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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    ACCELERATE INNOVATION. Attract digital consumers.

    Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution nacle Universal Banking Solution | Systems Integration | Consulting | Business Process Outsourcing
  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution




    schannel toserve digitalc onsumers

    he new wave of Inter net -dr iven commerce is puttinginformation into ev er yone s hands , thereby remo ving

    in termediar ies , and leveling the playing field. Spurred bygrowing acceptance among digital c onsumers , this has thepotential to create a cashless econom y, triggering nothingshor t of a global financial and social revolution. This new classof consumers demands instant fulfillmen t , personalizationand the convenience of self-ser vice. They are active on social

    media, of t en consulting peers and friends before makingpurchase decisions .

    As a result , banks are compelled to engage these dig italconsumers on their own tu r f. They must leverage a robustretail e-banking channel that provides a rich user experiencewhile also supporting personalization of service with derivedinsights about individual needs and pr ef erences .

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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    Finacle c onsumer e -banking Finacle consumer e -banking , with its unified real-time view into customer relationships , enablesbanks t o deli v er a highl y personali z ed , yetconsistent user experienc e . Richand varied featuresfor secure acc oun t management and aggregation,fund transfer , payment and financial managementensure the bank s Inter net channel is fully equippedf or comprehensive and reliable ser vice deliver y.

    Flexible in archit ecture , the solution is built on openindustry-standard platforms - J2EEand .NET, and

    offers both portalized and non-por talized flavors.It easily integrates with multiple host systems andcan be deployed for access from tablets as well.Finacle comes with a palette of surround solutionsfor analytics , aler ts and integration with socialmedia, enabling the bank to innovate with itsInternet banking channel to drive down c osts whileenhancing customer loyalty and profitabilit y.

    A rich e-banking experienc e was never simpler Build, deploy, enhance, scale The solution s highly scalable Ser vic e -OrientedArchitecture (SOA)enables banks to create multiplelevels of configurabilit y and feature extensibilityfor their In ter net channel . This means improvedproduc tivit y, easy main tenance , quick upg rades ,and the ability to roll out into new geog raphieswithin a minimal timefr ame .

    Enrich user e xperienc e

    Finacle consumer e-banking solution br ings tothe bank s In ter ne t channel all the advantagesof a rich, yet intuitiv e , user interface premisedon learning from global usability research andconsumer experience studies . The user in terfac esupports extensive personalization and presentsa compre hens ive one -stop-por tal to cater toconsumer online banking needs .

    In teg rate with flexibility Finacle consumer e-banking solution has a flexibleHost Integ ration Framework (HIF) layer that enablesthe solution to seamlessly integrate with multipleback-end systems both online and offline usingstandard messaging in terfac es .

    Ensure secure 24x7 ser vice

    Finacle consumer e -banking solut ion addressesall aspects of e -banking securit y at both theapplication and the transaction layers. Featuressuch as SSL and cr yptog raph y, multi-factor andadaptiv e authentication, digital certificates andsignatures , along with regular security audits , helpbanks hurdle the saf e-banking challenge .

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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    % E e

    o r e e

    Functional architec ture

    Multi-Channel Delivery

    Internet Mobile Tablets Kiosks

    F inacle Secure Mails $$ $ Product Modeling Surround Solutions

    Finanz Tools

    Single Sign On

    Request Mgmt


    Remote Assist


    Multipro le Mgmt

    Account In fo

    R s Mgmt

    Personal Finance Mgmt

    Wealth Mgmt

    Pay a bles Mgm t

    % BPP Txn

    Suppor t

    Financial Txn Designer

    Mails Manager

    Request Designer

    Standard Downloads

    Reports Designer


    Allianc es



    Aler ts

    User ExperienceEnablers Reporting



    erson alize d Dashboard



    cial Netwo k

    Inte grations

    Interact ivity Charging

    Remote Deposits

    Usage Trend Analytics | Customer Analytics | Smart Marketing | AdvisoryServices Clari5

    Advizor Host Integration laye r

    Multiple Host Systems

    Content Managemen t

    Cor e CR M Trade $

    Treasur y Cards Other

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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    Key modules Unified account views andtransaction inf ormation Finacle consumer e-banking solution enab les yourbanking customers to have a unified and real-timeview into the accounts and transactions they have

    with your and other banks . Accounts supportedinclude savings and checking acc ounts , loanacc ounts , deposit acc ounts , credit car ds , mutualfunds , wealth acc ounts , and other acc oun t typesyour bank may choose to configur e .

    Supported ser vices include:

    Account origination for deposits , loans , andsavings

    Sta temen t do wnloads

    Quick transaction search and transac tion history

    view Check book request

    Stop check pa ymen ts

    Joint acc oun t managemen t

    Credit card inquir y, reward points , and relatedservice requests

    Mutual funds inquir y, purchase , sale , systematicin vestmen t , withdrawal and related ser vic e


    Personal financial managemen t Finacle consumer e -bank ing sol uti on offerspowerful GUI-based tools for personal financialmanagemen t, empo wering your customers to enjoybetter control over their financ es . These enable:

    Transac tion categorization and tagging to grouprelated transactions

    Budgeting , income and spend tr acking andanaly si s

    Goal management to set up financial goals andreview prog ress

    Account aggregation for a single view of accounts with multiple banks (additional featurethat willbe enabled on request)

    A ccess to comp rehe nsi ve repor ts on spendpa tt erns , net worth, assets and liabilities

    Access to product calcula tors , compara tors andsimula tors

    Personaliza tion

    With Finacle consumer e-banking solution, you canprovide your customers the flexibility to customizetheir personal por tal . The personalization f eatures suppor ted include:

    06 Finacle
  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    Configurable favorites for activities , accounts ,counterparties and search criter ia

    Personalized dashboards to view completerelationships , alerts and favorit es

    Customized transaction limits, nick names , menu

    labels , date f ormats , amount f ormats , languages ,themes , colors and f onts Configurable widgets , social net wor king f orums ,

    and blog links Cust omiz ed reporting

    In ter activ e ser vices Finacle consumer e-banking solut ion enablesyour bank to personaliz e engagement withcustomers as you would through real-worldchannels like the branch. Using interactiveser vices such as secure email , text , audio cha t,video cha t, co-browsing and remote assistanc e ,customers can interact with your bank srepresentatives and enjo y hassle-free banking .

    Payable and rec eiv ablemanagemen t Finacle consumer e-banking soluti on supportsconfiguration of both elec tronic and instrument-based payments and collections . In the electronic

    mode , the solution supports setup for multiple

    payment/collection networks such as ACH,SWIFT, NEFT, RTGSand SEPA in addition to otherdomestic and inter na tional net wor ks. Paymenttypes supported include self and third party fundtransfers , domestic and in terna tional payments/ collections , tax pa ymen ts , and debit transfers . Inthe instrument mode , checks and demand draftsare suppor ted .

    Electronic bill payment andpresentmen t Finacle consumer e-banking solution bringsyour customers the convenience of single-click-bill-payment through the bill payment f eature .This enables you to register billers, definepayment types such as auto , recurring andscheduled payments in addition to inquiring ontransactions .

    Peer to peer pa ymen t Finacle consumer e -banking solut ion supportsPeer to Peer Payments (P2P) on the In ter ne tby integrat ing featur es for self-registrati on,personalization, pa ym en t initiation, pa ymen t ,and collec tion author iza tion.

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  • 7/31/2019 Finacle Consumer e-Banking Solution


    Risk and access c on tr ols The solution s risk management framew ork helpslimit your bank s customer exposur e to risks and

    frauds . Risk managemen t features include theability to configur e transaction limits, accountaccess and