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Online Teaching and Learning

December 9, 20153:00 PM Eastern Time

Increasing Engagement in Online and Blended Learning


Webinar TipsFor better audio, close other applications (like Skype) that use bandwidthTest your audio under Tools/Audio/Audio Setup WizardUse the chat box to ask questions and share commentsTweeting? Use #ETLO #AdvFacWebinar is being recorded and link to recording and slides will be shared on ETLO webinar website: http://www.edtechleaders.org/webinars

Using Collaborate Tools

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About EdTech Leaders Onlinewww.edtechleaders.org

ETLO works with organizations to understand their online and blended learning needs and develop solutions.

Based at EDC (education non-profit) since 1999Collaborate with organizations with educational missionsSpecialize in developing custom online and blended learning environmentsOffer online facilitator and online course design programs and free webinar series

Todays Presenter

11 years at ETLOTelecommuter from Sugar Hill, GAFacilitation and course design are my favorite! (and smiling- smiling is also my favorite!)

Lesley Reilly


Key to Engagement Online: Know your Learners! Poll Question #1Describe your primary teaching or supervising learning environment?A. K-12 Fully OnlineB. Higher Ed: Fully OnlineC. K-12 BlendedD. Higher Ed: BlendedE. Other (Tell us about your role in the Chat Box)

Poll Question #2How many online courses have you taken?A. NoneB. 1-5C. 6-10D. 10 or More

Use the Chat Box to share more details about your experience facilitating or developing online courses.

Poll Question #3How many online courses have you facilitated?A. NoneB. 1-5C. 6-10D. 10 or More

Use the Chat Box to share more details about your experience facilitating or developing online courses.

Poll Question #4Where are you joining us from?

Getting to know your learners OnlineSurvey tools like Vark Questionnairehttp://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/Record and Share results with tools like Padlethttp://padlet.com/lesley_m_reilly/12_9_webinarGoogle Docs: KWHL at the Start of a Coursehttp://go.edc.org/GoogleKWL

Motivation impacts EngagementMUSIC Model of Motivation: Dr. Brett Joneshttp://www.themusicmodel.com/

Science of Engagement

http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/bid/335884/The-Simple-Science-of-Creating-Engaging-eLearning-CoursesAnthropologist Dr. Grant McCracken, psychologist Dr. Olivier Oullier and neuroscientist Dr. Thomas RamsyKnow your learners

eMpowermentChoice in how students show what they know and how they receive informationChoice Boards and Learning Menushttps://www.pinterest.com/ShakeUpLearning/learning-menus/Vary How You PresentInfo (Video, Audio, Text, Applets)Allow Students to Create their own Digital Stories or presentations

Sample Student Created Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8rzs4Ls9Gc

In May of 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue All that were sent were very bold They sought 3 things: God, Glory, and Gold. The English came, 1607 that's true, But the colonists, they had no clue They learned independence from one John Smith, and the House of Burgesses settled all tiffs. The pilgrims followed, and soon after that in 1620 wrote the Mayflower Compact.The rule of law was a major tool, no kings for them- they wanted self rule. Then in 1754, things went down with French and Indian war. The war was costly; it cost a lot The king needed money so taxes so taxes he brought.

Content Ready Resources for Engagement: (Interest and Visual Appeal)Library Vox: Online Audio BooksInteractivate free, online courseware for science and mathematics. Activities, lessons, and discussionsStoryline Online: Childrens books read aloud by famous people

Content Creation ToolsUsefulness: create for others, can be sharedVisual appeal

What other tools can you use to create engaging content for students online?https://edpuzzle.com/media/563bd05b326180ea4e8e25dc

Voice Tools

Frequent Feedback and RemindersEngagement in Discussion ForumsEmail CommunicationDialogue JournalPhone Check-insBe accessibleRemind.com

Caring Immediacy

Interactive and Immediate FeedbackJoin at kahoot.it with Game PIN: check screen

Kahoot on Engagement

Check for UnderstandingAllow students to experience success

Collaboration and Group ProjectsKeys to Effective Collaborative TasksModel and support Facilitate and be involved Practice (Icebreakers)Make goals and assessment clearConsider group and self- assessmentExplore Synchronous Video Tools

Collaboration with PadletReflect back on a challenging experience you have had while working on a collaborative project or trying to facilitate a group project with students. Add a post to the Padlet wall describing your biggest or most frustrating challenge. Make sure to add your name to your post.http://padlet.com/lesley_m_reilly/Session3

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