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DOPAMIN PADA SIDAT EROPAOlehWiwin Kusuma Atmaja Putra(C151110111)


Biosynthesis Dopamin

Degradation Dopamin

Characterization Dopamin

Mekanisme Dopamin dalam mekanisme hormon reproduksi

Aplikasi Dopamin dalam ReproduksiExperiment 1: effects of T and/or GnRHa on the reproductive axis. Twenty-four female silver eels (body weight [BW], 4589 g, mean 6 SEM) were randomly distributed in four experimental groups (n=6 eels/ group). They were treated for 8 wk with four i.m. injections (one injection every 14 days) of one of the following microsphere treatments: T (4 mg/ kg BW), GnRHa (0.3 mg/kg BW), T and GnRHa (a combination of both types of microspheres at a dose of 4 mg of T and 0.3 mg/kg BW of GnRHa), or microspheres devoid of any hormone (controls).Experiment 2: effects of T, GnRHa, and pimozide on the reproductive axis. Fifty-six female silver eels (BW, 4224 g, mean 6 SEM) were randomly distributed in eight experimental groups (n= 7 eels/group). They were treated for 6 wk with three i.m. injections (one injection every 14 days) of one of the following treatments: T (4 mg/kg BW), GnRHa (0.3 mg/kg BW), or pimozide (10 mg/kg BW), T and GnRHa, T and pimozide, GnRHa and pimozide, T and GnRHa, and pimozide. Control animals received injections of the pimozide solvent as well as of microspheres devoid of any hormone.

Experiment 1. Effects of T and GnRHa on Biometric and Endocrine Parameters of the Female Eel

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Experiment 2. Effects of T, GnRHa, and Pimozide on Ovarian Histology



FIG. 5. Effects of T, GnRHa, and DA antagonist (pimozide) on eel ovarian histology.For eel treatments, see legend of Figure3. Oocytes from control silver eels (A) showed small nucleoli (n) at the peripheryof the nucleus (N) and contained numerouslipid vesicles (LV) in the ooplasma, afeature characteristic of the early vitellogenicstage (oil-droplet stage). Oocytesfrom T-treated eels (B), T- and GnRHatreated eels (C), and T- and pimozide-treatedeels (D) were at the same stage. Oocytesfrom eels treated with T, GnRHa, and pimozide(E) were enlarged and contained,in addition to large LVs, deeplystained yolk granules (black arrow) resultingfrom the incorporation of Vg. Highermagnification of the oocyte from T-, Gn-RHa-, and pimozide-treated eels(F) Shows a thickened zona radiata (black arrowhead) and visible follicular cells (white arrowhead). These features (E and F) arecharacteristics of the yolk stage of vitellogenesis.Bar 5 20 mm.