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Fifa World Cup 2010 By: Sheikha Ali Alsubaey


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Fifa World Cup 2010

By: Sheikha Ali Alsubaey

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Introduction: The World Cup that I chose was held in South Africa, and began on 11  June, 2010 and ended a month later, on 11 July 2010.   The competition took place in stadiums in the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nelspruit, Rustenburg, Pretoria, Polo wane, Port Elizabeth, and Bloemfontein.

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he four finalists were Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Uruguay.  Spain and The Netherlands were the final two teams remaining, and Spain ultimately won the FIFA 2010 World Cup final, which took place in Johannesburg.  The final score was Spain-1, The Netherlands-0.

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The final match was intense, with a record 14 yellow cards handed out (9 to The Netherlands, and 5 to Spain), and neither team was able to score a goal in the first 116 minutes of the game.  With only 4 minutes left in extra time, Spain’s Andrés Iniesta finally scored a goal, which ended the match, and Spain finally won their first World Cup. 

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Although both The Netherlands and Spain had missed opportunities to score earlier in the match, neither team managed a goal until The Netherlands were cut down to 10 players when the referee removed John Hejtinga from the pitch in the 109th minute.  Then, Cesc Fabregas was put onto the field as a substitute for Spain.  A few minutes later, Spanish player Andres Iniesta broke free in the penalty area, Fabregas passed him the ball, and Andres Iniesta scored the winning goal with a right footed kick.  

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The goal keeper for The Netherlands, Maarten Stekelenburg, missed catching the goal by just 8 yards, and the ball actually brushed against his fingertips.  The goal probably could have been prevented if he was faster, more agile, or moved at a faster speed to try and prevent the goal.

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Many soccer fans were surprised that The Netherlands lost the World Cup.  They were an extremely strong team, who were unbeaten throughout the entire tournament. Some of The Netherlands best skills were seen through forward Arjen Robben, who broke away in the 62nd minute and nearly scored a goal.  Another notable player in the game was Wesley Sneijder, who had some brilliant passes.   The Netherlands team is highly skilled at passing the ball in the box, which is near the goal.  This is a good strategy because then the ball often ends up in the goal!  The team is also strong in midfield defense.  They also were a very aggressive team, as they received 9 yellow cards in one match!

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The best off the ball movement was seen by the Spanish team.  Right-winger Pedro moved into a central position, which let Sergio Ramos from the right-back attack Dirk Kuyt from The Netherlands, and almost caused Spain to score a goal. 

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The Netherlands defense tried very hard to stop Iniesta from scoring his goal.  They tried to get Iniesta off side, however, replays after the game showed that Iniesta was onside when the ball was passed to him.  The ball was looped over the back line, so Iniesta had time to run up, get control of the ball, and score a goal into the far post

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