Finnegan Force: Adventures with Friction

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Finnegan Force: Adventures with Friction. By Emily Schmitz. There once was a boy named Finnegan Force Who loved to play outside. He was always seeking adventures With his puppy by his side. Finn loved the seasons; spring, summer and fall, He enjoyed the beauty of them all. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Finnegan Force: Adventures with Friction

  • Finnegan Force:Adventures with FrictionBy Emily Schmitz

  • There once was a boy named Finnegan ForceWho loved to play outside.He was always seeking adventuresWith his puppy by his side.

  • Finn loved the seasons; spring, summer and fall,He enjoyed the beauty of them all.But he spent winter with much hate, For Finn lived in Michigan, one of the snowiest states.

  • He found winter to halt his fun,Because he disliked the cold and longed for the sun.But one day his mom said with a smile, Finn, why dont you play outside for awhile?

  • Finnegan nodded his headAnd whistled for his dog Scout.He was itching to find excitement,So he bundled up and the two headed out.

  • The air was bitter coldAs expected for Michigan weatherSo Finn took off his glovesAnd rubbed his hands together.

  • The harder he pressed his hands,The warmer they started to be.Finn didnt realize why or howHe was actually producing heat.

  • Finn decided it was bestTo investigate this tractionAnd then he suddenly realizedIt was none other than friction!

  • Friction is the forceBetween two things that rub together.It also slows things downOr stops movement all together.

  • When Finn rubbed his hands togetherHe could very plainly seeThat he was converting kinetic energy Of that motion into heat.

  • As Finn and Scout continuedThey decided it would be goodTo look for other cases of frictionAround the neighborhood.

  • Finn watched as a carStopped at the big red signAnd then he began to wonderIf friction was evident this time.

  • Without friction,Cars could not stop or go.When the driver applies the brakes,The wheels start to slow.

  • The friction between the tire surface And the break pads slow the wheels,While the friction between the wheelsAnd the road slows the car.

  • Finn was satisfied With two examples of science funThat is a fact, not friction(Please pardon the pun!)

  • Finn turned the corner and saw,(After he stopped to think)That the neighbors fishing pondWas now a beautiful skating rink.

  • Finn noticed his friend Miranda Skating with ease and graceScout barked in greeting,Bringing a smile to her face.

  • Ice skating works Because the narrow blade of the skateCauses very high pressure underneathAs it supports the skaters weight.

  • A thin layer of water is createdAnd it lubricates the bladeThe skater can glide with little frictionOver the ice that had been made.

  • Finn waved goodbye to Miranda,And trudged for home in the snowHe was excited that his day was filledWith discoveries he didnt previously know.

  • Finnegan realized that winter,Without the warmth of the sun,Still had adventures to offerIncluding science fun!

  • The End