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2. Evaluation of Scholastic learning only onEvaluation of Scholastic learning only on marks.marks. Ability of child not evaluated.Ability of child not evaluated. Resulting in Pass/Fail.Resulting in Pass/Fail. Causing frustration and humiliation .Causing frustration and humiliation . WHY (CCE)WHY (CCE) CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATIONCONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION 3. WHAT ISWHAT IS CONTINUOUS and COMPREHENSIVECONTINUOUS and COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION ?EVALUATION ? a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of students developmentcovers all aspects of students development 4. ContinuousContinuous Continualfrom the beginning and during theContinualfrom the beginning and during the instructional processinstructional process 5. Comprehensive Scholastic - Subject specific areas. Co-Scholastic - Life skills, attitudes & values and other co curricular activities 6. From next year on wards each AcademicFrom next year on wards each Academic year will have 2 terms -year will have 2 terms - FIRST TERM :FIRST TERM : April to SeptemberApril to September SECOND TERM:SECOND TERM: October to MarchOctober to March 7. types of assessment will be formativeformative and summativesummative. Assessment which is carriedAssessment which is carried throughout the year formally and informallythroughout the year formally and informally SA-end of the year examsSA-end of the year exams FA Includes a variety of tools and techniques for assessment of the learners. Class work Homework Oral questions Quizzes Projects, One minute paper One sentence summary Assignments/Tests And many more 8. ASSESSMENT FOR AN ACADEMIC YEAR Term I FA1 , FA2 and SA1 Term II - FA3 , FA4 and SA2 FINAL Assessment- FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4 10+ 10+ 10+ 10 = 40% SA1+ SA2 30 + 30 = 60% TOTAL = 100% The periodicity of the two types of assessment are four and twice a year. 9. Formative Assessment totals to 40% weightage. Summative Assessment totals to 60% weightage. 10. SCHEME OF GRADINGSCHEME OF GRADING SCHOLASTIC & CO- SCHOLASTICSCHOLASTIC & CO- SCHOLASTIC Performance will be assessed using conventional numerical marking and same will be converted into grades. 11. Assessment areas: Part 1 : Scholastic 1 A : Scholastic 7 1 B : Scholastic 5 Part 2 : Co-Scholastic 2 A : Life Skills 5 2 B : Attitudes & Values 3 Part 3 : Co-Scholastic 3 A : Co-curricular Activities 3 3 B :Health & Physical Education 3 GRADING SCALE (Point) CBSE has decided to introduce the following GRADING point SYSTEM. 12. Science Mathematics Scholastic Areas Social Sciences Language II Language I ACADEMICS CO-CURRICULAR Work Experience Art Education Physical and Health Education / Games Addl. Subjects (7 POINT SCALE)(7 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B+ B, C, DA+, A, B+ B, C, D (5 POINT SCALE)(5 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B+, B, CA+, A, B+, B, C 13. School Programmes School Property Co-Scholastic AreasEnvironment Students/Peers Towards Teachers Attitudes and Values (3 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B Emotional Skills Social Skills Participation & Achievements (3 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B Scientific Life Skills (5 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B+, B, C Thinking Skills YogaCreative Aesthetic Health & Physical Education (3 POINT SCALE) A+, A, B First Aid Games, Swimming Clubs 14. GRADING SYSTEM for SCHOLASTIC -A MARKS GRADEMARKS GRADE GRADEGRADE 91100 A191100 A1 8190 A28190 A2 7180 B17180 B1 6170 B26170 B2 5160 C15160 C1 4150 C24150 C2 15. GRADES in SCHOLASTIC-B subjects Work Experience ,Art Education, Physical EducationWork Experience ,Art Education, Physical Education Life skillsLife skills GRADEGRADE GRADE POINTGRADE POINT A+A+ 55 A 4A 4 B+ 3B+ 3 B 2B 2 C 1C 1 16. GRADES Attitudes & ValuesAttitudes & Values Participation & AchievementParticipation & Achievement Health & Physical EducationHealth & Physical Education GRADEGRADE GRADE POINTGRADE POINT A+ 3A+ 3 A 2A 2 B 1B 1 17. CCE Assessment Chart Subject wise Day to conduct various activities under FA Eng Monday Maths Tuesday GSc Wednesday SoSt Thursdays Hindi Friday MSc/GK/Comp Saturday(1nd and 2nd ) Sansk Saturday(3rd and 4th ) 18. Homework and other assignment Maths Monday Eng Tuesday SoSt Wednesday GSc Thursdays MSc/GK/Comp Friday Hindi Saturday(1nd and 2nd) Sansk Saturday(3rd and 4th) 19. Name Marks given (Note: for one chance less 20% ) Weak -ness Effort of Teachers to Improve Students Weakness No. of chance Given/ taken by Student Class room activity (4) No. of chance Given/ taken by Student project (2) No. of chance Given/ taken by Student Analysis of students work (2) No. of chance Given/ taken by Student Assig nments (2) Total (10) 20. GRADING SYSTEM Minimize misclassification of students on the basis of marks. Eliminate unhealthy cut throat competition among high achievers. Reduce societal pressure and provide the learner with more flexibility. Lead to a better learning environment. ADVANTAGES 21. Project/ Activity and Scientific skillsProject/ Activity and Scientific skills aa project requires students to undertake their ownproject requires students to undertake their own fact-finding and analysis, either from library or fromfact-finding and analysis, either from library or from gathering data empirically. The written report thatgathering data empirically. The written report that comes from the project is usually in the form ofcomes from the project is usually in the form of inquiry, analysis, findings and conclusionsinquiry, analysis, findings and conclusions - Continuous observation of the student whileContinuous observation of the student while carrying out the activitycarrying out the activity ** Bringing/ collecting materialsBringing/ collecting materials ** interest showninterest shown * observation done by the students* observation done by the students * inference/ conclusion* inference/ conclusion 22. Homework and other assignmentHomework and other assignment MathsMaths MondayMonday EngEng TuesdayTuesday SoStSoSt WednesdayWednesday GScGSc ThursdaysThursdays MSc/GK/CompMSc/GK/Comp FridayFriday HindiHindi Saturday(1nd and 2nd)Saturday(1nd and 2nd) SanskSansk Saturday(3rd and 4th)Saturday(3rd and 4th) 23. The EndThe End ThanksThanks