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  • Allix JonesGlobetrotting Page 24

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    October 2009


    october 2009 to april 2010all roads lead to geneva

    rolex fei world cup jumping

    Minutes before the start of each

    competition, riders walk the course,

    methodically pacing off the exact distance between

    one jump and the next. The ritual is something to

    behold as precision de nes the Rolex FEI World Cup

    Jumping. Season-long trials put riders and horses

    through an artful but challenging test. These intense,

    indoor events are qualifying rounds that bring the

    best of the best to Geneva to compete in the Rolex

    FEI World Cup Final. A conclusion that is easier

    said than done.

    FEIFocus_FEI_09_09.indd 1FEIFocus_FEI_09_09.indd 1 24.09.09 16:2224.09.09 16:22

  • TV

    Dear friends,

    I hope you all enjoyed the rst issue of FEIFocus, your letters and emails have been very encouraging and we hope to tailor thismagazine to your needs as we progress from edition to edition.

    As you will see, this issue has a distinct youth avour, a tting perspective as we embark on the FEIs rst ever Year of Youth, launched in August of this year and set to run through to next August in the lead up to the rst ever Youth Olympic Games.

    It has been a busy summer for both our youth and senior competitors with new records and awe inspiring sporting moments around the globe and in all the FEI disciplines. Alongside these many positive achievements, we have also devoted much of these past few monthsto issues such as Clean Sport.

    Our next edition will be prepared imme-diately following the FEI General Assem-bly in Copenhagen and we will report back to you with some of the key decisions andthe road ahead for Clean Sport, one which we are con dent will provide us with the toolsand vision to ensure a prosperous future for equestrian sport and the FEI Family.

    Alex McLinFEI Secretary General

    Throughout this edition of FEI FOCUS, our attentionis turned resolutely towards Youth by showcasing many of the up and coming faces of horsesport and acknowledging the role they will play in the years to come. They are the next generation of the FEI Family, whether they are the athletes, the fans, the owners, the volunteers, the of -cials or the media. We need to listen to their needs so that we can plan a future that they will be interested in and want to be a part of. This also includes proactively tackling the areas of our infrastructure that relate to fair play. In doing so, we will secure bothfor ourselves, and the generations that will follow us, a clean sport, building on solid foundations and, therefore, a healthy and solid future for our sport.

    With such a diversity of discip-lines and so many opportunities,we have something to offereveryone around the globe,and it is my sincere hope thatwe will also deliver this mes-sage of universality over thenext twelve months.

    HRH Princess HayaFEI President

    Watch FEI TV for extensive and high-quality live and on-demand coverage, highlights programmes and behind the scenes inter-views from major events around the world.

    FEI TV will also broadcast the FEI GeneralAssembly LIVE from Copenhagen on 19 November.

    Detailed Broadcast schedules available at www.feitv.org

    WelcomeEditorial Note from the FEI President


  • 34 On the Hoof With the future

    38 Golden Lady in Red Joanna Eccles

    40 The long Adventure From Beijing to London

    42 Marwari Breed The lost horses of Rajputana

    49 A Life in a Day Lyndsey Jordan

    50 Postcard from Uruguay Interview with Jorge Zeballos

    52 Alltech Tips The bene ts of antioxidant nutrition

    54 The Road to 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

    08 Through the Looking Glass Photos by Remco Veurink

    14 One Day Portraits of the next generation

    18 Why the Long Face? Exclusive interview with Pam Grier

    20 Meydan FEI Nations Cup Fantastic French take rst Meydan FEI Nations Cup Title

    24 A World of Oppurtunities Allix Jones

    28 FEI Awards 2009 Celebrating our Heroes

    30 Globetrotter

    32 The Other Side of Micheal Jung


    Impressum October 2009Circulation 3000Frequency QuarterlyEditor in Chief Olivia Robinson GordonDesign / Art Tasmanie.chPrinting SRO Kundig, GenevaCover Jol von Allmen, Neuchtel

    Contact / Advertising FEI Fdration Equestre Internationale Olivia Robinson Gordon Avenue de Rumine 37, CH-1005 Lausanne T +41 21 310 47 47, F +41 21 310 47 60 www.fei.org olivia.robinson@fei.org

    Table of Contents


  • As we celebrate Youth inthis edition of FEI FOCUS,we would like to take thisopportunity to showcase the works of a young, up and com-ing equestrian photographer from the Netherlands, Remco

    Veurink. At just 24 years of age, Remco is a passionate and professional photographer, with his eye turned resolutely towards horses and horsesport.

    He was 12 when his mother gave him an old, dilapidated, manual camera to go out and re- discover the world with, and thats exactlywhat he did. Living near a race track, he im-mediately began to experiment taking photos of racing cars, but it was thanks to a close friend, Pieter Koopmans a young talented show jumper and course designer that tragically died last year in a car accident that his equestrian photographic career began in earnest when he was introduced to Jacob Melissen, who has been his mentor and employer since then. Jacob Melissen is the man behind the comprehensive photographic database JMInt.eu providing photos in real time and available for download from horsesports premier events around the world, including the Meydan FEI Nations Cup series, the Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping se-ries, European and World Championships and Olympic Games.

    Remcos style testi es of his interest in emotion and detail, always seeking to provide a fresh way of portraying the sport and its athletes both human and equine. While his energetic de-meanour and enthusiasm to provide quality and artistic photos make him a delight to work with.

    Remco Veurink

    Through the Looking Glass Remco Veurink To see more of his work, check out www.jmint.eu


  • Through the Looking Glass Remco Veurink


  • Through the Looking Glass Remco Veurink


  • Bram Chardon (NED) was practically born on a carriage as son of four times individual four-in-hand World Champion IJsbrand Chardon and grandson of the late four-in-hand driver Bram Chardon. At the age of sixteen, Bram competes at sub-national level with his four-in-handof grey Welsh ponies and is determined to soon follow into the footsteps of his father.

    Fifteen year old Pakjira Thongpakdi (THA) is an avid fan of Dressage and has competed in a number of FEI World Dressage Challenges already. She dreams of ONE DAY making a career in horsesport and is constantly recruiting new friends to her number one hobby.

    Who is your role model ? My father! I admire him because he has been competing at the top for over twenty years. He won his rst individual goldmedal in 1988 and in 2008, he became World Champion for the fourth time.

    In competition, is it all about winning ? When I startedto compete myself, winning was no issue. I was very young, our main goal was to create a good team. But at the moment, yes, I want to win everything!

    Who is your biggest fan ? My mother. She comes with me to every competition; she drives the lorryand arranges everything. Before, she also wenton the carriage with me in all phases, but now my eldest sister Jeannette is my groom in themarathon and my other sister Edith rides with me in dressage and cones.

    Complete the sentence : One day I would like to Become World Champion with a horse team ! The next few years I will compete with my pony team and I hope to be selected for the 2011 FEI World Combined Pony Driving Championships.

    Do you have a good relationship with your crew ? My crew is just super. We are all equal, we eat, drink and celebrate together and we can say anything to each other.

    How do you imagine your life will be in the fu-ture ? I am not sure yet if I have enough talent to become a professional coachman like my father. My parents run a riding school and I would like to continue this business, but I am also following an education at an advanced level so that option is always there.

    Complete the sentence In the future I would like to sport to be More known and more practised in more countries. Our sport must become more attractive for more people so we can attract more spectators. Therefore, the driving sport must stay clean and we must avoid doping cases and animal cruelty.

    Who is your role model ? Anky Van Grunsven and Isabell Werth.

    When did you start riding and why ? When I was 7 or 8, my friend persuaded me to try and I just loved it for no reason.

    In competition, is it all about winning ? No, I just want to have fun with it and gain more experiences but if I can win it would be great.

    Who is your biggest fan ? Err I think I dont have any fans yet.

    Complete the sentence : One day I would like to succeed in horse riding and be a good rider and maybe represent Thailand in the Asian Games.

    What are your hobbies ? Nowadays my only hobby is HORSE RIDING.

    What are your aims in terms of a career ? Umm actually I havent made up my mind about my future yet but something around horse riding would be nice.

    If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you like to have with you ? What kind o