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  • KLEER VIEWReady-to-use glass cleaner. Cleans and shines glass and Plexiglas.Non-ammoniated formula removes soil, smudges and smoke film quickly and easily, leaving no film and drying streak-free.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:6223499 6/32 oz. 4001368 4/1 gal.5061635 2/1 gal.

    GLASS AND SURFACE CLEANER (RTU)Ready-to-use glass and surface cleaner. Removes grease and grime without streaking. Safe on most surfaces.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:6223531 6/32 oz.

    DEGREASER (RTU)Ready-to-use degreaser. Quickly eliminates greasy kitchen buildup and removes grease, dirt and oil. New improved formulation.Safe for most surfaces.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:6223440 6/32 oz.

    BLUE CONCENTRATEMultipurpose concentrated cleaner with lemon fragrance. Ideal for front-of-the-house applications, this neutral cleaner can be used on any surface not harmed by water.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:5512249 4/.5 gal.

    ODOR ELIMINATOR PLUSReady-to-use odor eliminator.Provides instant control ofobnoxious odors in dumpsters, garbage cans, trash bins, urinals and other problem areas.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:4783288 6/32 oz.

    EASY CLEANERAll-purpose neutral floor cleaner. Exceptional cleaning power to remove a wide variety of soils without harming finishes. Effective on hard surfacesstrong enough to clean, but protects finish and gloss.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:5302732 2/1 gal.

    ACTION SUDS WITHENZYMESPremium powder laundrydetergent. Provides controlledsuds for superior cleaning.Includes a unique enzymestain-removal system thatminimizes the need for bleach.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:8552796 1/30 lbs.

    OXYGEN DESTAINERMultipurpose stain remover and cleaner. Cleans coffee and tea makers, destains plastic and china dinnerware, and can be used as a color safe bleach and stainremover on carpet and fabric. Helps to eliminate odors.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:6636120 2/8 lbs.

    PINE-O-GELConcentrated pine cleaner. Cleans and deodorizes floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and walls in one easy step. Contains natural pine oil.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:4076501 4/1 gal.



  • GREEN DETERGENTProfessional quality liquiddetergent for handwashing pots and pans, dishes, cooking utensils, flatware and glasses.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:5551692 4/5 qts.5551650 5 gal. pail

    WORKSAFE KITCHEN DEGREASERPowerful degreaser that removes greasy soil from the kitchen. Fast and effective product for use on hoods, backsplashes, floors, walls, vent filters and kitchen equipment. Safe to use on aluminum surfaces.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:5845425 4/1 gal.

    NATURALOIL SOAP CLEANERPure vegetable oil soap with fresh lemon scent. Gently cleans polished surfaces. For use on wood, marble, granite and plastic laminates.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:5637384 4/1 gal.8494031 2/1 gal.

    A Cleaner Operation and a Cleaner WorldThe SYSCO Earth Plus program is designed to help our customers make a difference to the environment in their day-to-day operations. Effective as the original formulations, under the Earth Plus program, updated and improved formulas for some of the most popular SYSCO chemical cleaning products are now recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys Design for the Environment (DfE) program. They meet stringent standards for the use of biodegradable and less environmentally persistent ingredients.

    LIQUID PRESOAKProvides extra cleaning power for flatware. Use before machine warewashing to loosen dried-on food soils.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:4862926 4/1 gal.

    OCEAN POWER PREMIUM LAUNDRY DETERGENTKeep your garments smelling clean and feeling soft with this environmentally friendly liquid laundry detergent.

    SUPC: CASE PACK:7171002 2/100 oz. bottles


  • Vigoroso simplifi es restaurant and foodservice cleaning with four highly concentrated multipurpose cleaners, perfect for use practically anywherefrom the front of the house, to the bathrooms, to the kitcheneven grills and fryers!

    Vigoroso Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Perfect for front-of-house and bathroom use, VigorosoConcentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner is designed forgeneral cleaning needs, including walls and fl oors.Its fresh, clean lavender scent is a gentle reminderto your customers that cleanliness is a priority inyour establishment.

    Pleasant lavender fragrance Label for spray bottle included One-ounce pump included for easy dispensing pH-neutralsafe for use on fi nished fl oors Case includes English- and Spanish-language MSDS

    SUPC: 7493935 Case: 2/5 qts.

    Vigoroso Heavy-DutyMulti-Use Kitchen Degreaser

    Vigoroso Heavy-Duty Multi-Use Kitchen Degreasercleans ovens, grills, fryers, walls and fl oorshelpingyou keep your kitchen and food preparation areasclean and grease-free, no matter your specialty.

    Industrial-strength degreasing power One-ounce pump included for easy dispensing Spray-bottle label included Case includes English- and Spanish-language MSDS

    SUPC: 7493349 Case: 2/5 qts.

    Vigoroso Handwashing Detergent forPots, Pans, Dishes and Kitchen Utensils

    A liquid handwashing detergent with the power to clean your pots, pans, dishes and utensils, Vigoroso Handwashing Detergent for Pots, Pans, Dishes and Kitchen Utensils has a powerful grease-cutting formula that wont leave residue in dishwashing sinks. Plus, the neutral formula and pleasant, fresh mountain fragrance allow it to be used as liquid hand soap in kitchen handwashing stations and bathrooms.

    Heavy-duty grease-cutting formula Neutral formula can be used as a liquid hand soap Fresh mountain fragrance One-ounce pump included for easy dispensing Case includes English- and Spanish-language MSDS

    SUPC: 7492358 Case: 2/5 qts.

    Vigoroso ConcentratedCleaner With Bleach

    Vigoroso Concentrated Cleaner with Bleach is a multi-purpose cleanser with the added power of bleach. For clean, stain-free food contact surfaces including sinks and cutting boards, as well as bathroom surfaces such as toilets, walls, fl oors, tubs, sinks and showers. Andits double concentrated, for twice the cleaning power.

    Distinctive clean, fresh fragrance Measuring cup and silkscreen-labeled spray bottle included Double-concentrateduse half as much for the same cleaning power Case includes English- and Spanish-language MSDS

    SUPC: 7493265 Case: 2/5 qts.

    Powerful performance Multiple applications Highly concentrated formulas Rich fragrances

    Convenient packaging Bilingual labels MSDS in Spanish and English

    Great for use in establishments with Spanish-speaking employees!

    Vigoroso means:



  • brands YOU KNOW. performance YOU TRUST.


    All-Purpose Cleaner

    Designed to cut through stubborn grease and grime on appliances, stainless steel, chrome, countertops, sinks, ceramic tile, fl oors, tubs, showers, fi berglass and porcelain surfaces. Deodorizes as it cleans. RTD concentrate option makes 14 ready-to-use spray bottles.

    6/32 fl . oz. bottles 89941471.5L concentrate, includes two labeled trigger spray bottles 8991341

    Windex Powerized GlassCleaner With Ammonia-D

    Multisurface cleaner for glass, mirrors, chrome, plastic, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile and other surfaces. RTD concentrate option makes 14 ready-to-use spray bottles. 4/1 gal. bottles 89940226/32 fl . oz. bottles 89940141.5L Concentrate, includes two labeled trigger spray bottles 8987356

    Antibacterial ScrubbingBubbles Bathroom Cleaner

    Clean, shine, disinfect and deodorize without scratching. Kills odor-causing germs,staphylococcus and also removes mold, mildew stains and odors. EPA registered. Features new easy-to-use spray-through cap. RTD concentrate option makes 14 ready-to-use spray bottles.

    6/25 oz. cans 89941131.5L concentrate, includes two labeled trigger spray bottles 8989907

    Pledge Aerosol

    Pledge Aerosol contains gentle conditioners that remove dust, fi ngerprints, smudges and dirt,so that it protects wood furniture and othersurfaces while you clean. Hides smears andprotects against wear, water spills and stains.

    6/17.7 oz. cans 8992497

    Janitor in a Drum

    Great for daily use on fl oors, walls and all washable surfaces. Removes heavy soils. RTD concentrate makes 34 ready-to-mop buckets.

    1.5L concentrate 8988420

    Mr. Muscle Super Concentrated Kitchen Cleaner

    This self-scouring RTD concentrate option makes 34 ready-to-use mop buckets. Kosher Pareve. (Orthodox Union approved.) 1.5L RTD concentrate 8987455

    Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner

    This energy-saving formula features a self-scouring action and is designed to work on cold ovens. The formula clings to oven surfaces for an extended dwell time. Kosher Pareve. (Orthodox Union approved.)

    6/19 oz. cans 8992380

    RTDVery Simple. Very Smart.The RTD System provides

    savings, efficiency and reliability.

    Concentrated formulas deliver low end-use cost

    Accurate dilutions control cost

    Easy operation requires minimal training

    No installation, no servicing, no equipment

    Sealed bottle and water hookup kit ensure

    safe use JOHNSON DIVERSEY 5

  • Foam Hand Soap Dispensing SystemComplete is a bag-in-the-box system and features a large, easy-to-use push pad located at the top of the dispenser, making it ADA compliant. Each push dispenses .75 mL of rich foam, which is more economical than most push dispensers. The large view window makes it simp