48 18. CASE STUDYThe Great Give - FSU 19. The best thing we could dowas reach out to memberswhere they were and how theywere communicating.- Daniel Krueger, Assistant Director of Annual Giving 20. page 23 21. page 24 22. page 25 23. page 26 24. Work studyStudentsand Interns Marketing and AlumniCommunicationsAdmissionsRes Life/Student Affairs Alumni Relations 25. Online ApparentTransparentAccessible 26. OnlineOffline ApparentApparentTransparent TransparentAccessible Accessible 27. Photo by Joseph Carr 28. 29. Results 1,018 stories, photos, videos, tweets Submissions from 50 states Submissions from 66 countries 14,000 unique visits to the site Average time on page = 5 minutes Mobile traffic = 20% of visitors Site shared 8,000+ times on social networks 30. page 36 31. image of clock?Photo by Petar Miloevi - CC BY-SA 3.0 32. Twitter 1:00 - 3:00PM ET Mon. through Thurs. Avoid posting after 8:00PM. Avoid posting after 3:00PM on Fridays. Peak traffic times are 9:00 AM - 3:00PM ET Mon. through Thurs.Facebook 1:00 - 4:00PM ET = highest click throughs. Peak traffic time is Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Avoid posting after 8:00PM and before 8:00AM Wait to post until after 11:00AM 33. Twitter Tweets during "busy hours" (8:00AM - 7:00PM) receive 30% higher engagement than Tweets published outside that time frame. Tweets containing less than 100 characters receive 17% higher engagement than longer Tweets. Tweets with one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags. Tweet no more than 4 times a day. Include images and links for highest engagement. Suggest tweeting on weekends. 34. Facebook Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction than longer posts. Photo posts receive interaction rates 39% higher than average. Do not post more than 7x a week. When fans are asked to comment on a post, there is a 3.3x higher comment rate than when they are not asked to comment. When fans are asked to share a post, the share rate is 7X higher than those posts not asking fans to share. 35. page 41 36. Photo by Jan Mehlich - CC BY-SA 3.0 37. Photo by David Kelleher - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 38. ResultsTwitter: 822 mentions, 263 new followers,and 871 website clickthrus (a 204% increasefrom 2010).FourSquare: 308 people viewed the variouscheck-in specials and 213 people unlockedthe specials.YouTube: 1 video submission with 250 views. 39. page 50 40. page 51 41. Social Media Calendar 42. page 55 43. In 60 minutesor less. 44. Courtney Mallam Coordinator, Print & New MediaGlendon Campus of York University @CourtneyMallam 45. Megan BernierUniversity WriterSaint Lawrence University@msteverb 46. Donna TalaricoIntegrated Marketing ManagerElizabethtown College @donnatalarico 47. Ann WhiteFormer Web Communications Coordinator Oklahoma Christian University@annmwhite 48. page 62 49. page 64 50. page 66 51. Photo by HighEdWeb - Flickr 52. Hashtags to Track#edUi #casesmc#psuweb #higheredlive#sunycuad #cmgrchatCASE Regionals American Marketing Association 53. Wood Maayan PlautDirector of MarketingSocial Media CoordinatormStoner, Inc.Oberlin College@MalloryWood