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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

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  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CELL (Established in 1999 & Recognized by NSTEDB in 2004)


    Mr. Akbar Basha. S Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    Assistant Professor (SG), Civil Engineering B. S. Abdur Rahman University


    Dr. V. Murugesan Director (Sponsored Research & Consultancy) &

    Registrar B. S. Abdur Rahman University

  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of B.S. Abdur Rahman University was established in

    1999 as a self-initiative effort, when it was Crescent Engineering College. It was recognized by

    National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) in Feb 2004

    with 8 lacs funding grant. An area of 5000 sq. ft. is allotted for the EDC Activities.

    Vision Our vision is to aid the growth of our society by enabling entrepreneurs with

    integrity & sustainability and encourage individual ability and creativity.


    To be the leader in enabling & facilitating entrepreneurs, support the sparks

    of budding entrepreneurs and manifesting the spirit and energy of young

    students from ideation to start-up to establishment and scaling up with

    integrity and sustainability through constant guidance & mentoring through

    various programs and schemes.


    To create awareness on Entrepreneurships among young students

    To facilitate the development of Entrepreneurial Skills among young

    students of Science & Technology

    To inculcate Entrepreneurial Spirit and Culture among young students

    To kindle the sparks of young students & budding entrepreneurs

    To establish a modern category of Sustainable Technology Competent


    To be an interface in building network among various institutions of

    learning & research and various industries

    To provide complete technical and other services to small scale


    To establish an incubation centre in various science & technology domains

    To organize camps, seminars, symposia, workshops, industrial visits,

  • conferences and other development programs

    Major Functions


    Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs)

    Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs)

    Faculty Development Programs on Entrepreneurship (FDPs)

    Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programs (ESDPs)

    Technology Entrepreneurship Development Programs (TEDPs)

    Entrepreneurship Conference

    Guest Lectures & Seminars on Entrepreneurship

    Visits to various industries

    Skill Development Training Programs


    Market Research & Survey

    Curriculum development on Entrepreneurship based courses

    Business Model Designing

    Business Plan / Project Report preparation


    Events / Activities of the EDC

    2010 -11

    In April 2011:

    CBS jointly with MSME, 2 days conference, Developing a Modern

    Entrepreneurial Society

    In March 2011:

    Entrepreneurship Awareness by Ms. Vishnu Priya of National

    Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) (Participants: 1000)

    In March 2010:

    Creating Entrepreneurship Awareness by Dr. R. Jayaraman, Director,

    Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Madurai

    In Feb 2010: How to start small scale enterprise by Mr. NSN Pillai, Head, Risk

    Management & information Security, M/s. Ashok Leyland, Chennai

  • 2012



    with Single Additional Credit from OCT to NOV 2012 (Saturdays only)

    program was organized covering Self-Analysis & Achievement motivation,

    Risk Management, Production and marketing Management, Finance &

    Accounting, Business Model Development, Business Plan Writing and

    presentation. 50 students participated.


    On 22 Mar 2012, Design Development Programme was initiated with a

    Special Guest Lecture by Mr. W. Amarnath. The program was to initiate

    projects based on engineering design and to avail funds from Design

    Development Scheme of National Institute of Design (NID), Bangalore.


    One month Entrepreneurship Development Programme for SC/ST Youth

    by EDI, Chennai was organized from 20 Feb 2012 to 23 Mar 2012. There

    were 50 participants who benefited from the program. The highlight of the

    program was the Stalls and Demo by 10 teams of 5 members, covering from

    food industries to electronic industries and also service sector.

  • Organized During 09 & 10 Feb 2012, a 2 Days Entrepreneurship Development Program for EEE Students (35 Students) was organized with the funding grant

    from by Alumni Association.


    On 08 Feb 2012, a Workshop on Concept Generation Method by Dr. Achutha Rao (40 Students) was organized to

    Design skills right from the scratch of concept generation.

  • Organized

    On 01 Feb 2012, InnoContest 2012 was organized, in which, 50 Students were participated and 16 Ideas were presented.

    Organized On 19 Jan 2012, A Special Lecture on Creativity & Innovation by Mr. W. Amarnath, Consultant, INVENT, Chennai was organized in which 60 S

    Organized On 12 Jan 2012, 20 Students of our University participated in a Special Lecture on Design Clinic

  • 2013

    Sponsored &


    In the TiECON Chennai 2013 on 11th & 12th Nov 2013 @ The Leela Palace,


  • Organized

    A Visit by Mr. Vish Viswanathan, CEO, UBiCS and Ms. Akhila Rajeshwar,

    Executive Director, TiE-Chennai on 16th Sep 2013.

    Facilitated The presentation by www.ticketgoose.coms TYCOON EXPRESS on 6th

    Feb 2013, in which one student from our University was selected to

    participate in a 5 Months Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    organized by Ticketgoose.com

    Facilitated A Special Lecture by DREAM:IN, Bangalore on Entrepreneurship

    Concepts and Opportunities was organized on 6th Feb 2013, which

    included a Video Interview Session to record the Dreams of the students

    and elucidate funding opportunities with DREAM:IN. 4 Students were

    selected for the mentoring by DREAM:IN Bangalore.



    A 3 Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC) during 3, 4 &

    5 March 2014 (Grants by DST-NIMAT PROJECT)

    Students Approved by Registrar and Our University Students E-Club will be

  • E-Club inaugurated in April 2014 to create the ecosystem for Entrepreneurial


    To be


    Going to organize 3 Nos. of 3 days Entrepreneurship Awareness

    Camps (EACs) in Mar 2014 (Grants by DST-NIMAT PROJECT)

    Going to organize a Guest Lecture by Mr. Sharad Sharma of ISPIRIT,


    Going to Set-up Students Entrepreneurship Club for fostering

    Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in our University Campus

    Facilitating students to write excellent Business Plans and finding

    prospective incubatees

    Facilitating Apple iOS Lab / Centre as part of the incubation centre to

    develop MOB-APPS development

    Interactive sessions with Entrepreneurs among our Alumni to motivate

    the students

    Summary of Events /Activities for the past five years:

    15 Nos. of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps. Total Participants benefited: 1166

    6 Nos. of Entrepreneurship Development Programs. Total Participants benefited: 839

    7 Nos. of Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programs. Total Participants

    benefited: 350

    4 Nos. of MY IDEA PROGRAMS (Villgro) & INNOCONTESTS : 4nos. Total Participants

    benefited: 84

    A One Month Entrepreneurship Development Program at IITM (Madras), Total

    Participants benefited: 16

    Skill Development & Office Administration Program, Total Participants benefited: 55

    Entrepreneurship & Project Management programs, Total Participants benefited: 59

    Embroidery & Household products programs, Total Participants benefited: 60)

    5 days Traditional Crafts programs, Total Participants benefited: 55)

    Intercollegiate Essay Competition on Entrepreneurship. (Participants: 34 from 11


    Debate: Is Life of an Entrepreneur a bed of roses or one full of struggles. (Participants:


    Entrepreneurship and small business management, (Participants: 35 from AIR FORCE


    Systems & Engineering Applications, (Participants: ED CELL MEMBERS)

  • Computer Hardware Maintenance & Service Technology (40 days), (Participants: 45)

    EDP for Women Self Help Group, (Participants: 22)

    Embedded Technology with National Small Industries Centre, (Participants: 120)