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The Fall & Holiday Catalog has been released. Browse through it and let me know if you have any questions. Ordering can start August 17th. :)

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  • Fall & Holiday 2013

    cherish the time

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  • 2make time for memories

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  • 33

    For recipes, product videos and information on the earningopportunity, visit tupperware.ca

    table of contents

    The weather is cooling,and loved ones are soonto gather, hungry forthose homemadememories. With theprofoundly practicalcollection of products in this catalog, youre not just making heart-warming meals and treats for your familyyoure also making moretime for them.

    4 prepare20 bakeware24 cookware28 cutlery30 kitchen tools32 microwave cooking38 microwave reheating42 entertain48 refrigerate52 freeze54 gifts57 on the go62 kids66 organize74 host77 fundraiser78 opportunity80 special offer

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  • 4Our largest base everNewly designed paddle whisk and curved blades

    Ring adapts same cover to different size bases

    Super-efficient pull-cord cover

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  • 5Power Chef SystemQuickly and easily preparerecipes with a seriously up-to-date culinary solution. Our newly designed, most efficient food processor blends,mixes, emulsifies and chops with the easypull of a cord. It also cleverlyintegrates with the Chop NPrep Chef.


    NEW!your personal

    chefblendomelets, smoothies, baby food, guacamole,salsa, tzatziki, hummus andother dips and spreads

    mixbatters for pancakes andcakes, mousses and other desserts

    emulsifydressings, marinades,sauces and mayonnaise

    chopvegetables, fruits and herbsfor meal and dessert prep

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  • ab c


    a New! Power Chef System Large-capacity, super-efficient prep. Includes pull-cord cover, adaptor ring with soft cap for funnel insertion, threecurved blades, paddle whisk, funnel withmeasurements, 5-cup/1.35 L base withanti-skid ring, blade protector and airtight,liquid-tight seal. Q1235 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $83.00

    b New! Power Chef Accessories SetFor the pros who already own the Chop N Prep Chef, you can expand your prepcollection without purchasing an additionalpull-cord cover. Includes adaptor ring thatenables the use of your pull-cord cover,three curved blades, paddle whisk, funnelwith measurements, 5-cup/1.35 L basewith anti-skid ring, blade protector and airtight, liquid-tight seal. Q1236 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $65.00

    c Chop N Prep ChefOur popular, smaller chopper now integrates with the Power Chef Accessories Set. Ideal for chopping herbs,nuts, garlic and small veggies. Includespull-cord cover, three straight blades, 1-cup/300 mL anti-skid base, blade protector and airtight, liquid-tight seal. Q1245 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $47.00

    Get set to prep by creatingthe Power Chef Systemthats just right for you.Efficient pull-cord

    cover greatly reduceschopping time.

    Already have the Chop N Prep Chef?


    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • d7


    SPECIAL VALUEd New! Power Chef Premium SystemTwo great prep products work together to createyears of delicious meals and treats. IncludesPower Chef 5-cup/1.35 L base with anti-skid ring, Chop N Prep 1-cup/300 mLanti-skid base, pull-cord cover, adaptor ring,three curved blades, three straight blades, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, two blade protectors and two airtight, liquid-tight seals. Q $112.00 value. 1596 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $89.00

    Curved blades lift ingredientsfor thorough processing.


    your completeprep crew

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  • a8

    a Double ColanderEnjoy two colanders in one. Use top and bottom separately or together.701 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $25.50

    c Amazing Appetizers Recipe BookTry 24 recipes for dips, spreads, small bites,flatbread and more using the Quick Chef

    Pro System. Recipes in English, Spanish and French. G1248 $12.00

    d Quick Chef Pro SystemVersatile, turn-handle food processor makesit easy to create salsas, ice cream, choppedsalads and more. Includes three straightblades for chopping, paddle whisk, funnelwith measurements, small basket for quickdrying veggies and herbs, cover with handle,5-cup/1.3 L base with anti-skid ring andairtight, liquid-tight seal. Q1247 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $83.00

    b Simple Indulgence Southwest Chipotle Seasoning BlendTex-Mex flavor is in the bag. Spice up salsa,dressings, spreads, sauces and more. Salsa recipe included on package. 2 oz./56 g. Kosher and gluten free. G1094 $7.50



    timesaverPrices do not include taxes.

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  • d9


    from scratch in a snap

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  • da

    Flip-top cap snaps open and closed for on-the-go shakes and drinks.


    a Quick Shake ContainerShake to blend your dressings, marinades,protein drinks and more. 2 cup/600 mL. 713 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $20.00


    b Simple Indulgence Steak & Chop Seasoning BlendCreate irresistible dishes with this savory grilling blend. Perfect for dry rubs, marinades or sauces for juicy, flavorful meat andvegetable favorites. 2 oz./56 g. Kosher, dairy free, sugar free and gluten free. G1098 $7.50

    c Chophouse Selections Recipe BookletBring the chophouse to your house. Satisfythe fiercest appetites with 16 recipes forsizzling steaks, mouth-watering chops andmore you can prepare at home with our Steak & Chop Seasoning Blend. G1218 English $6.251220 French $6.25

    d Season-Serve ContainerBuilt-in grids on base and seal ensure ultimate marinade coverage. 1212 x 1012 x 412"/31.8 x 26.7 x 11.5 cm.702 Lettuce Leaf/Snow White $26.50


    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • e11

    e Spin N Save Salad Spinner Rinse, prep, serve and storeall in one. Includes airtight and liquid-tight seal. 4 qt./4 L.712 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $62.00


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  • 12

    NEW SETa Kitchen Prep Tools 3-Pc. SetMake kitchen duties a breeze with thisdurable, well-designed set of essentials.Includes Serving Spoon and two newtools: the Large Spatula and Cake & Pie Server. 1285 Black/Grape Fizz/Popsicle/Sunny $35.00

    b Saucy Silicone SpatulaStain and heat resistant up to 400 F/200 C. 1251 Lettuce Leaf/Snow White $23.00


    Kitchen Prep Tools are ideal for usewith both UltraPro Ovenware &Chef Series Cookware.



    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • cd

    c Thatsa Bowl32 cup/7.6 L.706 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $31.00

    d Thatsa Mega Bowl42 cup/10 L. 705 Lettuce Leaf/Margarita $35.50

    Thatsa BowlsPopular Thatsa Bowls feature thumb handles for a sure grip. Textured interiors withstand scratches and high walls reducesplattering. Each includes an airtight and liquid-tight seal.





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  • 14


    a Squeeze It DecoratorAdd fillings and garnish with ease with five interchangeable nozzles. 710 Lettuce Leaf $25.00

    Spoons sit level onyour countertop.

    Nozzles store inside.



    c e

    b Classic Sheer Midgets Set Set of six includes 1, 112, 2-oz./30, 45, 60 mL markings. 709 Lettuce Leaf $18.00

    c Measuring SpoonsCurved handle features embossed measurements. Includes 18, 14, 12 and 1 tsp.; plus 12 and 1 tbsp. 708 Margarita $15.00

    d Measuring Cups Cups feature pour spouts and embossed measurements. Includes 14, 13, 12, 23, 34 and 1 cup. 707 Lettuce Leaf $18.50

    SEASONAL FAVORITEe Tupperware Anti-Slip Pastry SheetLarge working surface keeps your counter clean while crafting sweet treats or prepping meals. Includes pastry measuring guides and conversion charts. 26 x 18"/66 x 46 cm. Q1589 Lettuce Leaf/Lime $30.00

    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • 15


    Easily measure pies, personal pizzas and more.

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  • 16

    a Grate N Measure GraterGrate cheeses, chocolate, vegetables and more. Features 212-cup/600 mL sheer measuring bin and stainless steel blade Q.1259 Snow White $23.00

    b Zest N Press GadgetWhen life gives you lemons, limes or smalloranges, zest and press them to extractmaximum flavor and goodness with this exclusive, patent-pending tool. Chamber holds up to cup/60 mL. Q1295 Scallion $43.50

    a b


    Blade zests citrus,ginger, chocolate and cheese.

    Named Shape MagazinesGadget of the Month for June 2013.

    Prices do not include taxes.

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  • 17

    c Jel-Ring MoldRemovable center and top seals make unmolding a cinch. 6 cup/1.4 L.455 Margarita $18.00


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  • ab

    a Round Pie and Pastry Container Fits a 9"/22.5 cm pie or up to 12 cupcakes.792 Mint Ice Cream $25.50

    b Round Cake TakerHolds a three-layer cake or flip base for divided serving tray.790 Mint Ice Cream/Snow White $42.00

    c Prep EssentialsSnack-Stor Container912 x 912 x 3"/24.3 x 24.3 x 7.7 cm.793 Mint Ice