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    APRIL 2016

    A Kennedy Catholic Lancer Publication

    www.kennedyhs.org140S 140th Street, Burien WA 98168Kennedy Catholic High School


    Life with Purpose

    God is not accountable to us, but we are to Him. I know what may lie in wait for us....and yet I find life beautiful and meaningful.

    Etty Hillesum who wrote these words in Amsterdam in 1942, was a young 28 year old Jewish woman and gifted writer who kept a diary during the German occupation of Holland. The diary portrays an inner transformation of an independent woman preoccupied with worldly pleasures and sensuality, into a person of great spiritual depth and wisdom. The diaries chronicle Ettys inner growth and have become an authentic classic of twentieth century spirituality.

    In 1942, she voluntarily went to the German internment camp for Jews at Westerbork in Holland to serve those who were under arrest and detained. However on September 8, 1943, she and her entire family were transported to Auschwitz, where she died two months later in the gas chambers (Harris, 2015).

    Etty Hillesum became an acquaintance the week after Easter, as part of a homily given by Fr. Tim Clark, pastor of Our Lady of the Lake. We had a mutual friend in Kirk Hilsabeck, a father of two Kennedy [Catholic] graduates, who just lost his 8 year battle with cancer. As Kirks doctor would say after mysteriously living past the diagnosis of 18 months, You are the healthiest dying man I have ever seen!

    Father Tims take on Kirks last years were about living each day with purpose. Kirk knew the end game better than most. Similar to Etty, death was inevitable; so now what? For Kirk, it was putting his house in order, figuratively and literally, not allowing the sun to set on how God was to use him. Likewise, Ettys diaries allow us to see how in the midst of the horrors and atrocities, she could rise above the hate and evil to reveal a tremendous inner strength.

    What a lesson for us all to learn! Each day is a day given to us by God, to influence according to Gods divine will. What plagues us all can be attributed to the future, the anxieties, the fears and the desolation that ultimately freezes us. For Etty, Kirk, and for each of us, let us put into practice Jesus words in Matthews Gospel. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Look into who God has put into your life and commit to living each moment with purpose and in the midst of what crowds out that feeling of peace, pray for the inner strength to live fully in Christ today, finding every moment beautiful and meaningful, regardless.

    Harris, Paul. Etty Hillesum: Meditator and Peace Activist, 1914-1943. The World Community For Christian Meditation. 2015.

    Mike Prato - President

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    PRINCIPALS MESSAGEWe have begun our last quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. This is a very emotional time for our Seniors who are preparing for their next stage in life. These last weeks we get to spend with them often go by much too quickly. As they finish their last semester in high school and gear up to the rest of their life journey, we also begin to prepare for the next class to enter in to Kennedy Catholic.

    Last month the incoming Class of 2020 came in to register for their first classes in high school. As the students and their parents came into the building, the feelings of pride, nerves and excitement were all present. It was a joy to meet, talk with and assist our new students and their families. Many of our conversations began with questions. What classes do I get to take? What activities are there to do after school? What will my schedule be like? My daughter was no different- she had all the same questions! But she, and the rest of the soon-to-be Freshmen, are ready to start their next stage too!

    High school life is a cycle- the students come into the building as Freshmen ready to experience all high school has to offer. We spend four years preparing them and watching them grow into faith-filled adults. Then, as Seniors, they leave us and are launched into the world.

    These are exciting days for us. We have a busy calendar ahead of us. In all the busy days, we need to remember that we too are part of the cycle and we need to take time to enjoy the journey.

    TOP STORIES:Maggie Gallagher

    2016 KATCH Auction RSVP

    IN THIS EDITION:Presidents MessagePrincipals MessageMother & Daughter BrunchIn The NewsNational History DayRotary Students of the MonthWorlds Finest ChocolatesActing GloballyRed, White & Blue Egg Hunt Recap2016 Hall of Fame RecapHonk! RecapNW Catholic Winning SpiritMarty Yellam 76 Lancer for LifeNOLA Service TripA World Of ThanksService FairReunion NewsElementary Band NewsLancers Against Cancer50th Anniversarygive BIG

    Nancy Bradish - Principal

    Mothers & Daughters - Living with peace in an anxious world Special thanks to our Parent Club for hosting the annual Mother & Daughter Brunch on Saturday, March 19 in the Kennedy Catholic chapel and cafeteria. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and aunts had Mass together in the chapel with a beautiful brunch following. After brunch, Sue-Ann Hohimer spoke on the theme: Breathe...living with peace in an anxious world.

    This was followed by a fashion show featuring Kennedy Catholic students modeling clothing from retailers including Aerie, Aeropostale, Francescas and PacSun.A wonderful time was had by all!

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    IN THE NEWS:Ariell Garnett of Kennedy Catholic is Athlete of the Year

    Mitch Penner has been named to the Greater Northwest Athletic Conference for mens basketball

    Kennedy Catholic breezes past West Seattle Titans in Lacrosse

    Kennedy Catholic bats blast Issaquahs youthful pitching

    Kennedy Catholic alumni Nikki Miller 15 sinks the long putt at Northern Idaho College

    Kennedy Catholic powered by Maggie Gallagher

    National History Day Competition Congratulations to our three teams of freshman who placed at the regional National History Day competition and who will be continuing on to the state National History Day competition on April 23, 2016.

    2nd place (website: Kinder-transport) - Zoe N. and Naomi S. 3rd place (documentary: Encounter and Exploration of Mars) - Josh Z., JJ K., Ryan M., Isaiah M. and Michael L. 3rd place (Exhibit: Charles Darwin) - Anna H., Rosario T., Julia W. and Falisha H.

    Maggie Gallagher probably shouldnt be playing softball today, let alone count herself among Washingtons top prep players this season. She has her adoptive parents and an incredible drive to succeed against all odds to thank for the student-athlete shes become.

    The Burien (Wash.) Kennedy Catholic senior shortstop was left in a box on the street in China as a newborn, and she weighed just 14 pounds, battling a bout with bronchitis, when Ed and Mary Gallagher adopted her in 2000, according to the Seattle Times.

    My (birth) parents gave me up for a reason, Maggie told the Seattle Times. Ive always felt loved and wanted, so I never thought about that much.

    As detailed by the Times Solange Reyner in a wonderful feature on the University of Washington commit, neighbors gave Gallagher a bat as a toddler a seemingly strange gift for a 2-year-old that paved the way for one heck of a softball career. Read the full article >>

    Maggie Gallagher: Driven to Succeed

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    Worlds Finest ChocolatesWatch for our special edition 50th Anniversary Worlds Finest Chocolate Bars. Back for one special year only--- dont miss out! Well be handing these out at anniversary events and gatherings throughout the year. We know these bring back Lancer memories for many of you!

    pictured 1974 chocolate sale

    Rotary Students of the MonthEach month the Burien White Center Rotary recognizes students who:

    Continuously provide service to the local community and/or in the community outside the school

    Maintain a positive attitude toward others and toward learning

    Act respectful to peers and teachers

    Work to improve and/or maintain good grades

    Practice good citizenship

    Actively participate in classroom discussions and activities

    Congratulations to Jan R. 16 and Emily R. 16, the March Rotary Students of the Month. Jan and Emily were honored at the March Rotary luncheon. Charlie Beall, Department Chair for the Mother Teresa program, as well as Jan and Emilys parents attended the celebration.

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    Acting Globally - Kennedy Catholic International ProgramTeri Crosswhite and Nancy Montstream traveled to China last month representing Kennedy Catholic and our International Program. With a history dating back to 1987, international student graduates hail from 6 of the 7 continents. Currently, most of our 100 international students are from China. More than 50 of our students are fully integrated into honors, AP and college courses. Teri and Nancy were guest