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English SOL Institute. Secondary Persuasive Writing Workshop. Maureen Jensen, Gifted Resource Teacher Amy Hale, Assistant Principal Central Virginia Writing Project All resources (and more) can be found at http://persuasivewriters.weebly.com. Persuasive Writing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English SOL Institute

Secondary Persuasive Writing WorkshopMaureen Jensen, Gifted Resource TeacherAmy Hale, Assistant Principal

Central Virginia Writing Project

All resources (and more) can be found athttp://persuasivewriters.weebly.com

Persuasive WritingMove students away from 5 paragraph, formulaic writingConferencing, guided writing, revising, sharing, and using mentor texts builds skillsWriting portfolios support student growth

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013Persuasive WritingTeach writing; dont merely assign itTeach peer revision/editing; putting students in groups is NOT teaching peer editingFocus on purpose and audienceProvide opportunities for students to change voice and audience

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Persuasive WritingEvery piece of writing does not have to be graded! Do incorporate writing into every lessonDont correct every error in student papersUse VDOE Resources including anchor sets and writing checklistsK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Todays AgendaPart I WorkshopQuick WriteChoice Board or RAFTDraftingMini-Lessons and Mentor TextsRevisingConferringSharingPart II Rubric and Anchor PapersK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Quick WritePromote personal connectionAssess student knowledgeSummarize reading or lessonReflectEncourage critical thinkingMaking predictions, inferences, hypothesesK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Idea GenerationRAFTChoice BoardNewspaper/MagazineTV/RadioContent area discuss/debates

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

DraftingLook at the RAFT and Choice BoardMake a prompt selectionDraft

Lets look at the Workshop Flow CartMentor Textshelp students envision possibilities for their own writingprovide a modelinspire and igniteencourage students to take risks by trying something new

This is how real writers work they look to other writers for ideas, craft, and structure.

www.teacher2teacherhelp.comK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013


From Mini-Lessons to Help Students Plan, Draft, and Revise Grades 3-8 by Karen CaineThings that Bother MeTurning Lists into ParagraphsFinding an AudienceUsing Humor to PersuadeWriting a Thesis StatementAll Reasons Are Not Created EqualWriting Quickly and Continuously to Find First ThoughtsLoaded Language: Positive, Neutral, and NegativeSome Might Think: How to Write CounterargumentsRhetorical Questions: Statements in DisguiseLeads that Capture the Readers InterestSmooth TransitionsCut It Out! Deleting Unnecessary WordsCall to Action

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Mini-Lesson: The Essay Structure

Todays Mini-LessonThe marriage between mini-lesson and mentor text is a strong one.K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Go back to your draft and revise based on what you learned in todays mini-lesson.RevisionK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

ConferringQuestions for teachers to consider:What are the goals of a writing conference?When should I confer with students about their writing?What will conferring look like in my classroom?What are the teaching moves in a writing conference?What should I teach in a writing conference?How do I teach conferring procedures?Peer ConferencesTeach-In 2006Teacher establishes a methodical procedure for conferencesTeacher models response and conduct in mini-lessonTypically student author reads draft aloudListeners record feedback on sheet or sticky-notes (whats going well/possibilities for change)Writer takes notes from feedback to help with revisionWriter ends with explaining plans for changeK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Sharing (Authors Chair)Authors Chair Feedback

Quote BackMy favorite part wasI like your use of the wordQuestionWhy did you decide toHow did you come up withWhere do you plan to go withConnectYour writing reminds me of

Instruction Anchor Sets

K-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013Persuasive Writing ChecklistAdd screenshotK-12 English SOL InstituteOctober 2013

Contact InformationMaureen Jensen Albemarle County Public Schoolsmjensen@k12albemarle.org

Amy HaleCampbell County Public Schoolsahale@campbell.k12.va.us 19Reference within this presentation to any specific commercial or non-commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Virginia Department of Education.Disclaimer19