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Transcript of Epson SureColor S-Series - JVH SureColor_S-Series Specs.pdf¢  Epson SureColor S-Series...

  • Epson SureColor S-Series SureColor S30675 – 64” SureColor S50675 – 64” SureColor S70675 – 64”


    Sales Reference Guide - April 2015

  • Epson SureColor S-Series

    With over three years of customer feedback and feature requests, Epson Engineers have refined our latest roll-to-roll solvent printers to new levels of performance and value.

    S30675 | S50675 | S70675

  • C M Y K

    620 ft2

    Speed Production

    140 ft2

    High Quality

    109 ft2

    Epson SureColor S30675

    Capable of producing reliable, high-quality output up to 140 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S30675 could be the perfect entry-level sign printer.

    $14,995 MSRP

  • C M Y K W


    Banner White

    67 ft2980 ft2

    Draft Production

    240 ft2

    High Quality

    128 ft2

    HQ White

    33 ft2

    Epson SureColor S50675

    Capable of producing reliable, high-quality output up to 240 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S50675 represents the fastest signage printer from Epson.

    $19,995 MSRP

  • Metallic

    43 ft2

    White + Metallic

    11 ft2


    32 ft2550 ft2

    Draft Production

    190 ft2

    High Quality

    140 ft2 C M Y K Lc Lm Lk Or+ W S

    + +

    Epson SureColor S70675

    Capable of producing photographic output up to 190 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S70675 represents the best imaging technologies from Epson.

    $22,995 MSRP

  • Epson Solvent Ink Technology

    Epson UltraChrome GS2

    Epson UltraChrome GSX



    For greater reliability, the Epson SureColor S-Series family of printers are designed exclusively for use with Epson ink cartridges.1 Please Note:

  • Epson UltraChrome GS2

    Improved Third-Generation Solvent Chemistry from Epson

    - Extremely fast drying

    - Superior media compatibility and durability

    - No special ventilation or air purification required2

    - Meets the chemical requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel (Nordic Swan)

    Newly Formulated Cyan Ink Technology

    - Improved reliability over previous versions of Epson solvent chemistry

    - Less likely to cause nozzle clogging

    Epson AccuPhotoTM GS2 Screening

    - Unique four-color screening technology for outstanding print quality

    solvent inkproven technology

    Professional Imaging

    Compatible with the SureColor S30675 and S50675

  • Epson UltraChrome GSX

    Same Base Solvent Chemistry as Epson UltraChrome GS2

    - Including faster dry times

    - Extreme image quality

    - Newly formulated ink technology by Epson for improved performance

    New High Durability Orange Plus Ink

    - Improved outdoor durability up to three-years un-laminated

    - Up to a 3% wider color gamut versus previous UltraChrome GSX Orange Ink

    Epson AccuPhotoTM GSX Screening

    - Advanced form of math capable of producing a level of photographic print quality beyond any other form of sign printing

    - Capable of producing the world’s most demanding fine art reproductions

    Compatible with the SureColor S70675

    Professional Imaging

    solvent inkphotographic technology

  • Epson UltraChrome White Ink Technology

    Optional White Ink for the SC-S50675 and SC-S70675

    - Up to 3.8 times better opacity than other solvent-based white inks

    - Very fast dry times compared to other solvent-based white inks

    - Patented formulation to reduce ink sedimentation and dry-out

    - Built-in automatic printer ink circulation system for reduced user maintenance

    Epson UltraChrome Transmittance of Light 1.8%

    1,440 x 720 dpi Maximum Duty

    Typical Competitor Transmittance of Light 7.0%

    1,440 x 720 dpi Maximum Duty

    White Ink Printed on LINTEC E1000ZC Epson Testing Labs

    Light Source

    Professional Imaging

    solvent inkproven technology

  • Epson Metallic Silver technology

    True Metallic Silver Ink

    - Small Particle Aluminum Technology - as small as 1.0 µm

    - Capable of printing up to twice the speed as other metallic inks - up to 43 ft2/hr

    - High water resistance for extreme reflective metallic levels

    - Low viscosity technology to improve the accuracy of dot placement

    - Can be mixed with other colors to create an unlimited number of metallic shades

    - Built-in automatic ink circulation system for reduced user maintenance

    - Fully supported by the included ONYX GammaPrint Pro RIP

    Professional Imaging

    Compatible with the SureColor S70675

    solvent inkproven technology

  • Outdoor Print Permanence

    Full Color Full Color with

    Orange Plus White Metallic Silver

    Epson SureColor S30675 Up to 3 Years N.A. N.A. N.A.

    Epson SureColor S50675 Up to 3 Years N.A. Up to 1 Year N.A.

    Epson SureColor S70675 Up to 3 Years In Testing Up to 1 Year In Testing

    NOTES: Test results based upon Epson Testing Labs using the ISO 18930 print durability standard.

    All print results are based upon un-laminated prints printed on adhesive backed vinyl. White ink results judged by the gloss level reduction thresholds per ISO 18930 standards.

    Durability numbers above are estimates of maximum image permanence. Your actual results may vary depending upon media type used, environmental display conditions and other factors.

    Epson does not warrant durability. Please visit 3M and Avery web sites for laminated durability claims using their warranty programs.

    Professional Imaging

    Epson UltraChrome Solvent Ink Technology

  • Epson PrecisionCore TFP Print Head Our Most Advanced Print Head Technology

    ® ®

  • Epson PrecisionCore TFPProfessional Imaging Our Most Advanced Print head Technology.

    All-New High-Density Print Chip Core - Advanced Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print chip core is only 1/1,000 mm thin - Precision dot control for extreme print clarity and sharpness - By utilizing more advanced piezo materials, a higher-level of print head durability is achieved

    High-Precision MEMS Manufacturing Process - Based on the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems process for an unparalleled level of

    manufacturing efficiency for consistent production quality

    Outstanding Ink Flexibility - The PrecisionCore print chip is capable of printing with a wide-range of ink types

    Scalable Print Performance - The PrecisionCore chip, delivers commercial-grade performance in a compact, modular

    form, and enables Epson to scale the technology, from single-pass industrial presses, to professional and consumer printers.

  • Epson PrecisionCore TFPProfessional Imaging Our Most Advanced Print head Technology.

    Photographic Solvent Imaging

    - Capable of print resolutions up to 1,440 x 1,440 dpi - True 720 dpi per color channel per single print pass - Enhanced Variable Droplet Technology as small as 4.2 picoliter - Advanced Epson MicroWeave technology for reduced banding at higher print speeds

    Designed for Solvent Ink Technology - The SureColor S-Series PrecisionCore print heads have been developed to meet the

    high demands of a production environment. A robust head carriage allows for more

    protection from potential head strikes, allowing for increased production with less


  • Improved Media Handling Technology

    Significantly Reduced Media Feed Error

    - Media feed error of about 0.4 mm over a 50 meter roll (164 ft) - Typical competitors have about 1.9 mm of feed error over the same feed length - The result? More accurate final dimensions for larger signage applications - Removes the need to recalibrate at the beginning and end of heavy rolls

    Sensor-Based Auto Media Tension Control

    - Media feeding system is fully motorized for take-in and take-up - Printer automatically controls the media tension and motor strength depending upon

    the remaining media and weight

    - The “Auto Media Adjust” feature allows for easy set up of feed adjustments and head alignments with the touch of a button

    Print Head Travel

    EPSON Competitors

    Scans of Actual Print Samples on Adhesive Vinyl Shown Above

    Professional Imaging

  • Included Software RIP

  • Extremely Easy to Use - Simple tools for sizing, cropping, tiling, and nesting - Easy workflow for printer operations - including a full RIP-queue - Built-in ability to add and recalibrate media

    Professional Print Quality - Epson provides profiles for the top-selling solvent media - True PANTONE® Spot Color matching - Custom metallic spot color library (SureColor S70675 only) - Ability to print White and Metallic Silver out of the box

    Upgradeable - As users grow, they can upgrade to a higher-end ONYX RIP solutions - Add-on support for ONYX Cut Server - $495


    Professional Imaging ONYX GammaPrint® Pro RIP Latest Bundled Version 11.2

  • Partnering with the World’s Best Media Companies

    Media Compatibility

  • Media Compatibility

    Partnering with the World’s Best Media Companies - 3M, Avery, Seal, UltraFlex, and more - Epson will provide free ICC profiles for these companies’ top me