Employee Affair System.

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Transcript of Employee Affair System.

Employee Affair System

Student Name: Majed Faisal Qonq426000906

Abdullah Fahad Al-Nassar426000343

Mohammad Abdulrahman Al-Sohibani426000609

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Onezi5270043

Supervisor: Abdulrahman Al Otaibi



Employee Affair System




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The management of employee affairs is an important function in every organization. The department of Employee Affair (EA) is a fundamental division of Human Resources (HR) General Directorate inside Saudi Telecom Company (STC). This department is responsible to establish and enforce administrative processes and procedures in the companies. In addition, EA has a lot of functions such as keeping full information about the staff in the company, determining and planning the needs of the company's from human resources, paying the salaries, and monitoring performance evaluation.


Employee affair system is a computerized system which will address and facilitate the resolution of important problems and concerns of the employee. We can divide the system into two major components (Employee and Department manager). The employee can send claims, suggestions, and vacation requests to his manager who will respond to such requests either with his approval or rejection. The second component is the department manager who will be responsible to monitor his staff's performance. Then, he might propose promotion for excellent employees or grant them appreciation letters. The manager also can send official warning letter to the staff that has poor performance.

Project objectives :

The main objective of this project is to simplify and enhance some selected procedures to increase employees loyalty and to ensure that the employees will put more effort and achieve better performance. The selected procedures in this project will limited to the following services: The systems will provide a facility to apply and follow up their vacations. The system will ensure the submission of claims to the designated department. The system will keep the gained points for the employee which will help him to get

promotion. The system will register all letter of thanks of the employee .

The system register and all letter of warning against any employee.

Scope : This project aims at creating a successful employee affair system for HR General

Directorate in STC. It will be completed in the period of 6 months from the beginning. And it will cost about Ten Thousands Saudi Riyals .This project will focus on the most important business processes for HR department such as claims processing, suggestions processing, vacation requests processing, granting appreciation letters, granting warning letters, and finally promotion processing. moreover , our project will include and support the following functions: Register all events ( vacation request, promotion, suggestion, etc..)

Categorize and classify events. Log all actions against every events. Support notification and escalation mechanisms.

Problem Statement :

Claims process :-

Definition : It is the process where the employee raises complaint against his Direct manager. Problem : The company uses paper forms for submission of claims, which may lead to damage or lost these forms. Solution : To send and follow the claims automatically.

Suggestion process :-

Definition : It is the process that allows employee to propose new ideas to contribute in the development of the company. Problem: The company does not have a process to capture those suggestions yet. Solution: Increase the role of employee in the company by allowing the employee to

recommend new initiatives.

Vacation Request process :-

Definition : It is the process to capture employee's vacations and to track absent days of the employee. Problems: 1- The company uses paper forms for vacation requests , which may lead to damage or lost these forms.2- The current business process for requesting leave is time consuming since the

processing is done manually. 3- Is the employee entitled for a leave? Solution: To Submit and follow up vacation request automatically.

Granting Appreciation Letter process :-


Appreciation letter is a certificate to be granted to the employee for his

outstanding performance. Problems: 1 - The company does not have an automated process to motivate employees. 2 - How to keep certificates of appreciation. Solution: To issue the certificate of appreciation automatically in order to motivate employee to perform more in work. Also, to keep track of such certificates.

Granting Warning Letters process :-

Definition: Warning Letter is a letter given to the employee for his negligence in work. Problems: 1 - The company does not have warning letter to notify the employees for their poor performance. 2 - How to keep a track of such warning letters. Solution: To give the employee a warning letter and keep the history about it.

Promotion process :-

Definition: It is to upgrade the employee from his current grade to a superior one , which shall improve his functional and financial conditions. Problem: The Company does not have a solid system to promote employees. Solution: To develop a new automated promotion process which will allow the employee who has achieved the objectives to get promotion.

Employee Affair System




In every corporate the term HR means employing people, developing their capacities, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement. Our project is to develop a software application which will be used in the management of the most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. Our application will be customized to satisfy employee certain needs such as request vacation or raise suggestions to develop the business. In this chapter, we are going to present a world class software packages that manage human resources processes.

SAPSAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that delivers unmatched global capability. SAP ERP HCM gives organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution helps executives, human resources (HR) professionals, and line-of-business (LOB) leaders to forecast, plan, and hire the best talent, as well as cultivate the skills of and train their workforce. Using one HR software suite for all talent management processes, you can more readily understand where your workforce's talents lie and align the goals of your employees with your organization's overarching business strategy. Using real-time insight into the workforce, your organization can benefit fully from HR strategies and programs and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line. Automation of core HR processes, such as employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting, increases efficiency and supports compliance with changing global and local regulations. SAP ERP HCM helps organizations throughout the world to increase their performance by helping to ensure an efficient, focused, and engaged workforce. With integrated building blocks and an unmatched partner ecosystem, SAP ERP HCM supports shared services and business process outsourcing further reducing cost and risk for organizations like yours. BUSINESS BENEFITS:

Consistently achieve corporate objectiveso o o

Align your workforce with organizational objectives. Find the best people and leverage their talent in the right job at the right time. Ensure that every employee understands and acts upon appropriate business

objectives and can monitor their progress toward corporate goals.

Retain your talento

Provide your employees clearly defined career and development plans and

personalized learning opportunities.


Link employee performance to compensation programs, such as variable pay

plans and long-term incentives.

Proactively identify and fill talent gapso o

Identify, develop, and track high-potential employees. Ensure that future leaders can be effectively promoted from within and that

successors are identified for key positions.

Lower costs of compliance and employee administrationo

Reduce the cost and effort of complying with local regulations through

unrivaled features and functions, support structures, and expertise.o

Reduce HR costs by automating operational employee-related processes.

Improve decision making and manage human capital more effectivelyo

Give your executives, HR professionals, and line managers reporting and

analysis options that provide real-time insight into your workforce.o

Identify trends at an early stage and make well-informed decisions, so you can

manage your human capital more effectively, predict human-capital investment demands, and track workforce costs and the return on investment for HR projects.

Reduce risko

Adapt your processes quickly to changing business needs with a flexible,

scalable solution.o

Leverage local SAP help centers as we