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Final Project Museum Tepotzotln.

Virgen de lo remedios & San Joaquin1)one is older than the other the first is bigger than the second 2)San Joaqun is interesting but the virgen de los remedios is moreinteresting than san joaquin.1)San Joaquin was the most intelligent man in the state2)Virgen de los remedios was the best woman in the town

El pecado y las tentacionesand Arcngel El victorioso

1)in the second picture are more people than in the first picture.2)the second pictures is older than the first picture.

the second pictures is older than the first picture.I suppose that the second picture is the most expensive picture at the museum

Temple of San FranciscoTemple of San Francisco is the largest and Tepotzotln the has a baroque art that is bathed in gold, it is also very beautiful the way they work on.

the chapel of St. Peterthe chapel of St. Peter is small chapel with a very nice facade, was painted with a pearl color and this place is used for the weddings

Patio principalThe main where is a beautiful fountain in which children toss coins making wishes, is very large and welcoming.

LIBRARYIn the library we can found writings of this time. The library is very small and was made all with wood, on my opinion is very nice.