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  • E N V I E

    The SEAs First Local Handmade Marketplace

  • Do You Still Think Handmade Market Size Is Small?

    2E N V I E

    E N V I E

    GMS $2.4 B (2015) Users 60 M

    Mkt Cap $1 B

    GMS $75 M (2015) Users 5 M

    Users 1 M

    Users 4 M



    Super Easy to Sell and Fully Safe to Buy on ENVIE

    E N V I E

    E N V I E

    E N V I E

    2. Pay

    3. Ship

    1. List

    5. Pay 4. Confirm

  • We Are More Popular Handmade Marketplace Than Etsy.

    4E N V I E Singapore App Store - May 4, 2016

  • 5E N V I E

    We Will Expand into Next Markets.

    Singapore version has been launched

    Malaysia version will be launched in June

    Next SEA or APAC markets